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  1. All the photos I have that I am concerned about I load at http://www.hoofprints.ca and they have my logo on them. For sure they do, have a looookie - People have taken them and used them and its good advertising. LOL The ones you found belong to one of my web clients and if they were concerned about people using them they wouldn't allow me to load them. Watermarks and such help as well. Weezy
  2. Thanks for your nice comments! Most of my sites have copyright on them. Not sure how I feel as I have no idea what your question is. LOL Weezy
  3. Do they use the same IP all the time? Weezy
  4. Do you guys ever buy stock photos for use on your websites? I bought my first one today. I searched and searched and I think if I would have just paid the 1.00 dollar to begin with I would have saved 5 hours of searching. LOL! You can also sell your photos at these stock photo websites. What do you guys think of that? I am a bit nervous, I do charge more then 1.00 for my photos. LOL! Any thoughts? Weezy
  5. STROKE 104? And how many beer? LOL! Have you ever played mini golf that had a windmill on the course? Weezy
  6. Steve, I am going to give you the only reply that is FOR frames! The one time I like them is when the index is updated very often. EG.. http://www.equineslinked.com I think its better not to use them if you can, but in the whole scheme of things, sometimes frames are useful. Great thread Steve! Weezy
  7. Paypal is a great website isn't it? Welcome to the Forums! Weezy
  8. Glad you guys all liked it. He's one funny bear! Weezy
  9. So cute, but takes a while to download... http://www.whoahorse.com/Backkom_Golf.wmv Enjoy!
  10. Wow thanks for all the great ideas! Awesome info! Weezy
  11. I do to. I have no idea why they are spamming such a boring blog. LOL! I did search around once for that..I may have to spend some more time looking. I only have that blog to show my clients what is possible - I don't really add or build on it..but that spam is horrible! Weezy
  12. http://www.horseblog.com/ Is there anything I can do to fight all this spam in the comment fields? Weezy
  13. Hi GOF! Welcome to the forums! The best thing to do (IMO) when the domain is taken that you want is to pick something different. You can always monitor that domain name, but move on in the meantime. You can make a different name or choose a different extension (.net,.org) etc. Weezy
  14. Hey Jim! I will check that out too! That previous group is very interesting.. I have only browsed it a little bit.. lots of people are looking for hosting companies there.. HINT HINT.. LOL! Weezy
  15. OOOhhh that looks kewl! Great link! Weezy
  16. And don't forget to set your default settings to :fail: LOL! Weezy
  17. Thanks I will check that place out! Weezy
  18. Thanks Thomas, I meant besides this one. LOL! One dedicated just to web designers. Weezy
  19. Does anyone know of any great web design groups a person could join? Like a discussion group, forum, etc.. Weezy
  20. Why, whats wrong with Invision? Weezy
  21. Well, how about that! What an eye opener! Thanks guys, I will try that! Weezy
  22. Lee. that is a good idea - but for me, it doesn't work. I like to see the horse stuff, just not the adds. I am sure there are horse images, pedigrees, etc - inserted by script - no? Yes? LOL Weezy
  23. Invision all the way! I have used both and Invision is WAY BETTER! IMO, FWIW! Weezy
  24. Yes Thomas, but they are images, then you would block all images I would guess? Weezy
  25. Not sure how you figured out where it was Thomas, you sneak you! LOL Its such a great site, so imformative and all, too bad its plagued with advertising.. Weezy
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