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  1. It looks like cpanel.my-site.com worked. Thanks
  2. http://my-site.com/cPanel is returning a 404 and http://my-site.com:2082 is timing out. Is there a new way to access cpanel? I haven't accessed in quite a while. Thanks
  3. I am installing Gallery 2 and the ImageMagick plugin is telling me there is a vulnerability with 6.0.7. Is it safe to use this version (/usr/bin/) or is there a newer version somewhere else on the server? thanks
  4. Is it safe to use server125.tchmachines.com? I mean, is it very likely it will change?
  5. So I am trying to use IMAP with SSL but every time I launch thunderbird I get a warning because my domain name is different from the server name for the certificate (server125.tchmachines.com). Is there any way around this?
  6. So I changed hosts to TCH and now I am not getting spam anymore. Is it possible they were somehow spamming the actual servers at my hold host rather than my e-mail address? Or does TCH have some kind of spam filter set up? My spamassassin is off, and I haven't gotten a single spam e-mail in over 48 hours. I'm not complaining, but I AM curious... OK fine I still got 1 or 2 yesterday but compared to the 10-20 I was getting before, that's nothing!
  7. I'm a software engineer for a very large software / internet company. Not very stressful at all, knock on wood. Money magazine has rated software engineering as the best overall career in the country. I'm pretty satisfied so far. It depends a lot on where you work though.
  8. How do I request that? I tried copying the mail folder over and it failed miserabley.
  9. I am moving my domain from another hosting provider to TCH. I use IMAP and want to transfer all my e-mail from the old provider to TCH. The problem is that I don't know how to access the mail server via IP. Any recommendations on the best way to do the migration?
  10. I changed it every time. I think it might be #3...it definitely wasn't hacked by someone I know. Technically, the only time your password can be snagged with FTP is when you are logging in...after that it isn't sent again. I'm guessing 1and1 doesn't know jack about security or they don't care since I am a free promotional customer. I e-mailed them numerous times without a response. Perhaps I am being paranoid after all. Osman
  11. I currently have a free 3 year account with another provider. I have referred 4 people over to you guys for their website. However, my account at my current provider keeps getting hacked. Thankfully they just put in an index.html file and leave everything else alone. I have a pretty secure password there. However, the provider just added SSH support so I use that exclusively for file transfers. If it gets hacked again, I am switching to someone else even though I have 3 years free with them. But I'm reluctant to switch to you guys if you don't offer a secure way of batch transferring files. Is it not a big security risk using FTP? I'm really paranoid now that my account has been hacked at least twice.
  12. Thanks Lisa. Don, it's a totally different system...it's thread-based instead of a flat message structure. I was going to try out the evaluation version...here is the URL: http://www.withinc.com/products/panfora/screenshots.html Now the only problem is I have over a hundred files in a few subdirs to CHMOD over FTP...what a pain. Osman
  13. Hello, I am thinking about purchasing some software but it requires that the folder be allowed to run CGI scripts. Is there any limitation on where we can run CGI scripts? Here are the installation instructions...the area of concern is the "web server configuration". http://www.withinc.com/installation/instal...ml#Distribution Thanks, Osman
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