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    BETH(ohio3)ROCKS! Not only is she a friend of mine but she spends a lot of time helping out people and providing insight on this forum! Way to go, Beth! Sandy
  2. Don't worry about the location, Andrew! First of all, Dublin, Ohio -- home of Wendy's -- a good thing since I worked there for quite a few years once upon a time. Secondly, one of my very best friends lives in Columbus. And we have plenty of TCH customers in Ohio (right, Beth?). Sandy Technical Support Services TotalChoice Hosting
  3. Doh! My mistake . . . The new domain is not a reseller account. I think that whoever did your account setup on primecuts didn't realize that you already had an account. If you want them put together, open a Help Desk ticket. I'd recommend doing the same with the redirect issues you referenced. Sandy Johnson Technical Support Services TotalChoice Hosting
  4. Andrew: I show you as having 4 existing domains in one account plus one NEW reseller account. Actually the reseller account is still pending. So your working Help Desk ID should be the one from the first account. I reset that password and sent you an email with the information. Sandy Johnson sandy@totalchoicehosting.com Technical Support Services
  5. GMT5 and we do adjust for Daylight Savings Time. Right now it is 1:19pm in Michigan (where TCH is). Sandy
  6. Sandygrl


    Ian: I recommend opening a Help Desk ticket. State that you want SSH access and include your reason. Thanks, Sandy Johnson Technical Support Services TotalChoice Hosting
  7. I can help you with some of your questions. Yes . . . But if you don't want to allow that, you can use an .htaccess feature to prevent it. Not hard at all -- we take care of merging the accounts. Sandy
  8. Wow! What a way to end this week. Happy Birthday! I hope you are catching up on your sleep, Bill! I wouldn't want this to happen to you. Sandy
  9. I don't think you'd have overall bandwidth problems because TCH has such a wide variety of hosting packages available. But total mySQL queries, I don't know. Hopefully someone else can help you with that. Good luck! Sandy
  10. The $4/month does not require a year-long committment. TCH will auto-charge your credit card each month. The TCH site is on a server with other clients but I don't know the details. I hope this helps! Sandy (a satisfied TCH customer)
  11. Tony: Thank you for the prompt reply. But the link you posted is the same one that I did. I'm looking for something more than what they have there. For example, I took me some time before I figured out that I had to create Categories before I could add Forums. Their documentation is mostly explanations of individual options on menus. I did not see anything like, "Setting up a New Board". Thanks, Sandy
  12. First of all, I have to say: TCH Rocks . Next, I've never administered an InVision board. I got the AdminCP screen documentation from their site but it doesn't really cover processes. Does anyone know of any good (and free!) tutorials? Thanks, Sandy
  13. I'm a new user to TCH but I was very annoyed to read that they moved the TCH thread on YHS. So I went in and created a new thread under Hosts that Might Not Suck because my experience with TCH has been WONDERFUL! Sandy www.sandygrl.us
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