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  1. Sorry to hear you are having problems with our support desk. Have you tried to have your password resent to you? Try this link: https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/billing/...o=lpass&lang=en Once you get that, if you still have problems, send me an email to: tony@totalchoicehosting.com and list your domain name, cpanel username, and password. We will get this resovled for you. Thanks for choosing us for as your web host!
  2. Send me the info in an email: tony@totalchoicehosting.com and I will see what I can find...most likely, though, it will not be figured out tonight, but at least I can start on it for you.
  3. The EASIEST and fastest way to get Network Solutions to update your email address is to call them on the phone. They have a 24 hour toll free number to get this done. Be prepared...they will want you to fax a form, and a copy of your drivers license to get this accomplished. I went thru this with several domain names I was transferring away from them....they are the WORST registrar I have ever dealt with. However, calling them will get this done alot faster than waiting on email.....been there, done that. Good luck!
  4. Andrew, Please go to the support desk, and open a support ticket, and we will get deeper into this. I have not found it on any server yet. We will get you an answer for this, and get you over to our servers as soon as possible. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the praise! We really try to answer tickets as fast as possible. A lot of the response time is dependent on how much 'behind the scenes' work we have to do...looking up you account, verifying that it is set up correctly, and testing to resolve the issue the support desk ticket is referenced. Thanks for your business, we really do appreciate it!
  6. Send an email to billing@totalchoicehosting.com, and explain what you want to do. This should resolve the issue for you. Thanks!
  7. Please go to our Support Desk, and open a support ticket, and we will look into this.
  8. If you just signed up for an account, most likely, the nameservers have not propagated your updated nameservers. If you have not listed the nameservers we sent to you in our welcome email, you need to do that. It takes anywhere from 24-72 hours for the propagation to complete the internet. If this is NOT the case, please go to the Support Desk, and open a ticket, and we will look into this issue.
  9. Thanks....the service men and women are doing their part to protect us, our counrty, and our freedom, and it is very dangerous. They need to know we support them.
  10. Please visit the Department of Defense web page below and sign in thanking the men and women of the U.S. military services for defending our freedom. The compiled list of names will be sent out to our soldiers at the end of the month. So far, there are only about 1.2 million names. What a shame...... National Military Appreciation Month. The entire exercise takes 10 seconds...literally. Please pass it on to your email friends. http://www.defendamerica.mil/nmam.html Thanks!
  11. I worked on an issue with a client yesterday, and Bill stated that the permissions for the public_html directory is 755.
  12. Have you set up your own hosting packages? If you will submit a Support Desk ticket, and list your domain name, login and pasword, I will take a look at it for you.
  13. Zephyr, We are happy that you have choosen us for your web hosting needs! I believe that you will be not only happy, but very pleased with our services. I personally have dealt with web hosting companies for the last 8 years, and NONE of them even came close to what we offer at TotalChoice Hosting. We strive very hard to provide excellent tech support, not only from our Support Desk, but also from other members in our Forums. If we can help in ANY way, do not hesitate to either submit a Support Desk ticket, or post your questiion in the Forums. We will reply as soon as possible! Thanks again for joining, and welcome home!
  14. Coffee Cup software offers a few free programs. Click here for the page with the free software. The HTML editor and their new Password Keeper are pretty cool, especially for the price.
  15. Great! We look forward to having you join us!
  16. What Lianna describes will do exactly what you are looking for. If there is no index.htm or index.html file, etc., the files that ARE in that directory will not be displayed. I can't remember what the error page says, but I know for a fact, that if it is set up correctly, it will not allow the files in that directory to be displayed.
  17. I know there is a device (not sure of the name), but Wal-Mart sells it that you connect to your phone line. You can plug your modem, fax, another phone line, and whatever else you have that might need a phone line. The only additional feature you need on the phone line is call-waiting. When you are on the internet, and you have a call coming in (on call waiting), it signals you, and you can place your internet connection 'on hold' and take the incoming call on call waiting. When you are thru, you can resume your surfing. I tried this device with my fax, but it did not work as expected. Don't get me wrong, the device DOES work, but in order to receive a fax using it, I had to manually start the fax, which was not what I wanted. I believe the device costs about $40, and if I remember correctly, has a MASSIVE 30 day warranty. It is also advertised on alot of infomercials. That is the best thing that I can think of that will solve your issue. Hope this helps.
