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  1. I am reading my Dreamweaver book and trying to design a form. Just need a simple name and address form. The book is suggesting I contact my web server hosting to find a form processing script. I want the info to be sent to an e-mail address. Hope someone here can help. Thanks Linda
  2. Nope, I didn't even post it on my site......
  3. Several months ago I signed up for e-mail accounts on 2 of my websites. One of the e-mail accounts is getting spam all the time and I have given the address to no one. The other one I am using for several things and I have never gotten spam sent to it. Any help as to why I get spam when I haven't given out the address? Thanks Linda
  4. OK, I emailed the company that was has the domain name, waited the 48 hrs in which they said they would reply and nothing....... Any other suggestions before I give up and just get a new domain name? Thanks Linda
  5. Well kw, we are practically neighbors! I took your suggestion and e-mailed the company, will see what happens. Thanks Linda
  6. It is www.stargaitshetlands.com. I went to WhoIs and found an e-mail to which I sent a request for information and have had no response, domain.tech@YAHOO-INC.COM. The main problem is no one from Geocities will answer my e-mails. Makes me REALLY appreciate the quick response I get from the TCH team. Thanks Linda
  7. Thanks for everyone's replies. I have looked through all their garbage and can find nothing useful. Also have sent several e-mails to which they have not replied. I guess I will just get a new domain name and try to get that one back when it expires. Thanks again Linda
  8. I can't find a control panel access on Geocities. that's why I was hoping someone here has experience in transferring from them. Thanks Linda
  9. Not sure, I have the Geocities Pro which says it has free registration of domain name in the $8.95/month acct.
  10. Guess I didn't ask my question clear enough. Wanted to know if anyone had experience in getting Geocities to redirect my domain name. I paid for a domain name transfer and want to get it in process and needed the basic steps for that. I have already redone all my website in FrontPage and will just delete what is in Geocites when I my domain name set up with TCH.
  11. Has anyone transferred a domain name from Geocities. I have a website there and would like to transfer it to my reseller acct? Steps in doing that would be appreciated. Linda
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