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  1. In trying to learn this stuff, I thought I would try to implement this basic script that I copied from zend.com. I got past some of the errors I was getting, but can't get past this area. It is connecting to the database, but then won't get info from the table. Any help???? >$dbh=mysql_connect ($hs, $us, $ps)or die ('I cannot connect to the database because: ' . mysql_error()); mysql_select_db ($db); $query= "SELECT * FROM $tb"; $query_result_handle = mysql_query ($query) or die ('<h1><center>I cannot connect to the table because:</center></h1>'. mysql_error()); The error I get with the above code is MySQL syntax error. I changed the 6th line to "$sql=..." and got a "query empty" error. Oh...by the way...in the above code, $tb is defined in an included file. I tried putting the table name, but that didn't work either. Thanks, Tracy
  2. By the way...all points taken and understood concerning DWMX templates versus php include headers/footers! Makes much more sense now, and I agree! Thanks a bunch! ...I think I need to return my PHP/Dreamweaver book and get a plain 'ole PHP book!!
  3. I'm still in a state of shock, but I got the include function to work!!! I could not get it to work with this quoted line of code: ...maybe in the connection string, where you have $db was a typo that should have said $us...??? Please tell me if I'm wrong. I added the hostname to my "keys" file and edited the above code to look like this in order to work: >$dbh=mysql_connect ($hs, $us, $ps)or die ('I cannot connect to the database because: ' . mysql_error()); Feels good to get something to work. Now I just have to figure out how to use the info in the database!!! Tracy
  4. Yes, that does help. Also, I may have asked this before, but I missed out on the answer somehow...I'm using Dreamweaver to create templates for my sites. Would using includes for headers/footers as you've both explained in other threads still be useful? I can definately see how the "keys" include will be helpful, but still a little confused about using the header/footer includes versus building an html/php template using the editor. Thanks to you both for all the help on the php stuff. I'm sure once I understand it all, it will seem simple. Right now, though, it's creeping into my normally peaceful dreams and creating havoc!!! Tracy
  5. Actually, it does make a little bit of sense, but you did lose me once or twice. I do have a MySQL database, although it is only in the beginning stages right now. I work in Dreamweaver and I do have a file called connDBA.php (or something to that effect). I did not remember this file this morning. That file does have my connect info in it. So, I assume this is the type of file you are talking about. The above quote is where I get lost. I'm sure it's very simple, but can you tell me more about how this would work? Tracy
  6. Yes...I think I say that too. I don't want visitors to have to download anything, though. I just want to slow down the would-be thieves! Rest assured, I finally understand the risks and that there is always a way around everything. A couple of weeks ago, I did not understand this!! But it's worth it to me to see what I can figure out!! I'll be redesigning my site before long, and I want to implement whatever I decide on before I even start re-designing!! Thank you, though, for your thoughts! All are appreciated! Tracy
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    Great stuff...but why in the world does Google care what size fonts are on a page??? I am CERTAINLY not doubting you...but I did not know this and, without a deeper understanding, I guess it seems kind of silly to me. I will definately keep it in mind though!! I understand most of the things mentioned about CSS. I am curious about how you define how the text should be written in a table cell. Do you just apply a font definition to the "td" tag using CSS? I think we need a "Brain Overload" smilie!!!! Tracy
  8. Thank you. That will be on my list of "Many Things To Do"! You guys are SOOOO much help to a beginner like myself!! I don't know what I'd do without ya'...shedding a tear... Tracy
  9. I need a little more help with breaking down this line. I know that it is saying "SAY THIS". I know that the \ escapes the quotation marks! My questions are: 1. If the quotation mark is escaped, why doesn't the year print with quotation marks around it? 2. I'm not familiar with the "print" function, although I see what it does. Is it an html tag, a form tag, or a php command? That's all I have for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more later!!! Thanks for all the time and effort, Surefire! I'm at least feeling a little more hopeful that I may learn this! Tracy ...feeling only a little less bewildered!!
