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  1. Does anyone know any good tutorials or templates for making a photoblog in MT? I used to have the one by Quixiotic Pixels, but she doesn't offer the template anymore. I kind of want something like this site http://www.love-productions.com/snap/ I tried the photoblog tutorial she has and it didn't look right for some reason.
  2. I get a ton of spam in my gmail account! I started using my pop3 account instead so I didn't have to log in and see it everyday LOL.
  3. Right now I am a stay at home mom during the day (to 4 kids) and a Culinary student at night. I know I get stressed but for the most part I love it
  4. Infact, I think I refer someone here at least once a day LOL. I've been using TCH for over a year now for my message board domain and I finally moved my personal domain over as well. The prices/packages were what really brought me here, but I think the support is what keeps me here. Everytime I have had an issue or a question, I have always recieved a quick response and the issue was solved. The support system here is truly amazing I just wanted to say thank you for that! I finally found a webhost I love enough to stick with
  5. Wow. You guys work fast. For some reason the subdomain I wanted wouldn't work still, but I just named it something else and it created it just fine. It just wouldn't name it photos.artistic-array.org for some reason. Oh well. I got one created Thank you!
  6. When I try to add a new subdomain to my domain it times out on me for some reason. If I click home and then back to subdomains in my control panel, the domain is there, but it is not viewable when I try typing the subdomain into my browser. It does the same thing if I try to delete the subdomain. It times out, but it is gone if I click out and then back in. I'm not sure why this is happening. I created two subdomains a few days ago with no problems and I could view the index page afterwards just find. Now it doesn't seem to be creating them. =/ It's kind of hard to install my photoblod when it says the page does not exist. lol
  7. I currently have a domain hosted with TCH and I would like ot move my other domain over here as well. I believe my hosting is up sometime this month for the one domain you host. I was wondering though, can I send payment for both domains in one check? I don't have internet access at home right now either so I would need someone to move my files from my other host over to TCH. Do you do that too? Also the check would be coming from my mom since I am tapped at the moment. Should she jus tput a note on the memo area for what domain the check is for since her name won't match mine?
  8. Awww congratulations! Children are such a blessing! They grow up way too fast though. Be sure to take lots of photos/videos of them while they are young My oldest starts kindergarten this year. Hard to believe...
  9. LOL So true Bruce! You're welcome Don I'm glad hubby finally got one. I can finally sell on ebay now LOL
  10. Thanks so much everyone One more question. If I open the reseller account and want to move my forum hosting onto that reseller account, what happens since I didn't use the rest of the time/space for that hosting? I have my forum on the starter plan and I paid yearly. I opened that account sometime in September.
  11. I'm considering buying a reseller account here in order to make it easier to maintain my multiple sites. I already have hosting for one of my domains but I have a few reseller questions since I've never had a reseller account before. 1. Do you take yearly payments or just monthy? If it is just monthly and I pay by credit card, is it billed at the same time each month? I've always paid yearly so I am not sure how the monthly thing works out. 2. Will my main website take away from the space provided on my reseller account? Or does my main website have it's own space plus my reseller space? (I saw something like that on another host and wasn't sure if that was how it went here). 3. I currently have a website/domain name up and running for free with Netrillium after their merger with Pinchpenny didn't go as planned. My domain name was renewed for another year already too. If I want to use that same domain as my reseller account, can I just save and upload everything to my new reseller account? I think that is about it.
  12. I think this is a recent thing with paypal since the last few months. I tried it a few months ago after having no problems using my paypal account money and then all of a sudden it wanted me to add a credit card before I could transfer my domain name over to TCH. It sucked since I did not have a credit card at that time. I had to renew my domain with my other host and keep it there. I don't know why they want a credit card on your account now. Not everyone HAS one and not everyone wants one. Luckily my husband managed to get a debit card with his new bank so we can use that now.
  13. Ok I have another question about transferring. I went ahead and tried to transfer my domain to TCH and it said they accepted paypal and it would take the funds right out of your paypal account. Well when I went to accept the license thing, it took me to paypal but it wanted me to add a credit card before I could do anything else. I do not own a credit card. I have money in my paypal account to cover the charges, but it wouldn't let me do anything unless I added a credit card first. I don't remember having that problem when I registered and purchased my other domain name through TCH.
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