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  1. thank you...thank you...thank you!! If I wasn't so bogged down beneath learning "php" right now, I might actually feel kind of smart!! But it just keeps makin' me feel just plain dumb!! Thanks to Andy for all the thought and effort and to everyone else also! I'm going to print all the useful stuff from this thread and then when I get ready to use it...well...I'll probably have to ask for help understanding everything you guys did! Everyone have a good day, or evening or whatever it may be wherever you are! Tracy
  2. ok...I was able to capture the image in Netscape 7.0 (I know it is very much like Mozilla). Unfortunately, I am not a home with my imaging programs of preference, so the only way I could save it from the clipboard was as a .bmp. So, I apologize if it doesn't post very well. One thing...when I opened from the thumbnail, the image was not "put together" correctly. Alignment was something I had a bit of trouble with in the beginning. My table cell, background image and inserted image were all the same dimensions, but they didn't line up properly! Anyway...you're making great strides! I wish I was as smart as you are Andy! I CAN'T GET THE IMAGE TO POST!!! ...if you are willing to wait for the excruciating download time, you can view it HERE! SORRY!
  3. Hi, Andy! Using IE 6.0, print screen did not work. The image toolbar did come up, but when I attempted to print or save it, only the one image was saved!! If I was at home on my computer, I would have gotten the two individual pics from the temp folder and attempted to put them back together...which is what I was after in the first place...someone to have to put some effort into it! GOOD JOB!! I'm going to test it in Netscape 7.0 and will post if outcome is any different! Tracy
  4. Makes perfect sense!! Thank you very much!! Tracy
  5. Ok...that all makes sense. Now, I'm led back to the question that made me ask the last question...what difference does it make what size the redirect image is? If you don't even really have to have one at all...and they are not gaining access to the original image at all...couldn't the "forbidden" image be any size? Sorry to be so demanding...
  6. Hi, Scott. I guess I don't understand enough about how the "redirect to url" works for the Hotlink Protection. I didn't consider the size of the "forbidden" image. I understand not wanting the image to be distorted...I just don't understand how it will get distorted. Does that make sense???? If you can tell me a little more about exactly what happens when someone tries to link to a "hotlink protected" image, that would be great!! Thanks bunches, Tracy
  7. Good Morning! Jim...I haven't completely tossed away the idea of the watermark. I am planning to at least mark them with a copyright notice! I know I can't get around the risk...but hopefully I can irritate someone who doesn't want to put any effort into their theivery (...is that a word?). Andy...thanks for all your input! I'm going to look into all the things you've mentioned...and I'll look forward to any more tricks you may have up your sleeve! Good day, Tracy
  8. I tried to right click and the window closed. Dogbert...what browser are you using? Andy...I like it (even if it may not be 100% full-proof)! Will you tell me how, huh, huh, please? really, I'm not begging... Tracy
  9. Geez...it could have taken you a little bit longer, you know!!! No, I'm sure plenty of people could get it (although I wouldn't mind knowing the route you took...did you just do a screen capture and put the two together?) Anyway...thanks for looking and tackling my challenge. I thought it might be similar to the slicing theory without creating zillions of little files. Tracy
  10. I created a "Remote Linking Forbidden" graphic today. If someone out there doesn't want to make their own...I'd be glad to email it to you in either .png or .gif format. It's orange and blue with a little style! Tracy
  11. After reading much about image security this weekend, I've settled on the fact that if I put my images on the web, I am taking a risk that someone could steal them. But, I'd like to make it require a little more effort. So, I started working with a file I didn't care about and came up with an idea. There is one problem I don't know how to fix, though. Is there a way to make a table load completely before any of it is viewed? Meanwhile...links and a little "please be patient" text would load outside of the table. You can check out what I did HERE. Do me a favor and pretend you are an "image thief" (stinkin' rascals). Tell me if what I've done presents any kind of challenge at all. Like I said...I was playing. The files are way too big and I would like the table to show only after the entire table is loaded! Tracy TCH Stones
  12. I want to say I remember reading something that said direct requests would still be allowed. There is really only one thing that I know about HotLink Protection...it locks the specified extensions to your domain name. This is one of the things ArtistScope's products do. I'm going to see if I can't come up with my own method of security from tapping the brains of this forum family. I will probably re-vamp my entire site before I get it all figured out, though. Thanks for checking out my photos. I've been so caught up in the "web design" thing that I haven't had time to keep working on the site or upload any new pics! I stopped by your site as well. Very cool effects. I enjoy dabbling in the digital imaging category myself...but I don't get to do that very often at all!! Gotta get back at it!! Have a good day, Tracy
  13. Hello...I don't know if I can answer all of your questions, but I think I can answer one. I recently enabled "hotlink protection". The box that you are questioning should have the file extensions that you wish to protect!! After you activate it, you will get a confirmation screen that clarifies it. I can't explain the verbage on the first screen...I'll leave that to someone smarter than me! So, put the extensions you want protected in that box. This will disallow access! And I didn't put anything into the box for the "url to redirect to." I assume this is for a custom error page... Hope this helps, Tracy
  14. Thank you for that explanation. I did in fact pull up my images folder and it listed all of my images! Now...for the question that I forgot to ask in the initial post. Where do I find the htaccess file so that I can change it and disable access to my directories? And...once I do, will I notice any changes in my ftp access/options? Thanks so much, Tracy
  15. I've read a couple of things about editing the htaccess file so that your folders can't be browsed. Can someone expand a little more on this? For instance... ...how does someone access my folders (I'm not too bright at these things)? ...will I still be able to view my files and folders via FTP? Sorry about the silly questions. Gotta learn sometime! Thanks, Tracy
  16. Without devulging your passwords, can you provide the information that you are entering into these form fields? Tracy
  17. I use a different program than what you are trying to use, but I got a similar error code at one point. I had one of my passwords wrong. Briefly... I have a dialog box that takes care of the initial connection to the remote host...in this dialog box, my password and username had to be the same as I had been using for my regular ftp connection. In other words, if my username was "Tracy" and my password was "blue"...that is what went into this area. Then I had a "connections" dialog box that dealt specifically with MySQL. In this dialog was where I had to put the username and password in like the Head Guru told you. So, if you have more than one area where your connection settings are defined, you may have one of them set wrong. Good luck... Tracy
  18. I didn't know I could have done it myself to begin with (setup the server). The online help operator said I had to submit a help ticket!!! And I also was not sure that what I was supposed to put in "host access" was the IP of the computer I'd be connecting from!! Thanks for the tidbits!
