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  1. I wasn't sure if this was the right category? Feel free to move it if you want. I am very grateful that TCH does not put banner ads all over its forum. I just was at a horsey forum that was COVERED in ads! I have high speed and it took some time for them all to download before the rest of the forum would. Do people not get annoyed by this, or is it just me? Are these people getting so tight with our money that they have to wallpaper their domains with banners? Is that the reason? Any thoughts? Weezy
  2. Is it better then Adobe or Paint Shop? Weezy
  3. Is there a specific Cpanel version that has coppermine available? Weezy
  4. I cannot find coppermine in my cpanel. I did check under add on scripts. What a day I am having. LOL Weezy
  5. JIM! What a great idea, I NEVER thought of that! You smartie pants you! Thanks for the comments! Weezy
  6. No Probs I knew you would like them. I guessed you and Don would be the first to respond. LOL! They are adorable eh? Weezy
  7. I thought I would share some new photos I took this week, little lambs! More photos at http://www.hoofprints.ca/photos
  8. Thanks Mike I fixed my WHM settlings last night Weezy
  9. Thanks Bruce - I will look right now! Weezy
  10. Hmm, I will have to investigate! Weezy
  11. Coppermine is on our Cpanel? Weezy
  12. Yes, I set them all up the same? But I notice some of them have a more 'futuristic look' to them? Weezy
  13. Some of my accounts have a very new cpanel look, others seem to have an older version. I have always wondered why? Does anyone know? Weezy
  14. WOW GAIL! That is so awesome! I am very, very, very impressed! Weezy
  15. Thanks Don! You guys are all just FAB!!! The help here at the forum is priceless! Weezy
  16. Thanks Thomas Thats no prob at all, I have tons and tons of bandwith in my WHM that isn't being used and I don't mind if people go over. Weezy
  17. THANK YOU I searched and searched and never found the great links you did. This one is esp awesome. http://cit.ucsf.edu/embedmedia/step1.php IT WORKED PERFECT!!! This is what I did for my client. http://www.prowestpullers.ca/test.htm THANK YOU BRUCE!!! Weezy
  18. Does anyone know HTML coding for adding video to a website? I have tried a few and no luck. I want the movie to be able to play without the user clicking a link. Movie is mpg format. I am still trying to do this. LOL Weezy
  19. Gail - make sure you show us when you are done! Weezy
  20. YAY IT WORKED - THANKS!!!!!!! Is there any other numbered error pages I should make? THAT IS PERFECT for what I needed Dick! Weezy
  21. OMG, that is kewl! WTG!! I LIKEEE! Great work buds! Weezy
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