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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a very casual user. I have a domain (which is my last name) and TCH hosts my very small family site with pictures etc. I use the domain primarily for the email ease (firstname@lastname.ca) About half a year ago spam volumes were getting crazy but suddenly, for some reason, they dramatically dropped on the order of 90%. They went from over a hundred a day on many of our accounts down to 5-10, of which my 3rd party spam filter (popfile) was very good at identifying correctly. I have attributed this rapid drop to some technology or software the TCH must have employed. Of course I have no evidence to support that position, its just what I imagined must have happened. Things went along well for the next half year and then suddenly a few weeks back the spam went through the roof again, jumping back up to over a hundred a day, in what seemed like an overnight increase. My question is has there been anything TCH has done or changed that my have accounted for these changes. If so how do I change it back. I was so nice to get only a few (<10) spam a day. Thanks very much and keep up the great work at TCH. Kelly
  2. Hello, I'm not sure that this is a TCH issue (it probably isn't) but I thought I would run it by the pros. I recently brought a Palm Treo 700 wx smartphone. My provider is a Canadian company called Telus (I have seen them lumped in with Sprint & Bell online sometimes). I have set up the messaging options using my recently created palm email through your TCH server. Things work fine with the system so long as I am sending messages to other addresses at my domain. When I try to send outside my domain I get an error that says it can't receive email and I should check me settings. Does this have to do with relaying emails? If so does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get around this? I have set up my outgoing smtp port to 26 already. thanks for any advice. Kelly
  3. Thanks for all the advice. Once I fix the problem on my children's system I will get back to this site update stuff. All your comments are appricated, thanks. Kelly
  4. Thanks Kevan, I actually want to nuke my site as it is now and I will do that by deleting all the file within my public_html folder. Before I did that I wanted to be sure that I was not going to loss any mail setting in the process. I'm pretty sure I won't but thought I would check with the pros first. Then I started looking at all the other files and folders and realized I don't really have a clue what I'm doing so that is what prompted my first post. Thanks again Kevan, Kelly
  5. Hello, I have been with TCH for a few years now, and I'm just thrilled with all aspects of your service! I have not done much work on my small family site for the past couple of years and want to start over from scratch. I have used my FTP client to have look at all the folders that are resident under my login. I was hoping someone can advise me which files/folders are safe to delete without losing any email mail settings? I assume I can delete the public_html folder and the public_ftp. As far as the www - > public_html folder goes I am not sure. There are several folders with neomail extensions, which as I understand it are no longer supported at TCH, does that mean I can delete them with 0 problem? As for the others, etc, tmp, htpasswords, cpaneldatastore I assume they need to stay. There are 8 files in the root folder as well, again I assume those must stay and are not specificly connected to any content within my site. Any advice is appreciated as I am very green with all this server stuff. Kelly
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