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  1. I just got a returned mail from by spamcop. It is saying this ip is a spammer. Now What.
  2. Hi Dick, Yes, you're right. I do understand that this is imperative and the way to handle it. Unfortunately I get the feeling that support is not going to answer me for hours. I've sent in several messages to identify the offending script and can't really get that information. How is anyone supposed to know what the issue is? The developers that created the script (which I understand is used by Cisco, Hotscripts and others) is willing to fix any vulnerability. Also, I objected more to the "suspended" notice but now you've pointed out, and I understand that I had some control over that. and secondly the issue of why they couldn't just have locked the single offending script instead of the entire site. Now I'm about 4 hours down the line, deleted my entire directory by mistake, asking for a backup and no replies. During holiday time, which it is for me, I find I'm fending off this issue, and seeing the upcoming server changes that are going to take a chunk out of work time to do while we are in our busiest season. It's very frustrating since i use the website to make a living. Even the live chat hung up on me. Saw me coming and went, ooops, don't talk to that customer, it's a headache waiting to happen. I apologize for my attitude and ranting here, but it's more than a frustration, it's a loss of income at this point. How can I resolve it? If this is a money issue, I'll be glad to pay for it. I pay the $35.00 a month, maybe I need to pay more. If it's just a script then delete that one and let's move on, but I'm getting the feeling now that there is more to it. So please, what kind of begging do you guys need me to do, and how many apologies to get this site back online properly so I can do my thing.
  3. is there any way to get back files deleted in cpanel by mistake. i looked in the trash and it's not there. thanks
  4. That sounds great except that I can no longer ftp into the site to set the other page on. Also, why not give someone a few minutes notice, like even 20 minutes notice to figure out what to do, since that has been running for over 8 months on this server already without any notice. As I said, the way this was done is unprofessional and damaging to your customers.
  5. Yes and 5 minutes of this is too much. I understand that you have concerns about this exploit, but giving a customer a minute to fix something and bringing down their entire site for it is ridiculous. It's shameful. I am seriously worrying about other clients that I have on this server. I am a reseller account with no prior notice of the problem. This is not a way to customer serve anyone who has faithfully and earnestly run a business here and who has not intentionally or otherwise done anything wrong.
  6. WHEN YOU SHUT ME DOWN FOR A PHP EXPLOIT, WHY NOT JUST HAVE AN ERROR MESSAGE ON THE SITE INSTEAD OF THIS SUSPENDED BILLING NOTICE. THAT MAKES US LOOK LIKE WE ARE FLAKES. and because of some php exploit I am locked out of the domain and can not fix it and have to wait for you while all my customers see that there is some BILLING problem like we are broke.
  7. You guys are so helpful, it's midnight PST and I was wondering if anyone was still live over there. Probably. Well, here's the question. If you use godaddy's totaldns and want to point over a ns1 and ns2 record, would you point it over to your dedicated ip address, or to the totalchoice ip address? I don't mean set nameservers, I mean set the total dns record where you can chose mx goes to one host and ns1 etc goes to another. Thanks much.
  8. is there something going on today that wasn't going on a day or so ago? I have some very slow main here Thanks how would I know what server I"m on?
  9. actually they gave me that and another one, and ive tried a few they mostly come out not allowed or not there. Well, not allowed seems better, meaning it's there but not allowed.....??? I actaully think it's bin not lib. because I do know, well, i think i know that pear is located at /usr/local/bin/pear/ and maildecode as I understand it is part of the pear package. But then again, not sure it's really there are all and have no way to verify that it's there and working. So I've tried several combos of /usr/local/bin/mail/mimedecode.php (not allowed and failed to open stream) /usr/local/lib/php/mail/mimedecode.php (no such file or directory failed to open stream) /usr/local/bin/php/mail/mimedecode.php (not allowed failed to open stream) /usr/local/bin/pear/mail/mimedecorde.php (is not within the allowed paths failed to open stream) Thanks
  10. I've done this and they are giving me /usr/local/lib/php/Mail/mimeDecode.php My script is coming back File(/usr/local/lib/php/Mail/mimeDecode.php) is not within the allowed path Posts on the script board indicate that it may have to be in a conf file somewhere to use this ??? Any clues? Thanks
  11. I am looking for a path to MimeDecode.php Path to MimeDecode.php: (Examples: /usr/share/php/Mail/mimeDecode.php or c:\php\Mail_Mime\mimeDecode.php) It seems that /usr/local/bin/pear/ works for pear install but can't figure out where the mimedecode is. Can anyone help. Thanks
  12. WOW, What a disaster this is. I've had this script running without knowing that it is either not allowed or disabled, for about 6 months and the last form I got on it was on 11/12/2006. I had no idea. Is there no method that you have to contact people to let them know? I'm a web designer for geez sakes, it looks pretty bad when you are a web designer and you have stuff on your site not working. No one had the courtesy to tell me! Now I can see why my business slowed down. I thought it was just because I was hoping to take a break anyway, but this is not a good thing to find out over a month later. Please! Set up some kind of notification system to your customers.
  13. oh, okay sorry about that. I didn't know that python and python scripting were the same thing. Now I know. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the suggestions and info. Its so darned tedious these backups.
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