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  1. Hi guys, my site www.empresasmilanes.com is no longer useful to me. Now I will be using www.grupogumil.com. So, how can I change empresasmilanes.com for grupogumil.com so that total choice hosting will host the lastest instead of empresasmilanes.com. Thanks, Cuco
  2. Hi guys, I have downloaded Mambo 4.5.2 which is the latest version. The file is in .tar.gz. The question is how do I install this in my server?? Thanks..
  3. Hi, I installed PHP Nuke that is included in the Cpanel sometime ago. I decided to remove it, but I still see the Nuke files in my file manager. Why is this and how can I solve this issue? I'm also curious why I'm not able to enter the "customers only" forum. I though my password was the same one for that forum. Thanks, cuco
  4. So what would be the best way to promote my site? Thanks,
  5. Hi guys, I submitted my page Empresas Milanes over a week ago. How long does it take to be available on google. Or did I make something wrong? How does this work. Thanks, cuco
  6. I guess I will use flash to create the buttons, but for now I will keep it simple. Do you know any good tutorials for making Flash buttons? Thanks for you help, Cuco
  7. Hi guys my site is Empresas Milanes I just started designing it. I was testing the Home button which is a rollOver button. I wanted it to play a small hammer sound (.wav format) when the user "MouseOver" it. I currently use Mozilla Firefox and nothing happens. But using IE when the user "MouseOver" the button QuickTime player launches. So, how do I just make the sound play without launching QuickTime. Thanks for your help..
  8. Yes sir, this solve the problem, thank you very much!! Now I have another problem. I'm trying to do a simple form that let users contact me via email. My form is here: www.empresasmilanes.com/contactenos.htm. This form calls a script called sendmail.php. The thing is that when you click submit, you get the php code displayed on the browser. I placed the .php file under public_html, is this correct?? Thanks...
  9. The link to the page calling the code is: empresasmilanes.com/testform.html
  10. Hi guys, I'm just trying to run a very simple cgi script using Perl. I placed my CGI script under the cgi-bin directory but I don't get anything. Here are the errors I got: File does not exist: /home/empresa/public_html/public_html/cgi-bin/testform.cgi File does not exist: /home/empresa/public_html/404.shtml Premature end of script headers: /home/empresa/public_html/scgi-bin/testform.cgi This last error I tried to see what would happen; no luck. I also don't understand why in the first error I get /public_html repeated twice?? I was just testing this really small script to see if it works! Thanks for your help.
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