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  1. Also, is there any discount if I purchase a year upfront?
  2. Thank you for your replies. What OS are your dedicated servers? Can I choose? And if I Windows is an option, would it be possible to have desktop access (via Remote Desktop, VNC, or something else)?
  3. Hello, I was wondering if you have any hosting plans that include root access to the server? I am developer by profession and in my spare time I have several projects. Often these projects are client-server projects and I would like to have a machine where I can install/uninstall and run/shutdown server apps at will (third party and self-written apps). Does TCH have a hosting plan that would work for this? Thank you!
  4. Out of curiosity, what city and state is the NOC located?
  5. First I will say that I have been a customer of TCH for a numbers of years and overall have been very satisfied with the service. I hope to remain a customer for some time come. This morning I woke up to find that my forum hosted by TCH had been suspended. When I looked at the ticket it turns out that my site was reported for phishing. What happened was that I posted this link: https://docs.google....sTXpIN3c&gid=10 (Edit: it is interesting to note that your forum software also shortened the link almost identically.) Which the forum software I use then truncated to this: https://docs.google.....TXpIN3c&gid=10 Basically, the software renders this as <a href="[original link'">[shortened link]</a> If you copy/paste the shortened link into a browser you simply get Google Doc's "Page not found" page. However, someone who has an ax to grind with me reported this link as a phishing site and my account was suspended. I am just wondering what the procedure normally is...? It is a little worrisome that my site could be brought down from a simple claim of linking to a phishing site and without any research to determine the validity of the claim. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I have a database that I would like to create a copy of on the same domain. I have a database named "forum1" that I would just like a copy of created with the name of "test". I've tried backing up of "forum1" and restoring it to "test" but this doesn't seem to work. I download the backup and then upload the very same .gz file and it seems to lock up. The backup screen has been "Waiting for [domain name]" for a long time now. Is there another/faster way to do this? Thank you.
  7. Ok, I will do that. It did seem to run at noon.
  8. Also, I do not see any errors in my logs when it doesn't run, nor do I get an email. Another question I have is -- how can I "fake" an error upon the exitting of my script to force the cron job to send me an email? Will a "return 1" suffice? Thanks!
  9. I've set up a cron job in my CP that is set to run every other hour on the hour. However, some times it doesn't seem to run at all. It logs data into a database so I know when it runs. For examples, overnight last night I see that it ran at 0200, 0400 and then not again until 0800. Here it is 1030 and it didn't run at 1000 as expected. Can someone please shed some light into why this is happening? Interesting observation: when I set it up to run once an hour, it seems to run every hour without a problem. If I set it up to run once a day, it never runs. Thanks!
  10. Your forum seems to have everything except a place for people to post who are having server issues! Good job! My website (www.anothermessageboard.com) seems to be down. I have users in Maryland, Florida, California and Ireland all telling me it's not loading. Help?
  11. I have a script which connects to a remote server on port 8080. From what I can tell, my code and the remote server are working just fine. Is outgoing/incoming traffic being blocked on this port, perhaps?
  12. All the times look good to me, yet the page loads slowly and sometimes I even get a timeout.
  13. I have users in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and California who are all saying it loads slowly. And tracing the route shows no suspect issues. Every now and then I'll get a quick load, but most times it takes much longer than I'm accustom to.
  14. My website (www.anothermessageboard.com) has been running terribly slow for the past few days. Could someone please kick the server or feed the hamster?
  15. Some sites create dynamic urls, like perhaps http://www.foo.com/cow'>http://www.foo.com/cow Where "cow" is not a file or a directory, but is redirected and the page is dynamically generated. I've looked in the usual places, but I can't figure out how this is done. If someone type's http://www.foo.com/cow , and I'm foo.com, how would I get that redirected to, say, http://www.foo.com/script.php?id=cow ? I think the answer lies in the .htaccess file, but I'm not sure. help?
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