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    Welcome to TCH... We are glad have you. Just wanted to thank you for this post. I am looking for something like this.
  2. I really like your client's website. I will see about joining the forums. The website looks awesome. The color rocks.
  3. Yeah to change your skin you would need to submit a Help Desk Ticket. I would like to know what skins we do have so if someone would post them.
  4. Yeah... Don't stop asking questions. You see this way I don't have to think of anything to ask TCH! TCH ROCKS!
  5. You can do this by submitting a Support Ticket to TCH!
  6. Great review... Thanks! TCH Rocks...
  7. Sami! Welcome to the Mod team! It is always great to have some good people running things here... Congrats!
  8. Welcome Tim! We are glad to have another great mod. Congrats!
  9. They say if you eat the butt of the bunny first you will have no regrets. I can't bring myself to try it...
  10. Well mine was set on Auto Update and my wife was using the computer when it downloaded. She thought she downloaded a virus. LoL
  11. You know... It's not a bad idea. I think I might just do that.
  12. TCH-Tom and TCH-Alex... Welcome to the huge family of TCH! We are glad to have you and one thing that sets us to other companies is the staff here... Thanks TCH!!!
  13. In the cPanel it will have a save option.
  14. I just transfered all my yahoo calendars over to Google... It rocks!
  15. Thanks Steve... I will download it when I get home.
  16. Welcome to TCH Family! We are glad to have you.
  17. I love TCH... I have tried about 50 others in the past. This is my third website with TCH and I recommend them.
  18. I recommend using FileZilla... Easy to use and FREE!
  19. Get well soon Bill! We are pulling for you!
  20. Yeah... Make sure you update that. There was a security fix in this latest version.
  21. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the SpamAssasin deletes the email before it hits your inbox.
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