  10. Thanks for all the help... I did in fact find my existing .htaccess file in the public_html folder and I did alter it. I added the "options -indexes" line at the top and that kept my pages from listing as a directory. I will add an index.htm to each folder and I would like to password protect one folder. I'm going to need more help on this one, though. Could my login info be in a file and me not know about it? I know that I did not create a file for this, but don't know if one could have been created automatically by any program I've used. And if I put such a file outside the public root, does that mean I would put it one directory up from the public_html directory? Last question...I have no idea how to password protect a folder, but if I figure that out and do it, will I have to provide a seperate password when I ftp to the respective folder? Sorry for such basic, silly questions. Gotta learn sometime, though! Thanks again for all the help! Tracy
  11. A few questions: 1. Are you talking about borders for a table? 2. What kind of program do you use for designing? 3. Do you get the same behaviors among different browsers? 4. How are your navigation buttons placed...absolute, relative, in a layer, in a table row, etc.? Don't know if I can help, but if you answer the above, I'll try... Tracy
  12. Hi Jack...thanks for the extra info. I have a question, though. I may just be showing my lack of understanding for all the php benefits, but here goes... The previous post shows how to build a template using php. What are the benefits to this over building a one file template using Dreamweaver (with or without embedded php)? Here's one of my more specific questions for ya! I want to use drop down menus that list choices for the user and when these choices are submitted, I want certain information pulled from the database into a new form. I know this is really basic...but I just can't get the steps clear in my head. Can you maybe guide me in the right direction to at least get the page started? I usually catch on to things pretty quickly, but applying this php has really evaded me. Thanks for the time, Tracy
  13. Hello...it's great to see others putting time and effort into adding posts such as this one. I am just starting to learn php, but for some reason I am just not grasping it. I've made it past understanding the tasks you've tackled in the previous posts...however, when it comes to sitting down and planning how I'm going to set up the site...the buttons...the tables and whatever else...I realize that I may understand the concept, but have no idea of the steps I need to follow to actually apply it to a site. In short...why do people always say that after they've been really long-winded???... anyway...in short...I'd love to see more posts. Especially any that revolve around the "process" you have to take to make a site work. Have a good day, Tracy
  14. Well...let's keep it going. Still thinking on this image security thing, I visited the site of the well-known Colorado photographer, John Fielder. His is the site where I got the "no right click" protection (which I will be removing when I re-design my site in the near future). I wanted to see if he had any other kind of protection going on. From my temporary internet folder, I tried to open some of his images (most were fireworks images). As long as I was connected to the internet, the images would not open. Simply disconnecting broke the protection, but I'm curious as to what kind of settings caused the images not to open as long as the connection was in place. Tracy
  15. beans about java...that's good...
  16. Hi, I do a lot of work in Photoshop, any you can do what you are talking about pretty easily in a program like that, provided you start with an image that is not too terribly large. I can resize down from a 750 pixel (width) image to 245 and still have decent presentation. All the images in my gallery on my site were reduced exactly like that! I also do not use the sharpen tool very often. Oddly enough, the unsharp tool works wonderful at giving you a nice pic for the web...especially when you are reducing the image size. If you don't have access to photoshop (or the arm and a leg that it takes to buy it...), there are some less feature packed imaging programs out there that should afford enough features for what you want. Tracy
  17. natimage


    Thanks, Jim. This actually explains a feature of CSS that I didn't understand. Never made sense to me that I could list all these fonts and only ever see one of them working!! This sounds like a good enough solution for me. At least I can hopefully keep the text to a particular size so that it doesn't explode my whole table out of proportion! On a side note...I got a new avatar! I think he's kind of cute. Looks kind of frustrated which is how I feel most of the time these days!!! Have a good one! Tracy
  18. natimage


    ok...this is probably very simple...but here goes! I think this is a very old design issue, but I'm a new designer and just don't know the answers! Is there a way to make sure that every user views my page with the fonts that I intend for them to be viewed with? Without putting all the text in graphic format? Tracy
  19. Maybe...I guess it just depends on the level of experience before you come to TCH. I am a newbie on most all levels and I'm completely self-taught, so I definately don't feel advanced yet. Maybe the number of postings for an advanced member ranking could be raised. Then have a committee of you Guru/support guys that can award a newer member "advanced" status before they necessarily reach the number of postings...if they trully are advanced in their knowledge. Have a good day, Tracy
  20. How in the world did I get an "Advanced Member" ranking? I mean...I'm flattered...but I'm hardly feeling advanced these days. Is the ranking determined by the number of posts? Tracy
  21. another small note Todd... you can also use meta tags for keywords and description that helps the search engine place your page. I think Google looks at the content more, though!
  22. Hi, Todd. A couple of other things you should know: --it can take QUITE some time to get indexed by the search engines like Google. It took me a couple, three months to get indexed. --if you haven't submitted your url to all the search engines, you should do that. --if no one else is linked to your site, you're going to have a hard time getting indexed. These are just some of the base things to know...definately look up Scott's (dsdemmin) posts related to this topic to learn lots more! Also, you should list your website in here so people can check it out and offer pointers to help get listed. Tracy
  23. Perfect...thank you so much!! Tracy
  24. I put this code in my .htaccess, right beneath my options -indexes command. Is that where it should go? Thanks, Tracy
  25. Is it possible to insert an url in the body of an email message using Horde? Maybe I'm just missing a simple setting... Thanks, Tracy
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