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  1. I n looking at domain names I noticed that one can register a domain that ends in ".name" Is that literally how the domain ends or does another string of your choice get substituted ? I'm struggling to see the point of a literal .name suffix and have never come across a url that ended in that.
  2. I don't see any list of files on the right, they are on the left. Are you in the southern hemisphere ? Oh you mean the text list of folders to the right of the folder icons. I get it and it worked. Now for the hard part. Will the forum software work ok in this new directory ?
  3. I'm sure its just me being obtuse but I want to copy my entire phpBB folder into another, change the name of the new folder and use the copied forum as my development forum. But I'm stuck on the first step of all things. When I use the cpanel file manager to try to copy my existing folder GVforum a screen appears asking me where I want to put the copy. But clicking on the file list shown doesn't get me a copy and there is no obvious option to click on or type into in order to proceed any further. What am I missing, and is this the way to set up a copy of an existing forum to use for development ? I guess I could set up Linux on a PC at home but for now I'd rather run the development copy on the TC server.
  4. Greg: Point is I didn't want to have to bother deciding about individual dirty words. I just figured someone else's list would be fine since my board members will be a very heterogeneous group. Since phpAdmin is available already I think I'll try that method. Harvey
  5. I want to set up the bad word filter in phpBB and do not want to enter each word individually which seems to be the only method provided on the built in admin panel. At http://www.4cm.com/badwordlist/ there is a script that installs a bad word list but I can't see how to execute it in my totalchoice account. The script has a series of lines like this in it : INSERT INTO phpbb_words (word_id, word, replacement) VALUES (1, '*damn', '*beep*'); I don't recognize INSERT INTO as a shell command and even if it is we don't have shell access on totalchoice, do we ? So how do I get these commands executed. Someone suggested that I can do this by installing phpAdMin but that is as big a job with as steep a learning curve as setting up phpBB and I'd rather avoid that and concentrate on getting the forum running. Thanks.
  6. The folder gv was created in the way you mention and I mentioned above that I can access it as www.powellohio.org/gv which brings up my web page. My question is whether I need redirection in order to be able to use gv.powellohio.org. Are you saying above that this should have become available automatically when I created the subdomain ?
  7. I think you did get it right, Dumplin. Just logging on once was not getting me to the admin panel and that's why I posted here. At some point I logged in twice and all of a sudden there was a link to the admin stuff. Before that I also took a stab by using a url like this : mysite/phpbb/admin and darned if that didn't work. Thanks everyone for your answers. I'll be going now to spend some time at the phpBB site.
  8. If I password protect public_html or a subdirectory that represents a subdomain, does that restrict http access to my web pages or does it just restrict the ability of other totalchoice account users to gain access to my files ?
  9. Thanks but I need to know what info to enter for subdomain redirection. I have now tried redirecting gv.powellohio.org to www.powellohio.org/gv. That didn't solve the problem but I am guessing that I need to wait for this to propagate. Is that correct ?
  10. I have a site under development at www.powellohio.org. I created a subdirectory of public_html called gv and put a skeletal index.html there. I can access that page with the url www.powellohio.org/gv but would like to be able to use gv.powellohio.org instead. the url gv.powellohio.org does not work and I'm wondering how to set up the directory structures so that it does work. The goal is not to redirect gv.powellohio.org to www.powellohio.org but rather to have a unique home page for gv.powellohio.org and for each of several other subdomains I intend to set up. Is the solution to create a gv subdirectory at the same level as public_html instead of below it ?
  11. I've installed phpBB and can access it but the admin menu shown on phpBB's web site doesn't appear so I can start configuring the forums. Where are the tools for adding forums, users, moderators, etc ? I have three or four dozen more questions like that and wonder where to get the answers ? Thanks. Is there a section of these forums devoted to phpBB ?
  12. can I load a different index.html into the subdirectory for each of my subdomains so that each subdomain has a different home page that can be accessed directly ? In that case would it also be ok to leave public_html empty ?
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