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  1. I am thinking about switching to Linux. I was wondering what you guys would suggest as a good starting point for me. What software should I use and what brand of Liunx should I use. Free as possible.
  2. I downloaded 8.5 lastnight and all I could say is I am impressed. You all should at least try it. Ohhh Yeah... It is still free!
  3. Go in your forum admin panel and change the URL to www.whatever.com and then move all the files into the main folder. That's what I did.
  4. I was a huge fan of Firefox back in the day Firebird was it's name. I was having tons of problems with FF so I decided to try the Opera free verison. I didn't like the ads but found it was very stable, neat, and fresh. I purchased a ad-free copy earlier this year and I am still using it. I will never go back to Firefox. I am glad Opera is ad-free. Now everyone can enjoy it.
  5. Welcome to TCH We are glad you joined the forums. The cPanel is about the same from hosting company to company. Some have other skins and themes but they are the same. Versions of the cPanel may differ. If the cPanel is holding you back from getting hosting here.... Hmmm
  6. I wonder if there is a Opera one like that... I love it!
  7. Welcome to the forums... We are glad to have you!
  8. Most programs and software has easy setup instructions. Just read and setup.
  9. Awww how cute... Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Welcome to the forums... We are glad to have ya!
  11. I know this is the best place to find out the answers to ask questions about websites. You guys rock. What is the best and most affective way to submit to Search Engines. Free ways would be great but give me ideas on paid ways too. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. I was going to say, I didn't think there was any coupons.
  13. I have a image of a map for my board. I want to use it in the background but make it transparent so you can see it through the whole board. Directions on how to do this would be great. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Where are my manners... Welcome to the forums, fissionprime.
  15. IMHO I think GeoIPFree is not a good program.
  16. I learned something... I didn't know that.
  17. Fantastico is a server nightmare. It leaves old junk files (that take space) for nothing. Most of the scripts on it are out dated and unsecure. Thanks TCH for not having it.
  18. Welcome to to the TCH family!
  19. Good interview but it doesn't have anything to do with TCH as stated in your post.
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