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  1. I have a small app that I can run from my desktop that will upload/download info from my online store into/from the Mysql database. For it to work it needs the Mysql server address and port number. I have the other info such as the username/Pw/db name. I know localhost will not work. Is this possible since it's shared or do I need to keep it local. Thanks. PS Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
  2. Thanks a bunch carl. Works fine now.
  3. I just opened another account with TCH and I wanted to do some testing with a new script on that account. I was wanting to use the shared SSL before I purchase my own cert. I know what the path should be using a server number, however, I don't know my server number and a server name shows in the cpanel. Not sure of the correct format using a server name instead of a number. My other account has "Welcome to server 114". This account has "kamino.tchmachines.com" Originally the Cpanel didn't show the server number/name and I asked support if they could place that info in my cpanel and the "kamino.tchmachines.com" is what they put so now I'm lost. I tried https://kamino.tchmachines.com/~username/ and that didn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks! JP
  4. It works on some, but many ways around it. I thought about doing that, but changed my mind. I have the photo names encrypted and all them watermarked. Watermarking them usually stops people from taking them, but can also distract from the picture. I guess it depends on what the pictures are for. As far as making them mad, the only ones I it would probably make mad are the ones who want to take them and don't know how to get around the "No Right Click".
  5. I feel your pain. I just finished my store and have been working on it since March of this year! I know next to nothing about PHP or Mysql, but after successfully installing 40 contributions and getting everything to work, I'm learning You have to remember that it's free and like many free things you get what you pay for. I have tried Zen Cart, Cube Cart and another one, but went back to Osc. The others were harder for me to work with and don't have half the contributions that Osc has. The support community is pretty good too. Good luck with whatever you try. If you need anymore help, just shout. I will do what I can (which probably isn't much)
  6. Until I get my own cert I would like to use the shared cert with my OSC install. Is anyone using the shared SSL with an OSC install? I'm having an issue with the cookies not working under SSL. I can get into the SSL mode fine, but the cookie warning message comes up and it wont let anyone log in. Below are the setting I need. I know the first two settings are correct and I think the last one is, but the settings for cookie are throwing me off. Anyone have any suggestions? HTTP_SERVER=http://pinetreecandles.com HTTPS_SERVER=https://myserver.tchmachines.com/~username HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN= HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH= DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG=/wholesale/ Thanks in advance JP
  7. I have been testing shopping carts locally and I have narrowed it down to either Cubecart or ViArt. I know Cubecart works on here, however I'm not sure about ViArt. It requiers Zend Optimizer which I know is installed on here. It seems to be picky though as to how it's installed. I use XAMPP at home to test things and Zend comes with it. Viart said after I installed it, that it couldn't find it. I ended up relinstalling it and it worked fine. Before I spend 30+ min to upload ViArt to my account (it's a large program) I was wondering if anyone has ever installed it successfully on here and if so what they thought about it? Thanks
  8. Just wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day from my family to all the mom and soon-to-be moms and your families.
  9. Thanks for the help everyone. I found the right settings and it opens up now where I want it.
  10. Hello- I know we are supposed to place the content in our Public_html folder, however when I connect to my site via FTP it always defaults to WWW. I have found myself uploading things into that directory several times. Is there a way to get it to open outside of the www directory? Like: one /home/c-panel name/ I would much rahter it open into my c-panel name directory. I have tried setting my WS_FTP up so it will and it doesn't seem to work. Also, what it the purpose of the WWW directory? Seems to be a duplicate of the Public_html folder. Is the contents of the Public folder automatically mapped into WWW? I have had Public_html or WWW on other hosts, but never both so just wondering. Thanks
  11. welcome aspiringmindz I have used many CMS systems in the past. I have found that e107 is the easiest one to setup and maintain. A cms maybe overkill though for what you need. As mentioned earlier, you may want to check hotscripts.com and see if they have what your looking for. Good luck.
  12. Just a quick update. Everything seems to be working now. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  13. Must be my ISP or something along the way. I had two friends that live in the area (Same provider) and they get the blank page also that I setup on the old host and the 404 when trying to access the cpanel with the domain. I will just have to wait for everything to catch up. Thanks everyone for all your assistance Update: I just did a trace route from my IP to Visual Routes server and this is the result Could the packets being lost right here have anything to do with it? It looks like it's being lost right at the provider.
  14. yes, I'm placing everything into the public_html folder. the email works from here, the FTP works with wvcrafted.com, but the cpanel does not and www.wvcrafted.com gets you my old host. Yesterday, everything worked from here.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I know some pages can be cached at places along the way and things have to catch up. I have just not had anytning like this happen before. The domain is wvcrafted.com I just deleted everything from the old host on my account except for a blank index page. Just funny as I didn't think the email would work until it had fully propagated. I doubled checked with my domain register and it's set to the name servers here. I guess I will just sit back and wait. I'm in no hurry, just wanted to make sure I didn't screw something up along the way. I know it's not a TCH issue. Just found it strange that's all. Below is a screen shot of how I have the name pointer to here. If you see something screwed up, please let me know so I can correct it. Thanks
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