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  1. I think i will open a ticket and have the files moved. thanks, dave
  2. can i drag the wordpress folder into the public folder? or does that not work. thanks, dave
  3. guess that sounds a little different then i thought. my site is signatures.com and right now i have wordpress on the back end, signatures.com/wordpress1 thanks, dave
  4. I've been working on a new site with wordpress and almost ready to switch over. Just wanted to know what is the procedure to swap my old site and use the newer one which is wordpress in fantastico? thanks in advance, dave (signatures.com)
  5. for installing wordpress I see it says install "on domain" or "in directory"? does it matter? i'm thinking make a name for directory and put it there. If i install on domain won't it replace my site? thanks, dave
  6. thanks for the info dick. got a question for you, if i install wordpress through fantastico will it affect my current site right away? i've never looked at the fantastico section. will have to do some research. dave
  7. Thanks for the reply bruce. yes i did read the replies i got. is there any specific problems you see with flash sites? I have noticed there are more companies that offer simple drag and drop sites like the blog sites and they also want you to host with them and they sell you on the up extras.
  8. Guess there has been no replies.... did meet a friend who started a new company for building sites...... flashfactory.com. i'm going to check it out and see how it is.
  9. Basically my site would be similiar to what i have up now....it's commercial business and photo galleries.....no member area or forums trying to come up with a new look for displaying my memorabilia and such for sale. probably not very complicated...my original site was done in part with front page which i would like to dump totally. thanks, dave (signatures.com)
  10. Was considering it's time to build and refresh my website and just wanted some input on what are some of the best programs to use. I have been told JOOMLA works , also SQUARE SPACE seems popular but they also host which i don't need...since i am very happy with total choice. Any input, please let me know. I do have dreamweaver but don't really like it. thanks, dave
  11. yes, it's all the same.....sorry for the delay getting back. rough weekend! oh forgot....change it to 18 years now
  12. thomas, can you change my name in the family listings......i am not going to use the D.R.'s sports name and am just using "Signatures.com" as the name. i know it puts me lower alphabetically, but no big deal. thanks, dave
  13. thanks, maybe i will uninstall and then reinstall to see if it changes. i'm not using any folder permissions that i know of at least i can access through cpanel.... so i'll try to use that for now and maybe it's time to rebuild a new site maybe using dreamweaver or similiar. thanks
  14. well i checked that and they are installed and TCH even reinstalled them the other day. guess i'll recheck it
  15. i'm getting the usual stuff there....didn't know what to use.......here's another shot
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