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  1. Yeah, what Bruce said... Welcome to the family. Go and get your formal welcome wagon post in the Introductions forum As for your problems... if those are the only problems you have, then you should be well off in your mental state. I, too, have forgotten several of the things I got used to doing on a near-daily basis with other hosts. But it has given me time to start learning php more intimately. Go out, young person, and find a new hobby You've got the time to do that now
  2. Directly from their site (from a whois lookup, I got a registrar that has a different policy that what Rob put down): 6. REGISTRAR TRANSFER Registrant agrees that it can transfer one or more domain name registration, in accordance with ICANN or registry policy, from or to "them".com. Registrant also acknowledges and agrees that express authorization from someone with apparent authority to legally bind the domain name holder is required before such a transfer can occur. You can authorize the transfer of a registration to "them".com by completing the Registrar Transfer Application. In an effort to prevent domain name hijacking and erroneous domain name transfers, You understand and agree that "them".com shall deny all initial requests to transfer a domain name registration to another Registrar. Any subsequent Registrar transfer request will be honored only after "them".com has confirmed Your intention to transfer Registrars. You agree that you shall not transfer your domain name registration until sixty (60) days have elapsed from the time of initial domain name registration or renewal. You agree that the transfer of domain name registrations may be refused if there is a dispute concerning the domain name or the domain name holder's identity. You further agree that you shall not transfer your domain name registration to another registrar if there are less than ten (10) days remaining in your registration term. They have a policy to ALWAYS refuse the first attempt, and they also state clearly that they will not let it go within 10 days of expiry. I say that you request again and it should go through. It sounds like they have a scripted response to deter unauth'd requests, as well as scare you into staying.
  3. !!blue, PM me and I can send you some programs to help navigate through the maze of junk that could be plaguing you if you like.
  4. Sorry for being so late in any reply, but it seems the others stepped in to help out. Good to hear that you are having better response from your system. If my old error codes for Windows NT stand in XP, then most of the errors you were seeing are most likely related to memory problems. However, a more severe hardware problem can be involved. (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=183169) This can also be due to the Third Party Software (Zone Alarm or SysGate) causing issues. Make sure that your motherboard can handle 1Gig of RAM, as many new ones still can't. One fast way is to check your My Computer>Properties and see if it says the right amount. Also, taking a pencil eraser to the connector can help in getting rid of contaminants on the pins.
  5. Gabe, As Don said, frames are fine here, as are high-traffic sites. Most browsers support them fine, especially the common ones. Some of the more obscure ones might play a little fun on the viewer, but the people using those are used to odd page loads and layouts from pages designed for certain browsers. You should not have much, if any, trouble from the viewers I envision visiting your site. Take a look around http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-family.html for many examples of different sites. You can easily open the account and look around at your site. However, absolute links will take you to rither a dead page or to the Yahoo-hosted site. Keep that in mind. The domain transfer is easy. You can either transfer the domain to TCH for $10.95 (extending your registration of the name for one year), or you can simply repoint the DNS servers to the TCH ones (the Help Desk can get all of this sorted out for you). Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
  6. If you downloaded your pages before the upgrade and did not edit them in any way, then it might be a remnant. Or if they transferred the pages for you, it could have happened there. Or they may just insert it on all sites for traffic counting. No, TCH does not place anything on your pages... you are the only one who can mess them up The 30-day trial is all I know of that you could do, and I am sure that you won't regret it.
  7. Welcome to the fold, Gabe. Hopefully we will be welcoming you to the Family soon! I went to your current page and it does in fact have some errors on it. At line 74, Character 1 on homepage.htm there is an object expected. it is not until my browser times out that everything loads fully (and that is nearly 5 minutes!) Lines at and around 74 show: "</html><!-- text below generated by server. PLEASE REMOVE --><!-- Counter/Statistics data collection code --><script language="JavaScript" src="http://hostingprod.com/js_source/geov2.js"></script><script language="javascript">geovisit();</script><noscript><img src="http://visit.webhosting.yahoo.com/visit.gif?us1079631888" alt="setstats" border="0" width="1" height="1"></noscript> <IMG SRC="http://geo.yahoo.com/serv?s=19190039&t=1079631888" ALT=1 WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1>" I would say that it is likely yahoo's servers that could very well be corrupting your code, as their stuff is inserted at the bottom of your pages. Good Luck. -Glenn
  8. Typically, when the moderators move a thread, a link is left in the original forum for as long as a couple of weeks. Then that link is deleted to keep the forums a little cleaner. However, there can still be traces of the original thread left in the full text index of the forum which can lead for some interesting searches. This will all weed out soon, though. And we thank you for being patient while we try to make things better for all of us.
  9. I have owned 23 cars in nearly 15 years of driving. Owned... not necessarily driven daily, or at all. I got in to buying, fixing up a little and then selling VW Betles in my teenage years. If I answered for jsut the ones I drove it would be 11 cars in that same time frame. I get bored of cars fast, or they go the way of wrecksville (at least they did when I was younger). Of all of those, 4 were new.
