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  1. Thank you very much for the supporting words Dumplin, We are very glad to help
  2. I would like to welcome Mark Goodwin a warm return to the TCH-Staff Family Mark will be working on our Support desk handling many of our Level-1 Customer service , dedicated server related tickets. Mark worked with TCH a in the past and was a great support strentgh to have. We are all excited about his return to the Total Choice Family and I am sure we will all benefit with him returning. Welcome Aboard Mark
  3. Welcome to the forums harvey_s As previously stated you can have seperate index pages for subdomains. Also you do not need an index page for your main domain as you can create an .htaccess rewrite rule that would automatically forward visitors to the subdomain of your choice.
  4. Hello, As TCH-David pointed out, Our policy is to protect the entire server community. lets say you site was on a server and another user was abusing the resources to the point that your members were unable to connect to your site. What should TCH do??? I can tell you what happens in this case is we act immediatley and suspend the site , sending a notice to the user immdediatly upon suspension. This is the best policy to protect the resources for all in a shared environment.
  5. Also BBB, There is a Index Manager within Cpanel which you can turn off indexs so you cannot see the directory
  6. Hello BBB what you can do is log into cpanel and password protect the directory by clicking on Password Protect Directories
  7. Hello jasmon, send me a message with the script and I will be happy to look at it for you.
  8. Doombah ChuckleTush hmmm going to have to analyze that one some.
  9. Also Russ the Link does not work becuase the css is not found.
  10. Hello WickedlyWise I have added your link to our Commercial page it is located Here Pssst nice site
  11. Welcome to the forums Wickedlywise...... I might have to put my red shirt on and add it to your photos
  12. Hello Cajun, Actually it is reverse for most users. Many Clients do not have the background to be able to support and Manage a server on their own. ie Install additional software, Trouble shoot any issues with server software, Maintain remote backups for client, Secure server with Firewall and others so they tend to want to purchase a managed server. Those customers that do have Server Admin skills tend to not want managed servers. Hope this clears up the confusion.
  13. Hello Jawa, While you certainly fall well within the range of a semi-dedicated box as far as bandwidth and Disk space are concerned, the issue of having a 100 users on for hours would or could be excessive use for a semi-dedicated server. I would hate to tell you Yes Sure go ahead go semi-dedicated and then have to suspend you becuase the other users on that semi-dedicated box were complaining of issues. I would recommend that you look more towards our Dedicated servers for that kind of usage and you can always have room to grow then. If you have more questions please feel free to drop a question in our help desk located Here Or you can private message me anytime.
  14. Wait a second here, How many times have you had to pull that last hair out since being here ? Regrowth starts from salvaging what is left first.
  15. Please message me with some additional information if the site is not working correctly now. The .htaccess file you had in your directory was causing a problem.
  16. Hello, You might want to ask someone on the help desk, they might be able to assist you. Pop open a ticket with our help desk and we will assist you
  17. Hello Natas, Welcome to the forums, and hopefully to our TCH family AS was previously stated we have many users that use MT on our servers and assist with helping individuals with updating and installing their MT software. Please make yourself right at home and check out the forums for examples of MT posts as well as any other topics that might interest you. Again, Welcome aboard. Should you have any questions you have a few choices you can post here or Send a private message to one of the Mods ( Blue Names) or to one of the Staff members (Red Names ) We will be glad to assist. Have a look at our hosting plans located Here if you have not seen them already.
  18. Hello Cuco What you can do is log into your cpanel and click on file manager go to the dirctory where you have uploaded the tar.gz file then click on the file. Once you do on the top right you will see extract the file from there you can follow the mambo setup instructions.
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