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  1. Glad I am not the only one having to log in each time....thought my laptop was crashing again!
  2. It could be server problems, routing problems, or any number of reasons. I do not know what the domain name you registered was, but it does have a parked page on Wild West Domains, barring any connectivity issue.
  3. Well, maybe not everything, but we have movie tutorials that are very easy to learn. They are at this link. Yes, you can still use Front Page As far as controlling the website, the answer is no. Honestly, once you try the cPanel, you will see it is really easy. Plus, you have the forums to ask any question...one of our techs, or family members will be happy to help you out. We hope you decide to make us your home!
  4. I agree....may God bless and protect the American troops, and our allies troops.
  5. That is all that I know about (see what happens when you don't follow a link). Had I checked your link, I would have known that you found it. I set mine up by trial and error...that is the best way to learn. Perhaps someone else on the forum has a different source for what you are looking for.
  6. Check out Invision's web site.....I believe the documentation is at this link. Thanks!
  7. Cool! Thanks, I like that! And I LOVE that music on your site! I used to talk to a ham radio operator in South America...it may have been Peru...I can't remember..we talked daily for about a year. Let me know if you have any more issues.
  8. I have reset the password...let me know if you still have issues with it. You are on the list for the help desk issue now.
  9. George, Again, when you send me the email, we will get that issue resolved also.
  10. George, Send an email to me - tony@totalchoicehosting.com and give me your domain name, userid, and the password you want for your cpanel, and I will reset it. Tanks!
  11. Thanks! Oooops, there I did it again!
  12. Thanks for purchasing a domain name from us! Your purchase went thru Wild West Domains. You should be able to see your parked page within 24 hours of your purchase. The parked page is not on our servers, but Wild West Domain's servers, so we have no control over what they do, or when they do it. Thanks again!
  13. Let me go reset your permissions.....send me an email to tony@totalchoicehosting.com, and give me your domain name, userid, and password. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, guys. Our troops, as well as our loyal allies, need our support more than ever now! Please keep them in your prayers, during this time of possible unrest. Freedom is worth fighting for....let's not forget the men and women defending our freedom.
  15. Thanks for the praise....we are glad you are here!
  16. Thanks, Lianna, for setting up this guestbook demo!
  17. I just followed your link, and wanted to say THANKS for your praise! There is also another site where comments can be posted, and it is at this link. Also, we ask that if you would, we would appreciate a link to our site from your site. This is NOT required, but would be appreciated. If you would like to add the link, you can click here to get that link. Adding this link will help us in obtaining a decent position in the search engines. However, please remember all this is totally voluntarily on your part. Our hosting is TOTALLY BANNER FREE, and any link or banner you add is your choice! Let us know if we can be of any assistance!
  18. We don't park domains on our servers....if you only want it parked, it will have to be with Wild West Domains. If it comes to our servers, then it will require a hosting plan to be purchased.
  19. Yes, I understood you were not complaing, and I did not take it that way. I simply wanted to make sure you knewthat if you register a domain name, you need to give your name and address so that you can have ownership of the name. Without the actual ownership, you cannot dispute someone else from saying they own it, plus, you will be contacted from the registrar about renewing the domain name. Wild West Domains does not mail notices out thur the postal service, rather you will receive an email address to the email address you list as yours. Please make sure that when you list an email address with the registrar, that it is a valid email address, because when you decide to host the name, or switch hosts, you will have to approve the transfer by a link provided in an email that Wild West Domains will send you. Without a valid email address, you cannot make changes to the name. Unhappy? No, I am not unhappy....unless you decide to host somewhere else! I want you to join our home, and will be available to answer any question that you may have! Yes, you only pay for what you want to purchase now. If you simply want to buy the name, and have it parked at Wild West Domains for free, that is fine. Whenever you get ready for the hosting with us, simply order and pay for the hosting when the time comes.
  20. We use 2checkout, and yes, it is very safe. You can feel confident in entering your credit card information. The proxy registration is an additional charge, beyond the normal registration fee. This is impossible to say, because each server is different as far as the number of clients, and the data stored on them. Yes, we offer a forum, and a couple of guestbooks. I do not know of any guestbook demos available, but maybe someone reading this thread can offer a link to view theirs. We do not have any demos available for the guestbook. Thanks!
  21. Think about this. If you do not give your name and address, who really knows who owns that domain name? The proxy registration is a way to hide the contact information, but ownership REQUIRES you to give you name and address....otherwise ANYONE can claim ownership of the domain name. If you are referring to our registration for hosting, we are just like any other company you do business with, we need to know who we are dealing with. You do not sign up for telephone service, and not provide them with your name and address, and we are the same. We are a ligitimate business, and knowing who we sell to is required. No, the proxy trademark is part of Wild West Domains, and we are an authorized reseller for that company, which is why we are recommended by them. Thanks!
  22. Please send me an email: tony@totalchoicehosting.com Give me your domain name, your userid, and password, and I will get you set up in the help desk. Thanks!
  23. We have started a thread for a waiting list on the reseller accounts. If you are wanting a reseller account, please follow this link and register. Thanks!
  24. You should have a link to where you can log in and update your nameservers to point to us. If your information was private where it is hosted now, it will still be private when it is pointed to us. We do not actually do anything with/to your domain name, you simply just have to list our nameserves as the nameserves that are associated with your domain name. Once you update that, and it has propagated, then your site will be live on our servers. Thanks for making TotalChoice your new home!
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