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  1. today another traffic jump from an average of 200k to over 2 mbit and still raising...i upgraded to deluxe plan but if this continue i have to shut down my web page. My 1.5 GP photo mosaic http://andreaplanet.com/mosaic/starrynight
  2. Do you mean my web site? The high bandwidth is required only for the image download. This here is just test image, I am going to publish a much bigger one. . http://www.andreaplanet.com/mosaic/starrynight Zooming through the image can take between 1 MByte and 10 MByte of download x visitor. The 5 KByte for Logo & Html is really minimal. But yes, I have to find a way to reduce bandwidth for the image.
  3. That's why I am here. My main domain will remain on TCH. I just was searching for a cheaper solution for the file server. thank you
  4. Honestly I like the prices of TCH, a virtual hosting that offer 20GB, cPanel, support, 750 MB/space, good network at only $5 is nearly a steal. I would never seek for something cheaper. And if it's going for business, then spending for example $200 x month would not be a problem, because in that case you need quality, support, good network, etc. But for a free server that offer just a file download, I can accept some little compromise on the quality (no fast network, no extra services, little support). I'm not looking for 300 GB bandwidth/month at $10 but at a hosting solution (for example) at around $60/month. I will try to get some income through advertising and selling products associated with the project. If after one year the income will cover a high percent of the server expenses GOOD! else probably I have to shut it down (the teramosaic project). This is the reason for a cheap solution, just for let survive a free personal site. Please understand my situation.
  5. I also like TCH really much and I also have the same bandwidth problem, it's because my very new site www.teramosaic.com (and also my freeware program andreamosaic) is becoming more popular. I temporarly solved the problem but soon or later I need a solution that offer much bandwidth at a cheap price. I found the only solution is a dedicated server, even if I don't need all the features of it (just simple http, no cpanel, no php, no mysql is required). Too bad that TCH's servers cost $150 x month. Of course I will continue with TCH for my basic domain that I dropped to about 10 GB/month of usage. just my 2 cents.... (Note: actually I need about 10 GB/day)
  6. I suggested TCH to a friend, so now the TCH Family have a new member (customer)
  7. Thank You I just updated my freeware program that create the photomosaics for very big images
  8. Thank you very much, fortunately I was able to handle it with three chunks of 120 MByte each. The result is ready, it is a 1.5 Gigapixel photomosaic visible here: http://www.andreaplanet.com/mosaic/starrynight/ Do you like it?
  9. Even if only for 20 minutes? What happen the server will refuse to write more files?
  10. Hello, I have to uploaded many files to my web server, so I want to use a ZIP file. But to do this I will double the size used on the web server. Can I do this? Actually I have 620 MByte free on the domain. My ZIP file have a size of 350 MByte, uncompressed its 370 MByte, so after uploading and uncompressing I will use 720 MByte, just for the time to cancel then the ZIP file. Can I do this or do I have to upload my files in little blocks? Thank You Andrea
  11. Thank You. Since I did not found a ZIP option when clicking on a directory in the File Manager I supposed there was also no UNZIP option... Is there a way to ZIP a folder?
  12. Hi to all! Yesterday night I wanted to upload "some" files (13.000 files, total 250 MByte) to my webserver. But this morning my FTP client still did not finished his job. Soon I need to upload many more files (about 30.000) so I need an alternate solution. Is there a way to unzip or untar files (also zip/tar) directly on the web server? I gave a look at the file manager/backup manager but the file manager doesnt seem to have this functionality and the backup manager work only on the main directory. With ssh it would be easy... Can anyone help me?
  13. If I find new elements about this problem I will post them
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