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  1. No problem, Jim. I just wanted to bring it to his attention that this was a violation, and give him time to get this corrected before I 'officially' find out about it later today.
  2. Let me add a little to this thread - This is true IF the hosted name is turbobuy.com. You cannot make a folder called computers on averywong.com and have the domain name turbobuy.com forwarded to that folder. If you want the hosted name changed to turbobuy.com, then yes, drop a help ticket, and we can take care of that for you.
  3. Our hosting is made for ONE domain name, although another can be parked on top of the original one, but both will resolve the same index page. What you are trying to do, and have done, is to host sbmgl.com with us, and then register another name, noob-ownage.tk, and have it pointed to a subdomain on your main site (sbmgl.com/noob). This is a violation of the TOS and AUP, and can cause your account to be suspended, or terminated. You CANNOT host multiple domain names, pointed to subdomins on your main account.
  4. Loaded fine for me, from 2 different pc's, on 2 different isp's!
  5. It worked for me: HTTP://SPAWN.EVDNET.COM Aktief. OK.
  6. Please send me an email with the following: domain name userid password I will reset the password (we cannot change the userid), and at least get you back in to check the mail. tony@totalchoicehosting.com
  7. Please open a support ticket, and give us your domain name, userid, and password, so we can get access to your account and see what's up.
  8. After following this link, I was very disturbed at the way animals are treated. Check out the link below: Cruility to animals hidden video As a pet owner, one 7 years old dog, and 2 new puppies, it breaks my heart to see how cruel people, and companies, can be to animals. My pets are part of my family...and they are treated as such. I feel sorry for the animals who do not have anyone who cares about them. My 7 year old dog was dumped when she was a puppy, and I got her out of the want ads by someone who was fixing to take her to the pound if someone didn't want her. I dare to say, she has more sense than the person who dumped her. She knows what I say, is very smart, and shows loyalty. They just didn't know what they had, or they would not have dumped her. The two puppies are just as smart....and I would do anything, and spend any amount of money that I need to, to make them healthy, and live a comfortable and happy life. I guess I kinda wandered off topic, but in response to borfast's post, I agree....we need to stop the cruelty to animals any way we can, and I vote for PETA.
  9. All data transfer, in and out, is counted in the total for the month, regardless of what it is.
  10. The $4 price is per month, billled automatically each month. To clairfy this, we OWN our servers...we do not share it with any other host. What I think you were referring to was that we use virtual servers...meaning numerous webiste share the same ip number. This setup works fine...just check any site we have hosted (you can see alot of the websites listed in the signatures of several posters in our forums. We look forward to have you join our growing family!
  11. Hey, my very special freind, I hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have an enjoyable day with Patty and the kids....you deserve it. Have a great day, and THANKS for being one of my BEST FRIENDS! Not only does TCH Rocks , but YOU ROCK TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony
  12. Just an update on this thread...it is still an active post. Nothing has progressed, due to the server issues we have had. So if you are interested, simply apply.
  13. Send me an email (tony@totalchoicehosting.com) and give me the following info: Domain name cpane username password I will get this corrected, and email you the login information back. Thanks!
  14. During normal circumstances, we get to the help tickets in very short time. As you are well aware, we have had the worst DOS attack in the history of our company. Sure, you had an issue, however, your issue was not an emergency, compared to the HUNDREDS of websites that were down due to the DOS attack. Our entire server was affected and down. This server hosted our reseller accounts, with hundreds of websites hosted. Our first priority was to get these sites back online, and THEN tend to the non-emergency support tickets. How would you have felt if your site was one of the hundreds that were down, and had been down for hours, and instead of trying to get your site back online, we left it down, and tended to the non-emergency issues. We do appreciate your using us for your web hosting needs, but surely you can see the need to restore service to the server was our priority during this emergency. And the DOS attack WAS an emergency. Your support ticket is still there, and we will get to it as soon as we can.
  15. We currently allow adult content, HOWEVER, be adivised that it MUST BE LEGAL. Any images of minors, or pirated videos or dvd's, etc. will be a violation of the AUP, and the account will be terminated. We are very strict on our AUP and TOS, and any violation will result in suspension, and depending on the severity of the violation, the account can be terminated.
  16. Yes and no. You can do this one of two ways. You will need our nameservers to associate with your domain name. We cannot assign those until you order the hosting, because we have multiple servers. Once you order, and the order is processed, you will receive a welcome email from us, listing your two nameservers to associate with your domain name. You then need to go purchase your domain name, and list those nameservers at that time. OR If you think you purchase the name first, come back order the hosting, then go back to your registrar and update the nameservers. Be advised that it usually takes 24k-72 hours for the nameservers updates to propagate the internet, so you need to get the nameservers listed ASAP.
  17. Yes, you can use your .ca on our server. It will work fine. We look forward to having you join our home!!
  18. What is your domain, and we can look it up for you.
  19. PPP, or Triple P, or maybe 3 P"s, welcome to TotalChoice! We are happy that you have decided to join our growing family! You will feel at home!
  20. It depends on how many you want to host. If you have several, you may want to look into a reseller account. Our simple reseller account only costs $19.99 per month, so you may be better off going the reseller account, to save money on the hosting.
  21. If your nameserver updates have not propagated the internet, you will only be able to ftp to your site using the ip number, username and password. Until the nameservers have updated, accessing the site in any way by the domain name will not be possible.
  22. No, individual hosting accounts are for one domain name. You cannot point an additional domain to a sub-domain. For example, you register ****, and it points to ****/index.htm (the default)...you register mydomain2.htm, and point it to ****/mydomain2...that is not allowed. We can park mydomain2.com ON TOP of ****, and both resolve to the same index.htm page.
  23. The servers do not allow the same username for additional accounts. We have a script that will assign you a username (usually the first 7 letters of your new domain name). Once you get that welcome email, it should have a different login/password. If you still have not received the welcome email, and you would lilke me to check on the status of the hositng, just send me an email to my address listed below in my signature. Thanks for your continued support!
  24. As long as you have your files that are on the other website, just upload them to our servers. This should not be a problem. Thanks!
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