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  1. Here is a quote from another thread: You can read through another thread HERE.
  2. I think I misunderstood when I posted these two comments. Do you have three completely seperate accounts with TCH...one for each of the sites you listed? If you do, the nevermind the rest of this post and the next one! Sorry if I misunderstood!! I'm not sure what you are doing wrong...and I am definately not an authority around here. But, it does sound like what you are doing is against the TCH user policy. If you are using one hosting plan (not a reseller plan) to host all three of those sites you listed, that is against policy. I just read a bunch of stuff yesterday...I'll see if I can find the threads and post them for you.
  3. Hi, I don't know a whole lot about such things...and you've probably done this, but the first thing I would wonder is whether or not you're tying up too much RAM. Do you have a lot of programs running in the background of your computer? Do you have a lot of RAM or a little RAM? And it may not be that at all. I believe I had a similar problem using Netscape. I never looked into it though...I just started using either Mozilla or IE. Good luck, Tracy
  4. Thank you Scott...it's been a long time since I've gotten an A!! woooot
  5. OK...Jim knows a LOT more than I do, but I'm going to take a poke at answering your question. That way when they tell me I'm wrong...I will learn!! With indexing on or off, you can access any of your files if you type in the exact url. Thus, with indexing on or off, if you type in http://redo.net/test.htm'>http://redo.net/test.htm , you should be able to view your page. With "no indexing" off, if you type in http://redo.net, since there is no index.htm file in the directory, a page will open that will list all the files in the directory. With "no indexing" on, you will get a page cannot be found error. I would say yes, this is correct. Now...I hope I didn't confuse the issue more...and I hope I'm not way off base!!
  6. ...fixed!! Thank you! Kick Me
  7. I just loaded my robots.txt file. The code is below, but I wanted to ask if this is the correct way to disallow the robots from multiple directories??? >User-agent: * Disallow: /cg-bin/ Disallow: /Images/ Disallow: /Misc/ Disallow: /MyJunk/ And I also just put the robots meta tag in place. I noticed in my raw files that googlebot had somehow looked for that on my site. Does it always look for that file? Thanks, Tracy
  8. ...got it. I found that section for attachments, but there was no browse button that showed up. Something in my settings maybe? Thanks for the help, though.
  9. I'm thinking my Hotlink Protection is keeping that method from working??? I'll post it in the morning. I'm too tired to think. I did what you said and typed in the url to where the image is in my remote directory, but all I got was a box with an X in it.
  10. well...I did that and it wanted an url. Do I need to...nevermind...it's been a long couple of weeks. I think I understand. Will edit above post with image.
  11. I definately learned a lot in the process of making this. Everything was done by hand either in Freehand, Fireworks or Adobe...except the TCH blue background. Couldn't figure out how to re-create that by hand. The file here is 800x600. It was designed for 1024x768. So, it is available in those dimensions also. This version is also saved as "high" quality instead of "maximum" quality for the purposes of download time for viewing. Now it's time to get back to some "real" work I suppose...with that PHP Bible that finally arrived... Whip My website is here and the link to TCH is on my links page.
  12. Just wanted to say that I definately did not mean to suggest anything that would give you problems. I was just recalling some problems I had encountered. I got used to using a simple FTP program and liked the control it offered in some situations. Anyway...I definately did not mean to lead you astray... Tracy
  13. Yes, welcome...and one thing to keep in the back of your mind, just in case: If you have trouble posting your site using Frontpage...consider using a separate FTP program for loading your site. There are quite a few free programs out there that are pretty simple to figure out with a little help. Good Luck! Tracy
  14. Hi, I believe I recently asked the same sort of question and was given an answer of Yes. Tracy Rock Sign
  15. Thanks Jack...got it open. Sorry Scott...about the verbage. Such a newbie... NOW...another question regarding this quote: The log I opened only included the 5th and 6th of June. What am I missing on this one??? "The Big Bot" visited me on the fourth...of course!
  16. Thanks...just been curious about that for a while.
  17. What does it mean when someone's name is posted in red down in the board statistics? Thanks.
  18. Morning...I tried to get the error logs from Cpanel with no success. When I clicked either the bottom or top link, I get a box asking to either open from current location or save to disk. I did both. When I opened from current location, a DOS window popped up and then a "illegal operation" error immediately popped up. The same thing happened when I saved and then double clicked it. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid just because I don't know anything about doing this sort of stuff!!! So, feel free to enlighten me... Tracy
  19. Hi, Just curious about a couple of things. I'm a beginner at server-side stuff! What does "kill your database" mean?? And how big is big for what you are talking about here...Many megabytes worth or just several KBs worth? Tracy
  20. ...mainly because it hurts so @#!$ bad from sitting in front of a computer ALL THE TIME. No...really...some of you will remember that I recently had a little problem with a php page loading with errors. Well...thanks to a little better understanding of my error log...I fixed it!!!!!!! All by my little self!! The preload is still not working properly...but at least there are no errors in IE. One question that popped up in my quest to fix this... In my stats, there is always an url "www.hostitcheap.com" listed as a site someone has linked from. I have never heard of the site outside my stats and it has been there every month!!! Any ideas on why that would be?? Thanks for letting me pat myself on the back publicly!! Tracy...takin' my aching back to bed.
  21. Here are a couple of tools I have bookmarked for the day that I finally understand all this stuff!! Got 'em from Sitepoint. Mark Horrell - Google Dance Viewer Mark Horrell - Pagerank Calculator I hope I'm not stepping on any SEO TOES!! I just thought they were interesting...even if some of it was approximately 32,321 feet above my head!
  22. Thanks for the clarification. I definately don't have and won't have any aspirations to "fool" the search engines. That's why I was asking in the first place...and just because I didn't understand the difference. Just a little uneducated newbie here trying to learn her way! Thanks again for the clarification.
  23. If you disallow a robot to visit a certain directory, how is that different from cloaking a folder? And if it's not different, I thought cloaking was frowned at by the spiders? Thanks!
  24. Thanks to you both!!! Tracy
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