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  1. I didn't know under what catergory to post this topic under, so I'm just posting it here. I have suggestion for a feature that I have noticed on other hosting sites called "Catch All" e-mail. Rather than creating multiple email accounts on your server, you can instead use a "Catch All" email feature. By default, mail sent to your domain that does not match a user account will be sent to the mail email address for your account. Many clients use this to easily create a sales@, info@, support@ email addresses for their site when it will all go to one mail box without it being apparent to the se
  2. First off, I would like to say that I been using TCH for about 4 months, and I LOVE the service and features that you guys provide, and your prices ROCK! In fact, I want to bring over another domain to TCH from a different company and I was wondering what would the most simpliest and fastest way to do this. The Domain is currently with another company, DirectNIC, and as of Aug. 30, the domain itself expires and has to be renewed. How would I go about bring the domain name over to TCH and renewing it. Some Info, if it helps: - Domain name: www.deltaepsilonpsi.com - The company only
  3. When I created my first two sub-domains, everything worked out fine. However, after that, every sub-domain I would create would never progagate (if you type in http://eno.depsibaylor.com, it gives a Page Not Found error). And when I go to my Sub-Domain Manager, it has it listed. So what I'm wondering is why don't any of my sub-domain go through the DNS networks anymore? Sidenote: I've tried 8 different names over the course of two months.
  4. I didn't know where to really ask this, but I was wondering is it possible to set-up an e-mail address so that any e-mail recieved at the address is automatically forwarded to multi-email addresses? I've read that you can have multi e-mail accounts have all their e-mail forwarded to one account, I wanted to do it the other way around, I was wondering if you can have one e-mail account that forwards all its e-mail to many different e-mails? If you can, is there a limit on how many e-mail accounts it can forwarded to? Thanks in advances, ZeroXcape
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