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  1. Hello Cajun, yes you can use the servers secure login. for example if your account was on server 82 then you would use https://server82.totalchoicehosting.com/sqmail
  2. I am glad to hear all is well with the Family Bill, As far as pushing the baby out within the hour .... Dang , All I can say is I would hope she would have that routine down pat by now
  3. Congratulations Billh, I am very happy for you and your family.
  4. Hello everyone, We would like to find out more about what our Customers feedback is regarding our services. I would like to ask if you would please take a few moments and complete this survey. SURVEY All additional comments will be kept confidential and not disclosed. Thank you for helping us make TotalChoice Hosting an even better place to be.
  5. Charp, With any shared hosting service there is always a risk. While we at TCH do everything we can do short of Locking down the systems and only selling Dedicated services to customers, (even dedicated servers get cracked too) it is outside our control when you give users access to your sites files. As in this post and the previous post suggested using STRONG passwords is part of the resolution. The Bigger part is Knowing Who you are giving access to and whether or not you trust them. Could a hacker sit and spend countless CPU cycles trying to crack your password ? Sure they can, the question is how long before they give up and move on to the next person because they have a password that is a simple password like abc123. Bottom Line is this... secure your information with Strong passwords and restrict the access to those individuals you find trustworthy. Would it be possible to lock it down so that this was not possible? sure, but are you willing to have your scripts and applications not work at all ? security and functionality have to have a balance. Hope this helps
  6. Muhammad, Welcome to the TEAM, I look forward to working with you.
  7. Hello Everyone, I would like to take this time and welcome a new member to our Level-2 Admin Team Raj Nair. Raj will handling the level-2 ticket and is a great addition to our TCH - Family. His primary roles will be level - 2 Tickets as well as server maintenance. Lets give him a very warm welcome.
  8. See now I look at this question and ask Why would you ever want to be away from your Family.... We are here We miss you and if you really want to know how bad simply ask Bill how his laptop travels while throwing worms at the banks in the spring from his bass boat and still being capable of communicating with the family in those rare emergencies
  9. On a recommendation I tried Ubuntu... and to be very honest I like it.. I originally had Debian sarge installed , but wanted to try other flavors. so I tried Suse... (just did not like the install nor the problems I had with the Boot secotr) I tried Mandrake 10.1 I liked it for its Ease of Use however I found it was Too Bloated for my personal likings. I was about to go back to Debian, when Raul suggested I try Ubuntu.. have had it on my box since and only have had to bring the box down one time in 3 weeks now not bad ... Clean install, recognized all hardware without any issues.... so I am happy today.... Always willing to try new but so far I am impressed with Ubuntu.
  10. Hello Cajunman, The Main Difference is because one is SEMI-Dedicated and the others are Fully Dedicated systems. So on the Semi-Dedicated server you will have less bandwidth. Also Having 4 servers running in your Home..... Hopefully up north in the winter because the heat that they produce must make it quite cozy
  11. This issue should be resolved now, If you see it is not please pm me and I will investigate further thank you
  12. IPB Security Update Apr 25 2005 If you are running IPB forums you will want to read and apply the the patches listed in this alert. IPB Security Update information
  13. My vote is no frames, One of the first websites I coded had frames in it because I did not know of an easier way to maintain the layout of navigation and other elements on the page as I do now Using PHP includes.
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