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  1. Moving for better forum organization
  2. moved for better forum organization
  3. The only time I have ever designed something like this, it was based on 64-bit encryption in a database and operated on an asp site. The user info was stored in a FoxPro Db and the asp code just validated against a secret question and date, then would generate and email the info to the email addy listed in the Db. I can tell you, it was not easy to deal with the encryption part of it. I had issues where the email would have the encrypted PW sent instead of the decrypted one. Imagine the looks folks would have when a 6 character PW came back as nearly 40 characters. Thank Goodness that I tested it extensively before launching. I cannot think of any prebuilt tools for this function, but someone might know of one.
  4. As far as the laptop interest, I can agree with the IBM reccomendation, they are definitely light and durable. You will be missing a few keys that you are used to on most home PCs (IBM will not use the normal Windows shortcut keys, out of defiance to Microsoft, LOL). These are real workhorses for business apps, but the ones I have seen and demo'd have been lacking in the graphics department for what I think you may be after. For something with a good rep (as of late) and excellent graphics packages, look at the Toshiba Satellite line. They have really turned around in the last few years, and are highly upgradable for your specific needs. Most any lappie these days comes with a slew of productivity items such as the CDRW/DVD drive, and other items, so you need to be concerned more with the memory, HDD, processor and graphics (for your specific application). However, more and more laptops are not coming with internal floppy drives. Keep that in mind as you peruse the models. Just remember that with added features and such, there is often a weight gain as well. Look for AT LEAST 512MB RAM (for you I would look at an upgrade here to speed up your image workings) Large drive as those image files add up fast LPT port (printer) and plenty of USBs Very good graphics card that does not use shared RAM (nVidia or similar) Internal Wireless, Ethernet and V.everything modem Getting the adapters for power and phones is pretty easy from any office supply store, so no real worries there. You will need to use an ISP that has International dialup numbers and services. I know that Qwest says they have it, but when we tried to use for a trip to Milan, it would not work... they had discontinued the number without telling anyone. Most nicer hotels and coffee shops these days, though, have internet access. I cannot recoomend the printer/scanner unit, as I have not looked at any of these. I had an NEC projector that worked wonderfully, came with a carrying case and was very light, but I cannot recall the model #. However, it was kinda spendy on the cash side of things.
  5. I see that you posted this a couple days ago, and have not gotten a response. I, personally, am not sure, but will look into it for you. Maybe, in the meantime, someone else around here can post up with an answer. -GG
  6. Thumbs Up Welcome to the Family !! Thumbs Up One of the things you can do is to go ahead and setup the hosting account and test and tweak there before pointing the DNS information. That is assuming you plan to promote your site or expect that traffic will be immediate. Other than that, what has been stated above is pretty well right on... your Db's should do fine and lack of absolute links will allow you to transfer easily. One way to really put the site to the test is to name your Win2K machine to the name you plan to use for your website and then instruct your machine to insert this name in DNS (you can setup a DNS server locally on your machine so it will appear that you are online). This will allow you to test it on the local host under Apache and almost completely emulate the site as it would sit on the TCH servers. This will not, though, account for those nasty absolute links.
  7. i want some fairytale brownies, preferably toffee or white chocolate by the way, this is the better half of Glenn posting
  8. Randy, Not really a problem. Everyone is entitled to such. I just have to watch out and make sure that it does not go any further than it has so far. I am sure that all can understand the fervor that folks can feel for something in which the are strongly convicted. However, we must remain tactful and understanding of other's views without reproach on either side of the coin.
  9. Alrighty folks, let us remember that we are adults here. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and did ask for everyone to be honest. I gotta say this on a personal note... if angers are flared this quickly (in all directions) just by the idea of making a suggestion, imagine what could happen in the actual forum, if it came to be, if someone of a differing opinion came in asking questions that were tough for even the most devout to answer. There can be no peace without total and unconditional understanding.
  10. Many folks are doing many different things and it requires the use of either different operating systems, or to have multiple screens going at once. Or they have multiple machines (his and hers, or work and personal, etc.) and just happen to have taken the pic like that. I have programs and devices that will allow me up to 10 monitors at once from two machines and only use one mouse/keyboard for them all, but I only use those for control rooms and such.
