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  1. Realized this morning that my website was down at 6:45 am. Submitted a help ticket to find out the status. While waiting for a response I figured out on my own that my CC was declined. I recently lost one of my cc's and had to cancel it and forget that I had that card set up for billing. Site was back up in a timely manner once I manually paid outstanding invoice. After looking over my trash folders in outlook, I did find the e-mail's from TCH regarding the failed CC. My suggestion would be to put something in subject of e-mail like "ACCOUNT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION" I get so much e-mail, it's easy to miss the e-mail's from TCH without something like that. This being said, been real happy with service. Keep up the good work.
  2. Hi. Been trying to find some help setting up a os commerce site. I was wondering why a manual hadn't been written to help out novices (me). Well, I found one. I have attached a link for a downloadable e-book. Takes you from start to finish written in plain english anyone can understand. Hope this helps. http://www.pithyproductions.com/oscommerce/ McDuff
  3. Anyone have any experience with authorize.net. Been looking at them and rates seem pretty good. I am going to put up an os commerce site and they are one of the payment gateways that are supported. McDuff
  4. Before I get to far into the developement of my OS Commerce site, I just need to know one thing. I would like to be able to accept credit cards, but not have them processed in real time. i would like to manually enter transactions offline. Is it possible to just get the cc # when the order comes in and then proccess manually. Thanks in advance for the help. Regards, McDuff
  5. Thanks Bruce. That was way too easy. McDuff
  6. I am going to put up a new website (e-commerce) and have decided I would like to use os commerce. Where do I begin to install it. In c-panel I see agora and interchange, but not os commerce. Regards, Mcduff
  7. After weeks of searching the web for a new host for my website I stumbled upon TCH. I have to say I have been very impressed. I was a bit hesitant that there was no phone support. Being a novice, I knew I was going to need all the help I could get. I quickly found how efficient the tech department was via email. Most tickets replied to within an hour. I was usually on hold for that long with previous host. Keep up the good work!!!! Thumbs Up
  8. Thanks for all input. TCH is great. McDuff
  9. Just signed up with Total Choice. I just changed my domain to point to TCH servers and was wondering how long this generally takes. It's been 48 hours. Is it normal for it to switch back and forth initially between my old server and TCH. Sometimes goes to old site and sometimes to new siteee. Thanks it advance to any help anyone can give me. By the way, been real happy with TCH so far. Tech support is very responsive. McDUff
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