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  1. Bruce, I appreciate your response here, but i was kinda looking for something server side. I have a whole lot of sub domains of my hosted account, and was planning on make the www sub list each sub with a real time snapshot of what each sub looks like. I could always do the standard print screen, paste, resize....but really wanted something in real time. The applications you reference are all stand alone apps that i install here. and after searching google yesterday for hours, i came up with going from html to pdf, which i can now do server side thanks to some modifications of the php FPDF class. There are some perl scripts to go from PDF to JPG, but I dont have ghost script installed on the server to do that. Therein lies the problem, so im kinda running out of ideas. Anything else you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Anyone know how to convert a snapshot of a web page into an image. I can use html2pdf to convert it to pdf, but can't get ghost script installed to go from pdf to jpeg. anyone know of any other ways to do this. I guess we can use perl php cgi python or ruby on rails. Thanks.
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