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  1. Thanks Thomas, So if I wanted to just mirror all the content on my .net page, will I have to purchase a new hosting account and set that up to match the structure, or can I just set a redirect? I had originally propagated the .org address, and so some older material and external links come up dead, which I'd prefer would return the content as originally linked.
  2. I had a .org domain bought out from under me when I let my registration lapse after having a very high traffic year. The new owner tried to sell it back to me for a very high price, but I bought a .net domain and transfered all my content over. Now it looks like he has abandoned it and I am the one listed on whois as the owner of the site. I'm not sure how to make sure i actually am the owner of this domain. terrakino.org and terrakino.net any hints?
  3. I have a mac at work, that I do not have DW on so I have downloaded the open source program Compozer so I can maintain my sites while at work. It was suggested to me as being the open source solution most similar to DW, which I have a fair amount of experience with. But I'm pretty rusty and so am having a hard time setting up the publish settings in compozer so they work. Anyone used this program? Anyone have another suggestion for a free DW alternative?
  4. I am listed to be notified, via automated email, of the status of a power system where I work. Something has gone awry, and the system is sending me over one email per second! YIKES! The guy who administers the monitoring system is out of town as am I (I maintain the solar and generator systems). I want to somehow block the messages, or find a way to delete them from cpanel. Any hints? Nesdon
  5. One more thing. I'd love it if you guys could look at my sites and critique them. Tracy, since you commented on my first version of the terrakino.org site I've completely redone it. My other site, still a subdomain: partnership.terrakino.org is up. The links are not working reliably, but there isn't much out there yet anyway so it doesn't really matter. I feel like such a rank amateur, I want to ask a couple of my friends involved in some big non profit sites to add my links on their sites, and start to try and get some support for the actual terrakino project. But I want to make sure it's passible first.
  6. I found this code on the DW forum: <!-- #BeginEditable "doctitle" --> <title>Lectures</title> <!-- #EndEditable --> And it solved that template title problem. I will look into EditPlus. I had hoped using a sophisticated editor like DW would spare me all that, but alas... I'm getting some really funny behavior form mthe tempaltes, not sure why, sometimes my nav bar works and soemtimes it doesn't. I thought I cleaned it all up and reposted it, and it worked for a while then stopped. I looks like php is something I need to explore if I'm gonna do this stuff. I read some of the tutortials in here, all about it being server side code, and that it uses the same tags as html. But I haven't a clue as to how to start using it. When PC's were first developed in like 1975, I started messing around with Basic on a sinclair, and just spent way too much time to get almost nowhere. I wanted a word processor and a data base, I realized I had no chance of building them. I'm jsut not a programmer. I love Word, Photoshop, and all that, and just really wish this web design thing would work more like that. Thanks again
  7. Hey, Andy, Don and Bruce, thanks so much for your input, it is greatly appreciated, but dumbass that I seem to be, I'm still stumped. First, Andy, when I highlight the title box below the menu bar, and then go to modify>templates, the option to set editable region is not available. I only seem to get that option when an actual element in the page design is selected. I tried going into the code and selecting it there, but same result. I ask this because a friend was commenting that the largest return in most search engine searches is "untitled" and that he thought failing to give one's pages unique names was the stupidest thing most amatuer designers do. Hmmm. Regarding my subdomain, I just now, in reviewing the settings so that I could refer to them here, realized that I had included the ~ in my username, when I removed that, it worked. Who Hoo! For someone as dyslexic as I am, code is almost impossible to deal with, I have spent hours and hours searching for misplaced punctuation marks, looked at them a hundred times and not seen them. I really respect copy editors and programmers who can see all thosae details. Thanks again for the help!!
  8. One more thing. I made a template to repeat my nav bar, header and footer on other pages, but it won't seem to allow me to modify the Title of the page. When I go to save the page under a new name with new content, it always returns the title to the template's title. I even deleted the templates title, and then it saves the page with the blank title field. Any hints?
  9. Where the @#*^ is the "root" ?? Ok in DW I define my site in a local info dialog and a remote info dialog. In local info I set my "Local Root folder" to where my files are stored locally, and in "Http address" enter either "www.mydomain.org", or "xx.xxx.xxx.xxx/~username" as my http address. Then in the remote info I have "FTP host: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx", "Host directory: public_html", and "login: ~username". This all works for my primary domain, but when I add my subdomain, either in the Local info dialog "HTTP address: www.subdomain.mydomain.org" which seemed to make sense, or as xx.xxx.xxx.xxx/~username/subdomain, or as "www.mydomain/subdomain.org" or in the remote info under "host directory: public_html/subdomain" where subdomain is the name of the folder in which all the subdom files are located locally. Or any number of combinations of the above. All return the same 530 error.
  10. I'm having trouble setting up a subdomain. When I set up my main site I used the dns number in the remote host section of DW site definition. I've tried all sorts of variations on my domain's site definitions in DW, using the dns #'s the doamin names, etc in fornt and in back, but none seem to be able to connect. I get an error dialog saying "An FTP error occured. cannot make connection to host. 530 login incorrect" www.mydomain goes to the same place as xx.xxx.xxx.xx/~username/ how is the subdomain represented in the server's directory? Is that what I need to know. I'm lost. And I did search the archives for the solution, and read all sorts of posts regarding DW and subdomains, but still don't get it.
  11. Hi, I'd like to be added My site is www.terrakino.org And that's the name: Terrakino description: Movies of the future: very long duration time-lapse images of ecological and geological phenomena. there is a TCH link at the bottom of my homepage Rank evaluation (please) Thank you very much edited to fix link.
  12. I'm working on a few information type sites, and would love to look at the sites that others think are cool, or fun, or well-designed or coded. I'd love to find some cool links in my mailbox. I'd also love to have some input on my terrakino site Thanks
  13. I can't seem to figure out why all the alignmets are like 100 px off. In my last testnsite it all worked perfectly, and in the couple of tutorrials I ran it all worked, now that I'm doing something for real it's crazy. I guess I need to get to understand what all that code is for, much of it seems pointless, but what I can understand looks OK
  14. I just want to chime-in in complete support of CENSORSHIP in forums. No matter how you want to slice it, a moderator is always a censor. I don't think they should be editing peoples posts, or trying to wieght a debate, but every single truly open forum I have ever posted on was completely destroyed by trolls and flames. It's very hard to control and modulate one's tone on line, and unintended little tits always seem to ellicit big angry TATS. I'm impressed by how open this forum is, given it's role, and commend the mods on thier judicious use of censorship. As I have also seen boards that were destroyed by mods who tried to keep it all strictly on point, deleting any post they judged to be wasted bandwidth. Rule of thumb: rocks and lead can smash your head, but pixels don't really touch you. Nothing is more effective than the cold shoulder anyway.
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