  11. Welcome to the Family, Alex!! As for the domain replacement, what Bruce said
  12. I believe that moving the registration to TCH would negate the need to repoint the DNS entries, as they should default to TCH's name servers. If not, then it is an easy fix. You will have to go through the propagation process, as you are moving nameservers... no matter which route you take (keeping resitration at register.com or moving to TCH). There is just no way around this. You could, though, grab all of the pages on the current site and go ahead and upload them all to the new TCH account prior to changing registration info. This will lead to very few blips in experiences with the static portions of the site. Administrative contact is listed as Edward Geoghan, this person is the one who has to approve the registration change. His email is listed in the link Rick has in his post above. This email address is where the question will go to, and where the response for approval will have to come from. So you are correct, you need to alert this person of your intentions and have him respond accordingly, or you can ask him to log in to the registration info and change the contact information to someone else prior to registration changes. -GG
  13. There is a dead link on the bottom of that page, in fact, the leave feedback link on the index (http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/jargon/index.html) is dead as well. I want into this Jeering Jargon Forum #68
  14. My statements, views, comments and/or concerns are not to be taken as those of Total Choice Hosting Jason, I find it commendable that you are so fervent in your passion and convictions. And I applaud you for being so forthright and open about them... especially in this day and age. However, as several have said, the forums are attached to a business. One that caters to persons of all walks of life, creeds, religions (or lack thereof), etc. To place a forum where it was Christian only, would be showing favoritism in an area that is not a part of that business. You then would have to do the same for Hare Krishna (sp??), Hindu, Muslim, and even the folks who choose to worship those of the supposedly darker religions (Voodoo, Satan, Wiccan, etc.). I truly feel that it is not a place that TCH should get in to. If this were less of a World community here (e.g. Thomas from Sweden) where Christianity is not necessarily the primary or even legal religion of the land, it would be easier to substantiate such a venture. If the forum were not so focused on the monotheist views of one version of religion, and were open to all forms of religion and worship, it would be easier to accomodate. However, you would then be faced with Christians (in your case) sharing the same threads with a Muslim or Jewish or any of the other thousands of religions out there (and that is only the ones believing in a heaven of Good, or a heaven at all, not taking into account the darker religions). I hope you can understand the positions of those who have responded in both directions. I do like the mention of setting it up on your own or some other site, and offering it up to folks here who wish to be a part of it off of the TCH forums.
  15. LM, TCH-Lianna is a woman, she has just been less frequent on the boards lately. I don't know of other TCH feamle folks, though?? There are quite a few ladies here on the boards. You shouldn't feel out of place... all are welcome here
  16. Welcome to the Family, McDuff! To, quickly, explain why it would flip back and forth... When you access anything with an Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) you are not talking directly to that device. You are taking hops all over the place, kinda like going to the store... you have to take this street, then turn left onto that one. Routers and such on the Internet backbone figure out what should be the fastest route for you to take and point your requests in that direction. Some areas may be busier the next time you go to access the site and you will, therefore, be routed differently. Well, devices on this new route may or may not have updated thier information and may point you to the new site or the old one. Rather simple really... think of taking a trip to somewhere you used to go. The directions in your head (routing tables) know the way to where the place used to be, but they have moved. So now you have to update those directions (DNS Refresh) when you find out what they are (DNS Propagation) so you can get to your old haunt in the best possible way while avoiding traffic jams (Packet/Request Routing).
  17. ThumpAZ


    I typically get 3-5 hours a day... whenever I can. But lately I have just crashed and have been sleeping every hour I am not required to be somewhere. I never had the cops come to my house, but I can relate a similar funny story to ya... Started working for a new company and was asked what I would like my alarm code set for. I told them one that was usefull to me, and it was set up. The boss (owner) tested it to make sure it worked properly, and all seemed well. About 3 minutes later we were all standing around in the front office yacking and such. Suddenly there were cop cars all around the building and three officers with guns drawn coming in through the front door. You shoulda seen the look on all our faces when they burst in! 6 of us and three of them staring each other down (us shaking, them beads drawn with their weapons). Turns out, the code I had selected was the silent duress code, armed holdup, for the system! This means that there is no welfare call from the monitoring station, there is no friendly officer coming to check things out, there is, however, someone in mortal danger. They were responding to a silent holdup and expected to have someone with a gun after us! After they checked around and made sure was all OK, we all had a good laugh... and I selected another alarm code. What makes this all the more funny is that part of our business is Access Control and Security... we ARE the alarm company! And the Owner is the one who entered that code! Makes me feel just that much safer... NOT! Now, Laura... go get some rest and enjoy your son while you can
  18. Sleep... need sleep. But i'm all booked up this weekend so far. No rest for the weary. Have a great weekend everyone! -Glenn
  19. Trillian will tell you if you have email on the services it uses As for other mail services, I have been in the same boat. They either are so cumbersome that they seem to not work, or they crash themselves or your machine. I just use Outlook at this point and let it tell me. I have 4 different accounts it checks, so it keeps me informed decently. Sorry I couldn't be of more help
  20. Hold on just a stinkin sec!!!! I think we actually tied?!?! Someone with more access check it out, I can't tell anymore
  21. I could be the one!!!! 49998 when I just checked -Glenn Rock Sign Thumbs Up Rob and I are not sure who was the one... the post numbers don't jive (this one is 53600-something)
  22. Another Happy customer My pleasure
  23. Not a problem, Shay, that is why we are here! Since you now have the correct setup, you need to point like this: In Smart FTP you enter JUST www.domain.com (nothing else), then name@domain.com as username and then password. It will open up to where you expect it to, but will seem invisible to your users.<~~~ this means that you will already be logged in to the FTP directory you created even though it looks like it is the root of the domain. Try moving a file, then go into File Manager in cPanel and see what I am talking about.
  24. I believe that it is where the annonymous account would have access to... to keep what goes on there away from the main public site. Let me verify that. I cannot access it either, but I do see the custom welcome message I put in there. Credit goes to TCH-Bruce for telling me this: Apparently the public_ftp folder is a remnant of days of old when TCH allowed annonymous FTP access. This has since been abandoned, but the folder still exists in the account setup. Basically, forget that the folder exists. You can only believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear anyway. Go ahead and follow the tips above for creating an FTP section and you will be good to go. -Glenn
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