  18. Overnight on February 14, we brought our NEW (and improved) Support Desk online! You will notice that you will again have to sign up for this new desk, but everything will be automated, and this new Support Desk will help resolve your issues much faster than in the past. Please remember, however, that in order for us to expidite your help ticket, we MUST have the following 3 important items of information: (1) Your Domain Name (2) Your Log In to cPanel (3) Your Password We cannot access your web site without these three items, and if you fail to list them in the inital Support Desk ticket, then resolution to your help request will be delayed, because we will have to get back in touch with you, and ask for this information. Also, when we reply to your request, we may or may not close the ticket. If we do close the ticket, we do so because we feel that we have resolved your issue. If you find that we have not, simply reopen this closed ticket, and we will continue with the issue. By us closing the ticket, this does not mean that we are finished with your request. All you have to do is let us know that the issue still exists. If we don't close the tickets that we feel we have finished, the Support Desk would be cluttered up with tickets on "Hold", and new tickets would get lost in the shuffle. Also, if we put your ticket on hold, pending more information from you, and you see that the issue has been resolved, please come back and CLOSE your ticket. We want to provide you with the BEST customer service possible. Our techs work hard and long hours to keep your problems to a bare minimum, however, we do ask your help in the Support Desk ticket sumbissions. As always, we appreciate you choosing TotalChoice Hosting as your web host. We understand that Choice does matter, and are thankful that you have selected us. If you have any particular issue, or a suggestion, you can always send it to me in an email to: tony@totalchoicehosting.com.
  19. I have hooked a web cam and used Yahoo Messenger...attended a Christmas party 600 miles away in December using Yahoo Messenger...even had sound. Worked great, and really simple. On Windows XP. just plug the camera in, and then in Yahoo Messenger, invite who you want to view your webcam. That's all there is to it. Of course, this is only one option, but probably the easiest to do.
  20. Thanks for the kind words, and we are glad you are here!
  21. Kerri, Welcome to TotalChoice Hosting. We look forward to providing you with your hosting needs. If you have questions, feel free to ask here on the forum. If you have specific techincal issues, the help desk will get our attention to your issue. Thanks for joining our growing family!
  22. It sure does. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We will get that upadated. We are running version 4.2.3. We apologize for this error.
  23. If you have 8 active web sites, then your best bet would be a reseller account. We only allow one LIVE web site per account. We do allow parking of domain names, but they cannot actually be a live web site. If you have 8 web sites, you can get a simple reseller account for less than $20. Depending on the disc space and bandwidth you need, you may need a bigger package.
  24. We are happy to be your new host! If we can be of any assistance, just let us know. If you haven't been to Find My Host and posted a comment out our service, please do so. The link for the post is http://www.hostingassured.findmyhosting.co...ing.htm?id=5330 Thanks!
  25. To get a high placement in Yahoo, requires you to pay them. Just make sure you submit your site in the correct category. They will list their paid sites first, then pull the rest of the search results from dmoz.org. Lianna is correct about getting yourself listed in dmoz.org. Although it is not a guaranteed listing, most sites that are submitted there (and it is free) do get listed. Then Yahoo, Google, AOL, and others pull their free listings from them. PPC (Pay per click) listings are a rip off - don't waste your money on them. The only people who profit from PPC is the web site (PPC) owners. For instance, if you wanted to pay Overture (who handles the Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc) for a paid listing for, lets say, a web hosting company, the current bid for top placement is $10.25 PER CLICK THROUGH! Yes, EVERY time someone clicks on YOUR link at the top of the search engines (listed as Sponsored Listings), YOU pay $10.25 (if that is your bid), whether or not you make a sale. Honestly, I can't see how any of them stay in business! You do get alot of hits, but if you don't have something that will sell the first time, you will, most likely, go broke on them. I have made it a habit not to even look at the sponsored sites, to help support the 'little guys". If you are really interested in a PPC listing, you can go to Overture and check them out. Yahoo paid listing is not a guarantee that you get listed...the payment is for them 'to consider your web site within 7 days", and they will let you know if you get listed. I believe if you are denied, you are allowed one appeal. I am not sure if you can even pay to get a personal web site listed, but I believe a paid "review" of your business web site on Yahoo is $299, and this is a reoccuring fee if you want to continue to be listed. Once approved on Yahoo, you normally get listed the next day. I have had success with Yahoo, and if you have a profitable web site, I highly suggest the fee. The benefit of a paid listing with Yahoo, is it will be for a year, and you do not have to resubmit it to keep it listed.
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