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  1. It's easier to redirect a URL than it is to reteach users.
  2. Currently http://www.mydomain.tld/webmail redirects to http://www.mydomain.tld:2095/. Is there any way to change this to https://www.mydomain.tld:2096/? I've tried using .htaccess (see below), but it doesn't seem to have any effect. >Redirect /webmail https://www.mydomain.tld:2096/
  3. The certificate for https://server17.totalchoicehosting.com/ is valid until 2006-05-11, but the certificate for https://server17.totalchoicehosting.com:2096/ (used for webmail) expired on 2005-04-02. Will this be fixed?
  4. Ah... So I need to talk to you guys to get an A Record for the email server, and then I can simply change the MX record to that in CPanel. Sounds good. Thanks!
  5. A client of mine currently has their website hosted by a hosting company and an Exchange email server that they run themselves. I'm looking to move their website over to TCH and was wondering how this should be setup. How do I go about setting up the subdomain and MX record for the Exchange server in CPanel? Thanks!
  6. Perlfect Search is a search engine that uses CGI and Perl to index and search a website's files. The requirements say that it needs: 1) A webserver that lets you execute CGI scripts 2) Perl 5.004 or higher 3) DB_File 1.72 module I know that we've got 1 and 2, but what about #3? Has anybody worked with this before?
  7. I don't have SSH access. I ended up just submitting a help desk ticket. The tech told me that the servers are on Eastern Daylight Time.
  8. I think I've figured out the syntax... >cp -f private/file1.html www/destinationfolder/file1.html cp -f private/file2.html www/destinationfolder/file2.html Do I need to make a Crontab for each command, or can I lump them together somehow? What timezone are the servers set to? (So I can adjust the run-time accordingly.)
  9. I just submitted my first help ticket, and I was bit surprised to find that the "Cpanel Password" field is just a plain old text field. Is there a reason that it isn't a standard password field so everything is asterick-ed out? I found myself looking over my shoulder as I filled out my ticket, knowing that someone would have full access to my site's admin interface with that password.
  10. I was wondering if someone could help me with a simple CronTab. Unfortunatly, I've never used them before, and I have no idea of the commands or syntax. I want to copy two files (let's call them "file1.html" and "file2.html") from the folder "private" (which I created on the root level) to "www/destinationfolder", replacing the two existing files. The CronTab scheduler seems easy enough to figure out, so I should be fine with that. Thanks!
  11. My primary email account (Let's call it my @.com account.) is the same domain as my hosted website. Now, when I signed up for TCH, I used my secondary account (@.net) since the @.com was the domain that would be in transition as I switched hosting providors. Once my account was all set up and everything was switched over, I changed my contact address in CPanel to @.com. (Ya know, that link at the top that says "Update Contact Info".) But all of the support announcements I've recieved have gone to my @.net account. Did I do something wrong and it didn't get changed properly? Or is there something else I have to do? Thanks!
  12. That domain works fine for me, in case you're wondering.
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