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  1. Presenting to you live! its 155 !
  2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, Siera PGA series
  3. Thank you Glenn. Ed G has been notified to expect this change already. My only fear there is with his limited web experience he carries his end out ok... At any rate, the hosting is purchased and the domain transfer link was used, hang out and see I guess..... have a good one.
  4. such speed in answering! what a place. Thanks! if I transfer the registration over as to your sugjestion, would that eliminate the need to re-point the nameservers? Would I have to go thru the site propogation stage? When you mention the Administrative Contact, does this refer to the site owner?, if so I can alert him so that he does not inadvertainly delete the e-mail thinking it to be spam of whatever?
  5. Some info please: At this time I have 2 sites (Irontross.com and ktpa.us ) hosted with totalchoice and could not be more satisfied. Always when asked about web hosting I refer people here. MY question is this: I am setting up hosting for another local anti-tax group that already owns the domain name kkptcause.com, however the site is blank. This site has gone un-used for about 5 months now, and for some reason unknow to me the files that were on it are now gone, but that is of no matter to us. The individual that purchased this domain is still in ownership of it, and the group would like to reactivate it. As a donation to their cause I took the responsibility of purchasing hosting for it here at totalchoice (my only choice ). I have read around the forum that I woould need to contact the original host and have some pointing done to this hosting site? A bit confusing to me. Also, no one has been able to recall who hosted the site previously... not good huh. Anyway, before I purchase the hosting space here; can someone please explain to me just how, or even if, I am going to be able to use that domain name wiht no knowledge of where it is hosted now? Any thoughts or sugjestions? A B Tross
  6. advise about help tickets noted. thanks Rick, what ever you did seems to have solved my troubles.
  7. Hello and please help if you can. I am the administrator (new to me ) of ktpa.us, a non profit citizens taxpayers group. I just recently put this site up and set up 5 email accounts, and Horde seems to be the best option for us. The troubles are 1, no one can add to their address books. Either we get an error message or a message stating we need to refer to the admistrator. Well this administrator has no idea about that, so please help if you can. We are on server #37 as I recall. 2. Often, we have to log into our webmail accounts over and over before being accepted, I have no idea why. The association is very pleased wiht the hosting service, which I recomended we use due to the fact I have another site of my own hosted here. Keep up the good work!
  8. Thanks Mike, and you all have a good one!
  9. Andy + Turtle, thanks for that info, seems easy enough. Only one other question I was wondering about, are forums such as these bandwidth hogs? or little effect at all?
  10. I am looking to add a forum to the site I have been charged with building. Having looked at a few things around the web, and this being a non-profit organization and all, I am trying to go on the cheap as much as I can. I noticed in control panel where u can add a forum. Is this a way to add a complete forum set up that is already provided? And if so can someone provide a link to one so I can view it? I didn't go very far into it but it appeared to be an easy way to go. Can someone shed some light on this please.
  11. with a time limit : an on-line scavanger hunt for items not easily found with a search engine....such as a .jpg of an upside down bottle of Mazola corn oil. just a different kind of idea is all
  12. now if that isn't easy ! LOL I'll try that right now. Thanks!
  13. Hello. rather new to this. I have sent to my cpanel a zip file that I would like to allow a frind of mine from away get access to. So, where exactlly should I put it, and how do I go about making it so he has access to download it? simple concise instructions would be appreciated. been searching all around and can't seem to find any explintation of this process.
  14. Istover: thanks for that information. the url I was pointing at is www.Irontross.com. I used your suggestion and got what I wanted to work. I used frontpage to get started on the main page, however, i have been using notepad to make the pages that will go with it. also i d/led HTML-kit to give that a look see a few hours ago. thinking the biggest obsticle to me right now is to much info from to many places, LOL. I was using the directory public_html. I will be handed another golf course plot this evening to landscape, which will limit my time for page building. But I will be back for more assistance no dooubt. again, thanks!
  15. Hello, new to this home page building stuff so any help would be appreciated. My partner and I design courses for on-line golf sims, and are building a home site to show off our wares, Irontross.com. I have a handle on the main page and it is well on its way. Trouble is, if you look at it you will see 2 smaller pics near the bottom. I would like to make those and the ones to follow links to sub-pages that deal with each particular golf course. I have one of these pages started, contains a test pic, and it is in my public.html folder. Is that the right place for it? And the big question for me is, having tried a few different attempts at making a .jpg or even a "link" word into a working link to this page has failed. Writing the script out in the right fashion is my trouble. I'm stummped on it. I-ve tried using what i see on other pages and on various html help sites.......
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