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  1. Happy Holiday to all my swede buddies!
  2. Welcome to TCH and the forums... We are glad to have you part of the family!
  3. Got me... Welcome to the TCH Family forums... We are glad to have you!
  4. Thanks for the update, TCH-Thomas. I will have to work on it this weekend.
  5. Welcome to the forums and the TCH family! Awesome review... Thanks for shaing!
  6. I have been using it (Gmail Hosted) for over three months and I am loving it.
  7. Pick TCH! They rule over there. Plus they have the best customer service of any company I know.
  8. Somedays it's Coke and somday's it's Pepsi. I like both about the same. It is whatever I am in the mood for.
  9. j2k4b

    Web Crawler

    PHPlinks is not in TCH's cpanel. It comes with Fantastico but I guess TCH found it as a treat and removed it. I could be wrong! I was the first time.
  10. Welcome to the TCH Forum Family, digital! We are glad to have you.
  11. In all the 15 years I have been online I have never heard someone wanting to recover their internet history. That is a new one on me. System Restore Point... is all I can think of.
  12. j2k4b

    Web Crawler

    The only thing I can think of at the moment is the PHPLinks that is located in your cPanel.
  13. Sound like you are getting ready to get scammed. Try TCH! They RULE!
  14. <-OFF TOPIC-> Nice website MrsMuddled! <-END OFF TOPIC->
  15. Welcome to TCH forums... We are glad to have you. I will tell you one thing that would make your transfer easier. That is being assured you will get 200% worth of customer service. The TCH Staff RULES!
  16. Works fine in Tennessee, USA!
  17. Welcome to TCH forums... We are glad to have you!
  18. Awesome! Another happy TCH family member...
  19. Welcome to the forums... We are glad to have you!
  20. j2k4b

    Smf 1.07

    Currently I don't use any forum software but welcome to the forums. We are glad to have you.
  21. I was wondering if someone can install RoundCube on my website server. I am on dialup and it times out during the upload process. Plus I don't think I can even get it to work once I get it there. Thanks in advance for any help...
  22. Sami, I couldn't agree more. When I started almost four years ago with my first account I thought that I was getting a rotten deal. Then I canceled my account and went with other hosting companies. I did this twice. All but two of the companies I have hosted with still exist. TCH is one of them. This is my third time hosting with TCH and I can say that it is the best. I know I tried alot of hosts.
  23. Happy Mother's day to all the mom's on the boards and TCH families. Thanks for putting up with us.
  24. Welcome to the forums, Darcy and coming from someone that has come and gone three times. TCH has the best support in the industry. I am here to stay!
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