  19. Hi, It is no problem at all if you'd like to post it to the help site. Hopefully it will help another TCH customer somewhere down the road!! Thanks and have a great day! Tracy
  20. I have been fighting with my Dreamweaver MX connection to remote MySQL host for a couple of weeks now, and finally got it to work last night. Thought I would post a couple of the things I learned through the process. Hope this helps someone out there... 1) MAKE SURE...BY CONTACTING YOUR HOST (several times if necessary)...that your site account is set to receive remote connections. I could access MySQL through my host (TCH)...I could set priveleges, users and create databases...however, the account was not set to receive remote connections. They set this up for me within a day of requesting it through a help desk ticket!! (See below post by matman for instructions on how to do this yourself.) 2) After your account is set, there may be some settings that you have to put in place such as, "host access". Putting "%" allows access from anywhere. 3) Getting the settings correct!! I read SOOO many things while trying to fix this. Different things. So, I can't guarantee these settings will work for you either. But, I will list my site settings below: Remote Info: Access: FTP FTP Host: ftp.naturalimagesweb.com Host Directory: public_html (this is the folder that your site loads to) Login: ********* Password: ********* Passive FTP Box is checked! Testing Server: Server Model: PHP/MySQL Access: FTP FTP Host: ftp.naturalimagesweb.com Host Directory: public_html Login: ********* Password: ********* Passive FTP box is checked! Url Prefix: http://www.naturalimagesweb.com MySQL Connections Dialog Box: Connection Name: (whatever you name your connection) MySQL Server: IP address (see notes below) User Name: (a user that has access to MySQL) Password: ******* Database: (you have to specify one of your DBs) **note on the MySQL server: some hosts have the MySQL server on the same server as your site. Some hosts have it on a separate server. Some hosts use the same username and password to access MySQL, and some hosts use different usernames and passwords. These are very important things to find out from your host. If they don't want to give you the answers, I would write to them everyday until they get tired of it and answer!! Most importantly, "localhost" DID NOT work for me with this remote connection when I put it in for the MySQL Server. Putting the IP address in was the last change I made that got me the connection! 4) If you haven't made a connection through any other program, try downloading MySQL Front and make a connection through that program. It's not a big program and is fairly easy to figure out. One hint...leave the port number at the default unless your host tells you that you will have to change it! I am CERTAINLY not an expert on the topic of PHP/MySQL or on the topic of Dreamweaver. However, if anyone reads this and has any specific questions...feel free to contact me!! I couldn't have done it without the help of others, so I will gladly give back!! Good day... Tracy
  21. Yes...I posted here and re-opened my ticket. I was hoping to get a quick answer here. I have tried entering several things into the access host and none seem to work. The error I'm getting is http error code 404. This suggests my Url prefix is wrong in Dreamweaver, but I've tried several things for that, also. Also...when I try using php script to test the server, I got a Forbidden - you do not have access error. Any thoughts? Tracy
  22. Local host was already entered along with the % to give me access from anywhere. Do I still need to enter "localhost?" Tracy
  23. Hi, My MySQL account has been set up and I was told that all I have to do is enter my host address in MySQLs "host access." Unfortunately, I do not know what this is. Can anyone give me an example or a little more info.? Thanks, Tracy
  24. When I use that number, here is the error I get: HTTP Error Code 404 File not Found. Here are some possible reasons for the problem: 1)There is no testing server running on the server machine. 2)The testing server specified for this site does not map to the http://ftp.naturalimagesweb.com/public_htm...ts/MMHTTPDB.php url. Verify that the url prefix maps to the root of the site. I'll keep working at it... Thanks, Tracy
  25. Hi...I have what's probably a very simple question... How do I get the IP of my MySQL server? Thanks, Tracy
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