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  1. Nayer, you might look at podcasting as an alternative solution to streaming the audio content. Just in case you need some information on the topic, the folks at Wikipedia are one of the best resources on the subject. Wikipedia - Podcasting
  2. Well after some quick searching, I found this device: NorthSeas Guard E/N "The NorthSeas Guard E/N (pronounced guardian) automatically captures, and sends a copy of each e-mail message, sent or received by an e-mail server to a network storage system. As a result, the designated storage system becomes a central e-mail repository referred to as the Captured Messages Store/Archive™ from which users can easily access and retrieve any of their messages. The Guard E/N appliance installs easily within minutes and works with any email application including Microsoft Exchange, IBM/Lotus Notes,
  3. Well I'd say the easy way would be to ask your employees to add your e-mail address to the CC (carbon copy) line of the E-mail. Then you would be depending on your employees to be honest there. As far as an automated solution, you might have to look for a third party script or service. I'll do some hunting around and see if I can find anything.
  4. Invision Power Board and vBulletin would be my top two picks. phpBB used to be nice, but now due to the security issues, it has become more of a headache for folks to deal with. I've even heard of some other places banning it from being hosted.
  5. Sure it does. I am very proud to say I "learned the ropes" from Bill, Rick, Andy and others while I was here working at TotalChoice Hosting. For me, working with all the great folks inside TCH was like going through the school of hard knocks as far as Web hosting goes. So the way I see it, any success I get, in a small way is a success for TotalChoice as well.
  6. I recently got interviewed by a Web site about my radio show and podcast, the Web Hosting Show. Thought I'd post the link here so people could read it and let me know what they think and also let me know how well I handled it. I've done a few of these over the past few months, but never does seem to get easier. Interview with Mitch Keeler about the Web Hosting Show! Thanks!
  7. Alright, I see where the problem is, my Firefox is choking on the media player code. Here is the code you have on your page right now: ><embed src="images/sinclair.mp3" autostart="true" width="300" height="20"><noembed><a href="images/sinclair.mp3">[View using Helper Application]</a></noembed> You could keep that, but I would change the autostart="true" to "false". As for why, I explained that in the earlier reply.
  8. Well what I wanted to help you do was give your viewers the choice to start or stop the audio, due to it playing as fast as it can stream it. What you want though is not to give the control over. Right? In that case, I don't know a way you could stop the audio file from playing till the whole thing has had time to download to the viewer's computer. I would still recomend using the audio player controls, as that would be the easiest way to have a little more control over the audio. Personally I find it annoying to visit a Web site that has audio that auto plays, and gives me only t
  9. Don't give up yet! I found another resource I want you to check out. This page has a few examples and code you can copy and paste onto your own Web page so you can test it out. So read that and let us know if you have any other problems! Hope this helps!
  10. You might also look into giving folks a way of controling the audio file in question. Right now, I guess it is playing it as fast as it can stream it and it is really sounding garbled up. This page might be of some help You might also look up on Google "insert media player on page" or something to that effect.
  11. Well I checked your CSS code, and it seems like you are pulling up some errors in there. That might be a good place to start hunting for a solution to the problem. You can see it for yourself here: Validate Your CSS File Hope that helps!
  12. Did you use the same name for both guestbooks? If so, you might try to create a second one with a diffrent name, and see how that one works. Cpanel sometimes doesn't remember to clean up after it's own messes, and leaves parts of files here and there, or forgets to replace something somewhere else. Check that out. If it happens every time you create a new and diffrent one, then I think we might have to go back to the drawing board.
  13. Awesome fish! Congrats to the "little" Head Guru!
  14. Yeah, there is no reason to toss the baby out with the bathwater, or however that old saying goes. If you are getting good rankings on one page, you might look at what you did on that page to get that good. I wouldn't go moving things around though, because like you said.. you don't want to risk slipping out of the spot you have already got.
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