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  1. We have temporarily suspeneded NEW reseller accounts because we have ran out of reseller space! We apologize for this unexpected suspension, but we simply ran out of reseller space. Our customer base has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, and we are VERY proud of that. Our customer support has continued to be excellent, and our uptime is outstanding. We want to take this opportunity to thank each of our clients for choosing us to be your web host, and look forward to our future. We have new things in the works, so stay tuned! We hope to have the reseller suspension removed in less than a week.
  2. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems accessing our help desk. Please send an email to tony@totalchoicehosting.com, and include the following: domain name cpanel log in password I will get this resolved for you. Thanks!
  3. These movie tutorials were not made by us, they were purchased. Thanks!
  4. I won't say that it is the best thing to do, however, if they can't get into the help desk, and email to me will get my attention, and it will be a way for them to make known their issue. At least when they send email to me, I can at least get their support desk login corrected, so they can get to the support desk. The email accounts at TotalChoice Hosting get hundreds, if not thousands, of emails a day...so emailing me would be a faster way to make contact over a support issue, IF you cannot access the support desk.. It takes hours to go thru all the email that we get daily on the regular email accounts. If the client has support desk access, then that is where the support issues need to be logged, as we can keep up with the issues, and we can actually log them as open, closed, or on hold. I guess, in a round about way, emailing me should be the last resort, but if needed, that is what I am here for.
  5. If you cannot get into the help desk, or need additional help, send me an email at tony@totalchoicehosting.com and in that email, let me know what the issue is. Please include the username and login to your site, as well as the usernames and passwords to your email accounts so I can get into them to see what is happening. Thanks!
  6. Simply follow this Link and click on Log In in the dropdown box at the top, right side of the page beside "Manage". Log in, and update the nameservers there. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the post, and we are glad to have you at home!
  8. You should have your welcome email now! Welcome to your new home! We are happy to have you join us! Thanks!
  9. We cannot change the main username once the account is set up, without totally wiping your account out, and recreating it on our servers. If you want this done, now is the time to do it. Please go to the Support Desk, and open a support ticket, and ask that this get done. Make sure you list the username you want, as well as the password. HOWEVER, keep in mind that the username can ONLY be 8 letters long, so the one wanted will not work.
  10. Also, if you want to, you can go to Find My Hosting and post a review of our services, if you are satisfied. Although this is not requred, it is appreciated. A lot of people view Find My Hosting when they are looking for a web host. We love to have positive feedback left or us over there! Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the praise! We are happy to have you as a new reseller, and like any family, ours is ready to grow! If you ever need any help, just give us a shout! Welcome home!
  12. Thanks, and welcome as one of our newest resellers!
  13. You may not have...I will check on this. Sometimes it can take up to 12 hours for an account to be set up. Please send an email to tony@totalchoicehosting.com with your name, domain name, and password you chose and I will see what has happened. It could be that the account has been set up already, but the welcome email never arrived.
  14. I was discussing this with the Head Guru just the other night about another client who had asked that, and yes, you do have to have a domain name for a reseller account. Our servers require a domain name when we set the account up. Yes, that will work. Please send me an email to tony@totalchoicehosting.com with your name, your domain name, cpanel login, and password, and we will get this resolved.
  15. In order to have a reseller account, or any account for that matter, you will need to designate a domain name. This is not necessarily to promote the reselling, but the servers REQUIRE each account to be set up with a domain name. Your best bet is to open a support ticket, and we will go into deeper detail about the transfer of the accounts with you. Thanks!
  16. I totally agree. We were all new at one time....asking is the way to learn. If you EVER need a questions asked, feel free to do so, either here on the forum, or in a support desk ticket. We are here to help you! Welcome to your new home!
  17. If you want me to check and make sure it still has the nameservers listed, send your domain name to me in an email to tony@totalchoicehosting.com. Thanks!
  18. There should be an ip number listed in the welcome email. You would access it this way: (this is just an example, so the numbers and username will not be right) http://123.456.789.0/~dennnis Simply replace the numbers above with the ip number your website will be on (listed in the welcome email), and replace the word dennis with your username
  19. Please open a support desk ticket, and give us your domain name, your name, your username and password, and we will check into this. If, for some reason, you cannot get into the support desk, please send the info to: tony@totalchoicehosting.com. Thanks!
  20. Hi Dennis! If you received an email listing the two nameservers for you, then that is your welcome email. It takes 24-72 hours for the nameserver updates to propagate the internet. Until the updates occur, you will not be able to access your site by the domain name. You can, however, access the site by the http://ip address/~username that was listed in the welcome email. Welcome to TotalChoice Hositng!
  21. We have new dns, but we also still have the ***** ones. I had the same issue on one of my domain names that another registrar failed to renew, and it expired. It took about 2 days for it to get back online. If you want, you can open a support ticket, and we will check into this, however, I believe that time will solve your issue.
  22. AndyB, Thanks for pointing that out for us. We are still proofing the site, and it takes numerous reviews to spot every error. If you find anything else, let us know!
  23. Good idea, Dabs! I'll pass it on to the higher powers!
  24. In an effort to help our customers get the most out of the services we provide, we have opened a NEW TotalChoice Hosting Help & Support Web Site! This new web site has instructional tutorial movies to help solve any 'how to' question you may have! Plus, we have a FAQ link for the most frequently asked questions, the latest announcements related to TotalChoice Hosting, a link to our Forum, and of course, a link to our Support Desk, should your question not be answered in this area. This new web site is very informative, and to the point, and just about any issue that you may have arise can, most likely, be found in this site. We ask that you check the new site out completely. We have went into very detailed explaination on most ever aspect dealing with your site, cPanel, and for resellers, WHM. If you do have a question about your site, please refer here first before submitting a support desk ticket. We are getting numerous tickets asking the same quesitons, so we developed this new site to answer those for you. You will get your questions answered much faster from this web site, as it takes us time to get to each support ticket. We spend quite a bit of time on each support ticket, to get the very best solution to you, the first time. This process takes time, and will cause a delay in the waiting tickets. If you can get the answer here for your question, you will not have to open a support ticket. Don't get me wrong...we are eager to help you in any way, but ask that before you submit your support desk ticket, that you check this new site first to see if your answer is there. As usual, if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to make contact with us. We appreciate your business, and look forward to continually making upgrades to our service in order to serve you better. Choice does matter, and we are glad you have choosen us to be your web hosting service!
  25. Ok, now check it, and see if you can get in.
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