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  1. I'm going to move this for a better forum organization.
  2. The rollout is an automatic thing. But with the sheer number of sites hosted here, it is a huge endeavor and will take a good bit of time. You only need to keep an eye on your cPanel to notice that you have been upgraded.
  3. The server one. How often are you getting mail at that address?? I am seriously not sure how you would go about this. Lemme ask a staffer... like Robert said.
  4. moving for better forum organization.
  5. Just to give the Bruseman a little backup here(as if he needs any)... This is somewhat of a gray area that could be up to interpretation. However, it has been stated before that this type of activity is not the intent of standard virtual accounts, and that it is not acceptible in the nature of the hosting packages for standard virtual accounts. You can allow family, friends and such to use the email, ftp and other services (other than hosting other folks, non-related to root websites in the subdomains). However, you are not supposed to collect money for this activity. Just remeber... Anything that someone else does on your site, virtual or reseller, is ultimately your responsibility. You lose the account, you get in trouble with the authorities, etc... you, not them. EDIT: don't want to sound rude or anything, just can think of no nicer way to say it.
  6. We are all forever indebted to you, Bill (well, at least in the form of paying for hosting and keeping our accounts) Merci beaucoup (can't be sure of spelling anymore), Mr. Bill
  7. It is the cosmic effect of multiplicity and psuedo-duplicity. either that or it is just the assumption that, in Tejas, everything's BIG
  8. Yeah, I knew it was about an herb smoking cockroach. Doesn't he lose everything and then die as the song progresses?
  9. What operating system are you using? I think that this as well as the version of your browser will make a difference (if memory serves me correctly). As long as you pay attention to your structure, you should be OK on the web. This is even if you cannot see the items on your local machine. If you are running Windows 98SE or above, and Internet Explorer 6 or 6SP1, then you should be able to run the links properly. Otherwise, you may need to install something like Personal Web Server (it is an option that you can download from Micro$oft at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;306898). Let us know if we can hjelp any further
  10. Thems was some fightin little guys... but the sombreros made them look bigger j/k I live in AZ, so I have no choice but to celebrate... Although I could say I celebrate it almost every day of the year as I raise that 12 ouncer to my mouth and to the porcelain god that I won't be making an offering today, LOL. La cucaracha La cucaracha chimi chimi chimi changa That is how I thought that song went as a child
  11. I have seen my first network infested by this nasty little bug. They were in the rollout of the patch when it came in through one of the edge servers (they had gotten all of the edges done and were just getting started on this one... none of the internal PCs were patched yet). This is a site with nearly 1000 machines and gigabit ethernet over fiber to each node (serves a max of 48 machines per node). This site came to a halt in less than an hour! The pcaps were showing loads nearing 85% on almost every leg of the LAN and the Win servers. Thank God all of their critical boxes are 'NIX, and thusly were not affected. It is amazing seeing a quad-processor 3.2GHz Xeon box at loads of 90% with 4 NIC cards... makes you respect the power of a simple 17KB file. And swear a death warrant on the person who built it. The only good thing is that the router that feeds back to their corporate offices automatically stopped itself before the worm could get upstream of the local site. If it had gotten there, it could have taken down an international company!
  12. I would be wary of this, as it does take time for the techs to do the actual move. Letting everyone know ahead of time and then shutting the board off once you enter the nameservers will do you good. This is because some areas will propagate before others, and this will introduce the risk of posts ending up at the old site. Just because you see it doesn't mean that I or someone else will. I have followed forums through moves before and can tell you without pause that... if they like the site, they will be waiting with baited breath for the forum to reopen. A good way to make sure that folks know that the forum is open again is to leave the board off at the old site, and turned on at the new one. When they see the open forum... they are back at home Can't wait to see ya in the Introductions forum.
  13. Yeah, what Lisa said. You want to avoid "absolute linking" (what you are doing both with the local and URL linking you mentioned), and just use the type shown by Lisa. When you do this, you will still be able to test on your local system, and just directly upload the site without concern. Using absolute links will either work on your local machine during tests, and have to be changed before you upload. Or they will not work locally for testing (nor will the images appearing correctly), but will work once uploaded. Regarding the FTP program, I use SmartFTP for my site here as well. One of the things I like about it, over some of the othes, is that it allows you to upload entire folders at once, as well as delete entire folders at once. Others require that the dolder ("directory") be empty before you are allowed to delete that folder. Also, it has a strong resume feature for interrupted transfers. I had to restart one for my site nearly 10 times and it ended up finishing without corrupting the file... and that was even after restarting the machine! I, too, look forward to welcoming you in the Introductions forum!
