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  1. Hi all, I have a real quick question, I found a web design firm and they offered me a dedicated server with my package for $49.99/Month well $50.00 a month. Is that good price for dedicated server? Is it a good deal for the hosting part? Any advice would be helpful thank you.
  2. There are millions of companies on the net who advertise themselves to be the perfect web company, but only few of them are REALLY proficient web hosting companies. In the world of advertising tactics and gimmicks, few good companies get overshadowed by the rest. There is no sure shot way to determine the perfect web hosting company . is it possible to find a good company ?
  3. Hi everyone , i wonder if it is an advantage to use local server to host our website rather than outside my country. because my office has wide contact in asia and europe we rely on email communications. is it an advantage to use non-local server to host web/email hostinng . Or is it better to go for company which have local and non-local server to host ? Please advise. an early reply is really appreciated . warm regards.
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