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  1. Dear Big Gorilla, THANK YOU A LOT! I will try just now to learn what you send to me. It seems quite complicated. I hope I can deal with it. After I learn it and compare with what I receive. I will be back in contact to 'use' and abuse of your kindness, It will be a very big problem if I can't use directly my Oulook... and enter each time the webmail, neomail... etc... I have all my mails, addressess, agendas... etc. for each student and for each university in diffeent countries... already ordered in the Outlook... It' will be impossible to manage every thing from the Neomail... I will try to learn a little more waht you just answered to me... Thank you indeed! george Rock Sign
  2. Thank you Bruce and BigGorilla, I wil do what you suggets... and try to configure my own address as 'white'. Please, as soon as you have some further info, please let me know... I 'manage' as webadmin for them other 7 web sites at TCH... and maybe I can help them too with your counceling... Thanks again! :hug: George Rock Sign (as it do it always!)
  3. Dear BigGorilla, I send my message using the only big DSL IP provider here in Peru... It's the biggest company in south america and spain... called Telefonica, Terra, or in the DSL case: SPEEDY... Then the program I use is Outlook 2003 on Windows XP... and... sorry but I ignore what is a Dynamic Address Pool... (it's like chiness for me... whitout offending the bright Chiness people that can deal with it...) George Rock Sign
  4. Thank you friends, Sorry for my many questions... what is SA? Where I control this SA option? and, should I keep the Spam Assassin ON? Yes I have heard of my students that they get the same message... as if the spam catch the message... (actually the original message some times was includeded by the spam assassin as an attach...) Sorry but I'm getting more and more confused... George Rock Sign
  5. ...and what is the proper forum? Sorry for my ignorance... George Rock Sign
  6. Thank you Bruce, Yes the Spam Assassin was on... I just set it off... I hope I will not start getting spams... And, if this problem continue, yes, I will send for a ticket... Thank youy again! :hug: George Rock Sign
  7. Thank you for answering, Some times I had to send some attachements (usually word files or PDF files) other times I do not include any attachments... but the issue persist... George Rock Sign
  8. Dear TCH friends, I have some problems with some incorrect "spam detections" which I don't know hot to avoid... I send mails with some information to myself... and I get the: I have to send some information to my students and colleagues and they get my messages with this annoying 'spam detection'... My e-mails are not spam... are messages to very (really very) specific people that need my information for them to their jobs! So, what can I do? Thank you for your kind and ASAP answers. George Rock Sign
  10. DEAR TURTLE... Y O U A R E G R E A T !!! JUST A BIG BINGO IT'S WORK LIKE GOD GIVING IS OK!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!!! Rock Sign GEORGE Just a question: why they do that??? and if they close the port 25 (never know what this is...) they can also close the 26? and then the 27? etc. etc. ad libitum????
  11. Suddenly I'm getting this message anytime I try to send e-mails using my account... Maybe someone can help me solve this issue? I have checked and double checked the server address (SMTP) but every thing seems OK. Other accounts work OK but with this specific account I still get this message: Task 'myusername@e-mailaccount.com Sending' reported error (0x80042109) : Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) server. If you continue to receive this message contact your server administrator. Rock Sign Thanks in advance for any help. George
  12. Yes dear Borfast the it's OK and I just try your new propossal and... still the same message... Any further ideas? cordially and thankfull George
  13. Ok, Dear Borfast, Here I'm again (I'm burried with work (and tomorrow is my birthday...). So I just try what you suggest and the page open with this message at the bottom: Some further ideas?, Thanks, George
  14. Dear Borfast, Thank you Thumbs Up for all your dedication and thank to Singer for add in his help. Thumbs Up I have still one question... To change the shtml to php... is it enough to chnage just the .last name (I mean the 3 last letters as index.php instead of index.shtml? George
  15. Dear Borfast, Thank you for your dedication, Sorry I don't replay inmediatedly... I was helping some people that virus take control of their computers... wow! was a hard work... Indeed I did each one of the suggestions and try every way. Maybe there is something else that I do not did... I will try to especify the steps I did: First I insert the code" In my index.shtml file replacing "page" with index.shtml file I want to track.in "public_html" I opne a folder named "acounter"; then inside "public_html/acounter" I open 4 folders as indicated in the .txt of the script: "public_html/acounter/digits" "public_html/acounter/digits_ani" "public_html/acounter/doc" "public_html/acounter/pages" also, inside the "public_html/acounter" folder I put the files: "acounter.php", "demo.php", and "ip.txt" Then, as you suggest to me, I insert: in the .htaccess. and also change the chmod to each of the scrips .PHP files to 7 5 5; and change the permissions to the directory to 7 7 7. Also I adjust the include_once "./acounter.php" to reflect the directory where I placed the script: include_once "acounter/acounter.php"; so the script now look like this: still at the web I saw this echoed create_output("index.shtml"); By the way: The acounter folder now have the chmod as 7 5 5. Just the ""public_html/acounter/pages" folder have the chmod as 7 7 7. (I don't know if this relevant, but the "public_html/ chmod is set as 7 5 0 and I don't know if this is correct... I can see now that when in the browser I insert the address "http://www.avantixgroup.com" instead of opening the page I get a windows question if I wahnt to save or open a file... something I did must be very wrong!!! oooops So, here I begin to loose contact with reality and understanting... Now when I enter the address of the site I can't see the original index.shtml... So, I have changed the .acacess to it's original and now I can enter the address in the browser and see the original index.shtml page but... still I saw this echoed letters:create_output("index.shtml"); So, do you have some advise, please? Thank you, g.
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