  14. I know of no limitations to parked domains.
  15. Joly, Your use of the subdomains violates the Acceptable Use Policy and your account will be terminated... Nah... just joshing ya. I had to do it... I haven't played any jokes in a looong while. Actually, your use of the subdomains is exactly as intended. If you are sending out links to your newsletter as newsletter1.my-birman-noelle.com or linking to it from within your site, or even outside your site, then that is fine. It is if you go out and buy www.newsletter1my-birman-noelle.com and then point it toward newsletter1.my-birman-noelle.com that is becomes a problem. capiche?
  16. If I understand your question correctly... The Title at the top of the browser page is something that you set. You can edit this any way you want. Now, if you really want to get into it, you could use a database recognition and then the site would tailor itself to be "branded" per the URL "get" that is accessing it. I am not how to do this with PHP, but I am sure it is doable. The 2nd domain is not a subdirectory of the main domain. If you want to use two separate domain names, you need to do what Bruce said and have the second "parked" on the primary domain. But they must still "enter at the same point." This means that they both have to go straight to www.yoursite.com. One cannot go to 2nddomain.yoursite.com when someone types in www.2nddomain.com. Make sense? Search engines only have a problem because they search for www.sites.com or simply sites.com. If you have links in your site that go to sub.yoursite.com or sub.yoursite.com/1level/2level/3level..., then the engine will find it. They crawl the site based on the links from the home page, and somne are nasty and go after the cgi and standard webpage files (htm, html, xml, php, asp, etc.) in the root directory. This only becomes problematic when you have files in there you do not want indexed by search engines. This want to keep them private is a great reason for a test subdomain where you are not linking to it from any other page. You can link all over the rest of your site from this test sub, and the engines won't find it as long as you don't link back to the sub. I'm spent
  17. I have seen a few mods looking at this during the time I was searching for a definitive answer. While I don't have one for you right this second, I am sure the traffic here will garner you one soon. Hope to see in the Introduction forum soon!
  18. I do believe that the time stamp on the log file is placed as local server time, and the Timezone plugin is just for viewing in the web interface and has no affect on the raw logs you can download. I will ask the other mods about this, but maybe one will peek in here and give you a more firm answer before I get back.
  19. One thing to note with PayPal is this: If you plan to accept CC payments through paypal, you have to sign up for a different type of acct. Check into that as well. The CC fees are more than what you find with a normal merchant account through the bank, but are not as harsh of agreement terms. All in all, Paypal CC acceptance is still easier than a Merchant Acct through a bank.
  20. If you want to view your htaccess file, you have two stable options... Download the file to your local machine and open it with a text editor (notepad or similar, but NOT Micr$oft Word), or view it through the file manager in your cPanel. Either way, you should download the file as a backup for safe keeping, and never edit that backup file... just in case.
  21. Go Tampa!! (The Coyotes have been awful, as has any other PHX team for the last couple years, so I can't pull for them)
  22. The techs may be making calls to see what can be done for you. As I don't have access to that, all I can say is to give it a little time. You might could message one of the red coats you find online and see if they can look into your ticket's status for you. As far as I recall, I don't think the daily backups grab the user data that you overwrote, but you may be lucky that the full backup happened last night or whatever. Good Luck!
  23. Sad to see ya go Alan. Be sure to stop in whenever you can. Good luck on getting your personal stuff completed and get that degree! That is the more important thing to concentrate on... wise decision on your part!
  24. Building a bit on Don's post... Who was your previous registrar? If you have made the request through TCH to move registrar duties to TCH, then you should be getting an email to confirm this request. Once you respond to that, you give TCH the authority to pursue your current registrar and transfer that duty to TCH. This is what you paid the $10.95 for... that and an extra year of domain name registration. It will be pretty well automatic since you transferred registrars. You just need to pay attention to your email you used to register for TCH... and make sure that it is NOT the domain name you are moving as services for that will be interrupted. As for subdomains, you do not control DNS with these. They reside under your primary domain and cannot be pointed like that. You can set them up to forward, but that is it. If you still have questions, feel free to ask away or open a help desk ticket. Just check your emails from TCH first, as what you seek may already be there.
  25. Heya Kim. Someone had asked about this in the presales forum. In there I laid out what was needed to do this. Oh well, you are on the right track now with a help desk ticket. Just please say that you have not already cancelled that other account. To do the cPanel move, TCH techs need access to the old site, and that means it needs to still be alive. As for the DNS propagation, you might be in a bit of trouble unless you get everything squared away fast, as access to the site will go away without the IP addy and username info you got when you first signed on with that other host. Good luck! EDIT: I cannot remeber who I talked to 5 minutes ago, let alone since the last time I slept. Especially when the topics are so close to one another. Oh well... just put me outta your misery
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