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  1. So I would be downloading and setting up two programs? The Wordpress plugin and the Gallery2 software?
  2. I don't know what you mean. My Wordpress is in my public_html directory and the plugin is in wp-content/plugins/ I had to create the /gallery2/ directory in root. Thanks again for any help given.
  3. Bruce... I have taken your advice and I just don't understand what I am doing wrong. I installed it like it said on the website. I added that CODE to the header.php like it said. Set it up like it instructed. I think the directions are for if you have a wordpress directory. Here is an image... Please help!
  4. Would it be better to use a photo gallery software? What would you use and how easy is it to intergrate with Wordpress?
  5. Wow this really threw me off. I was going in the wrong direction. I was expecting a change in the hosting package. Don't get me wrong... Fantastico is a awesome product and thank you for adding it. I really wanted just one domain add-on to my account. Thanks again Bill and the TCH staff! God Bless!
  6. *drools* There is no Starbucks in my area.
  7. I am trying to find a way to convert my CD's that are in .wma format to MP3's so I can transfer them to my Flashdrive. What is the best software for this?
  8. This is one of those questions I have always wanted to know but I never did. Thanks!!!
  9. Most GOOD hosting companies charge everyone an arm and a leg. $4 isn't a bad deal for the best hosting company.
  10. Neither of those programs are what I am looking for. I don't want to delete my computer. I want to find a program instead of emptying temp files and so on. I need a proggy that deletes files and folders that are empty.
  11. There are many folders and differnet files on my computer that don't have anything in them. Is there any software to remove them? I am cleaning house...
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    Thanks... The information in this post helped!
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    Basically I just don't want it...
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    I would like to remove or uninstall Notepad from my computer. I want to get rid of all the registry and system information for this program. I have Windows XP Pro SP2.
  15. I have been using i.FTP for about a year now and it works great except it sometimes freezes my computer. I have used DeluxeFTP, SmartFTP, CoreFTP, and CoffeeCupFTP. I don't care much for them. What do you all suggest?
  16. For those that don't know... Click: Admin Panel Under: Forum Admin Click: Permissions
  17. Personally its annoying. I had to write my login down and put it in my wallet. I can't remember it to save my life.
  18. Kewl... I always wondered that! I learned something.
  19. abinidi... I wanted to tell you version 1.1.5 is out! Awesome... Awesome... Awesome!!! OpenOffice rules!!!
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