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  1. I'm running an IPB board on my site (www.hamstertime.net), which I installed through cPanel so it's version 1.2. My site gets a high level of traffic when it's active, so I'm a little bit worried that IPB 1.2 won't be able to handle it. With that in mind I've decided to pay to upgrade to the latest version of IPB. Before I shell out the money, though, I wanted to confirm that TCH meets the minimum requirements stated by Invision: "Invision Power Board requires PHP 4.3+ and either MySQL 3.23+ (4.x highly recommended), MSSQL or Oracle 9i for database storage. MySQL 5.x not yet supported." Also, if anyone has converted their 1.2 board to the latest version and can give me an idea of how difficult a process this might be, I'd appreciate any guidance. I'm especially interested in what "steps" I should take when trying to upgrade, helpful hints, etc.
  2. Thanks for testing that for me, Rick! I suspected it was on my end but wanted to make sure.
  3. Could someone do me a quick favor? I have two websites hosted through TCH, but I cannot access my cPanel on either of the sites. I'm at work, and we do have firewalls, so that could be the problem. I'm hoping someone can hit either of my two sites and let me know if you receive the prompt for the login/password, or if you also get a "Cannot find server" message. http://www.foecus.com/cpanel http://www.hamstertime.net/cpanel Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks, David. I reopened the help desk ticket with links to this thread and the others you posted. At the very least, it's good to know the problem isn't with my coding!
  5. Hi there, me again. I've been getting Internal Server Errors intermittently all day whenever I try to save any of my templates. At first the problem was just with the stylesheet, but now it extends to all of my other templates (main index, main archives, etc.) as well. The odd thing is that even though I get the internal server error, when I rebuild my site any changes that I made to those templates are shown. I submitted a help ticket earlier this morning and was told the following: This was back when it was just my stylesheet giving me the error. I deleted all code inside the stylesheet and saved it successfully, then FTPd into my site and manually deleted the stylesheet from the server. Then I went back into MT, pasted the original CSS back into the stylesheet and saved it successfully. Everything worked fine for a few hours, but now it's back to giving me an Internal Server Errors upon save. The thing is, I didn't make any changes to the CSS. I got the Internal Server Error trying to change my Main Archives template, and then on a whim decided to test the stylesheet. Sure enough, more server errors. I honestly don't think this is a code issue on my end. I replaced the Main Archive template with the original code and I still get an error. I'm even getting server errors off and on when I attempt to load the mt.cgi page. Any ideas what is going on? This is getting frustrating.
  6. Hi David! Rick in Tech Support fixed it for me. For some reason my computer wasn't loading the page because of the Creative Commons license that was in place. Once Rick removed the license I had selected, I could load the page with no problems. I'm not sure what that's about. I guess I'll just hard code the URL for the license on the main index template. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi there! I installed MT 3.17 on my site using your instructions. The install went off without any problems. I made a test post earlier in the week with no problems, and made a few adjustments in the Weblog Config area (including adding a Creative Commons license). However, this morning the Weblog Config - Preferences page won't load completely. It stops loading right under the Creative Commons License section. I'm trying to switch from HTML to PHP and I don't even see that option, nor to I see any sort of save button on this page. I know the issue is that it's just not loading all the way, but I don't know why. The page in question is: http://www.foecus.com/mt/mt.cgi?__mode=cfg_prefs&blog_id=2 Thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks for the welcome! I somehow managed to get the database conversion script to work, so now I have a brand new MySQL database supporting my site over on GoDaddy. So now I'm at the step where I change hosts. GoDaddy doesn't use CPanel. They have something called phpMyAdmin 2.4.0. It does have an "Export" tab, and when I click on it I have the following options: (A box listing the following tables): mt_author mt_blog mt_category mt_comment mt_entry mt_ipbanlist mt_log mt_notification mt_permission mt_placement mt_plugindata mt_tbping mt_template mt_templatemap mt_trackback Radio buttons beside the box that let me select: Structure only Structure and data Data only Export to XML format LaTeX Select All / Unselect All Check boxes for the following options: Add 'drop table' Complete inserts Extended inserts Enclose table and field names with backquotes Save as file ( "zipped" "gzipped" ) I have no idea what any of this means. Can someone give me an idea of what options I need to select to export the correct settings for use on TCH? Thanks again! You guys make this whole process so easy. I really appreciate the help.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the suggestion to modify the files on my own computer then FTP them back to my site. That worked perfectly.
  10. Hi there! I recently purchased a hosting account for an online community that I'm moving over from EZboard. I was able to install IPB on my site (http://www.hamstertime.net/ht) with what appeared to be no problems. However, when I tried to manage the HTML and style sheet, there was no information available. I was able to get the CSS info to show up by replacing the database copy with the cached copy, and the HTML options showed up after I used the resynchronization tool at the bottom of the Manage Template Sets page. However, when I tried to change the logo for the board - using the Edit Board Header option from the Quick Clicks menu - I received the following error upon save: "Cannot write into './Skin/s1/skin_global.php', please check the CHMOD value, and if needed, CHMOD to 0777 via FTP. IBF cannot do this for you. " I FTP'd to my site and manually changed the CHMOD to 777 for the Skin folder, but I still get the error. Any ideas?
  11. Hi there! My name is Julie, and I have a website (www.highwaygirl.com) that is currently being hosted by GoDaddy. I'm seriously considering changing hosts for a few reasons; TCH is the host I'm leaning towards. I have a few issues I'd like to throw out there to gauge how difficult it might be for me to move my site. First thing - I'm running MT 2.664 using a Berkeley database. When I change hosts I would like to do the following: 1. Switch from the Berkeley db to MySQL 2. Upgrade to the newest version of MT I'm mostly concerned about #1. Is this something I should do before changing hosts, or can I import my site to TCH (with the Berkeley DB) and convert to MySQL once I'm here? Would it be best to install the newest version of MT on a TCH-hosted site and then bring my current files over? I guess what I'm looking for here is some idea of the order of steps I'd need to take to accomplish those two things above. I have an excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS, but databases tend to confuse me and I have a limited understanding of scripting. I do follow directions well, however. Also, just to clarify - I can allow GoDaddy to continue hosting the three domain names I have even if I choose TCH as the webhost for my individual sites, correct? I've got no issues with them as far as their performance as a domain name registrar goes, and since I just renewed all three URLs I'd rather not transfer them at this time. Any guidance you can give before I make my decision would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!
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