  10. The primary problem you will find (and it seems you are realizing this now) is that Anti-SPAM software does reside at the server level. Everything else that I know of for a local machine is just filtering software that either dumps items into a different folder or deletes them. It does not do away with the influx of SPAM because it will not truly bounce a message to trick the sender into thinking the account does not exist. It cannot decrease download times for legitimate email, as you still have to download the SPAM as well. If SPAM is such an issue that you are looking for an alternative, you may want to research ISPs based on their Anti-SPAM offerings. Do they use and of the DNSBLs out there? Do they have something to the likes of SA on their servers? Can you setup filters and your own block lists? There are softwares out there that allow you to check the mail at the server before you download it, but those require actual POP or IMAP access. And these are still not AS softwares, they just act similar in some of their more manual functionalities. The name of a popular one with folks around here escapes me right this second. I know that everyone is out for the lowest cost, but lower cost typically (not true with TCH from what I have seen) means lower level of service or offerrings. If you go to that lower cost ISP, you might want to look into the idea of purchasing your own domain name for ($10.95/year at TCH) and getting a hosting plan (from $4 at TCH) and hosting your own email that way. Then you get the SA you are wanting and a really good platform to use that email with... webmail as well as true POP and SMTP access. And you get our friendly faces and exceptional support to boot! The latter of this message is just my two cents, after having been in admin for some time and learning that trying to run a mail server in this day and age of relentless and ruthless spammers is a graying and balding job (just look at my avatar, man!!!)
  11. Adding an email address need not be scary for ya. These simple steps will get you well on your way to sending and receiving messages: Go to your cPanel and log in Click Manage Accounts under Email Click Add Account at the bottom of the box Enter the Email Username you would like to use Enter a Password Enter a quota if you would like to use one (10-30MB should do you well) Click "Create" There you go... you have an email address Go into Outlook Express and setup the mail account like you would any other. The only catch is to enter your email account name as yourname+****** with the + in there. Good Luck and let us know if you need more help. Edit Bruce beat me to it, but I will leave this here for now... Bruce can get rid of what he wants to
  12. How could you forget the Queen Guru? You're gonna get a beating for that one. I never see the QG online, so I don't tend to think about her much. Sorry, oh great QG. Please do spare my pitiful life
  13. I took a quick read through http://membership.cgi-central.net/scripts/amember/docs/html/ and found the following. Not sure if it will help you at all, but here it is. There is a LOT of other good info there as well. Also, Lianna wrote up some quick notes of an order of operations for this at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id110.htm Setting Up Protection Step 1: Enable php_include plugin. Open the aMember Admin Control Panel Click on Setup/Configuration from the left menu The Configuration : Global screen opens From the top menu on this page click Plugins The Configuration : Plugins screen opens Select Protection Plugins A list of the options available for protection appears, select php_include. Step 2: Include check.inc.php in your pages For this plugin to work the file /ammember/plugins/php_include/check.inc.php must be included at the very top (before the opening <html> tag) of the PHP pages you wish to protect as follows: ======================================== <? $_product_id = array(1,3); include("aMember_Root_Dir/plugins/php_include/check.inc.php"); .. any existing PHP code goes here .. ?> ========================================= Note: You must edit the $_product_id array to reflect the aMember product which gives access to the page. For example, if access is confined to those with products 1 and 3 it will be as above. If it is confined to those with products 2 and 5 you would use $_product_id = array(2,5);
  14. I do have a bit of a question, and one that is often overlooked. In the router's configuration, what is the number of DHCP clients allowed? By default it is set to be something like 5, but you might have changed it at some point. If there are not enough clients availabe, then you will not be able to get the IP addy you need. If you reinstall the OS, it does not need to be a clean install, just a repair. I am trying to find the notes I used to have for DHCP in XP. I know they are around here somewhere. -Glenn
  15. I have green in the company logo on my shirt... and if anyone tried to pinch me, I would just head-butt them with my bald head anyway, LOL (just kidding) happy green beer day to you as well!!
  16. Have you attempted to enter http://******/webmail then wait for the popup asking for username and password? Try that route. Also, I have setup a forwarder that points mail.**** to the webmail location. Makes life a little easier for me.
  17. Using the Hotlink protection in cPanel will disable the ability to hotlink images. Using the nocache pragma in your html head will work for several browsers to keep them from caching the page (temporary internet files), but this is limited by certain browsers, and has a problem with larger pages. There are all sorts of free scripts that will allow you to disable the right click on a page so someone cannot save the images and such on the page. There is not, however, a way to universally disable the View Source or Print functions in a browser. To better track your users, you will need to develop basically the same thing as a CartID that is triggered when a user enters the member's only area of your site. Hope some of this helps, even though I have sent you nowhere specific, you now should have ideas of what to look for. As HCSS said... some of this will have to be custom built to suit your site.
  18. I am not sure if this tool will work for that many files, but I use it all the time for programming and editing stuff: Multi Edit (www.multiedit.com)
  19. You can do that, but it may only work in IE and Mozilla. Be careful with the scripting. You can easily take your script and have it sync to one of the timeservers out there like www.time.gov (US mainly) or worldtime.org, which has a nice service for displaying time on a site. It is the adjustment part for users that may give you hassles. Good luck
  20. However, TCH Servers to not provide inherent facilities for streaming media. You will be limited to the streaming abilities of html. Also, watch your bandwidth when streaming media... it gets eaten up very fast.
  21. A couple of months ago, TCH went to a more efficient billing system. This caused existing customers to need to create a new account when adding items and such to their plans or when setting up new plans. This is probably what caught you last time. This time, however, I am not completely sure. My initial ideas are casE SenSItiviTY? And the remote possibility that the password was incorrect? However, a quick trip to the help desk should get this all sorted out for ya. Hope the next new plan goes more smoothly for you.
  22. Here is me in Sedona, AZ from a few yearas ago... the Jeep still looks similar, but has a LOT more under the hood now
  23. I can understand the stock phot part. And I can understand that someone may want to buy it for other parts, especially for a dollar. However... that $99 shipping price... OMG is this person insane in the membrane or what?!?!
  24. The function used within a webpage to call the user's time can sometimes get caught by personal firewalls as an intrusion, and it simply will not work in some of the more obscure browsers. I think it may have been a decision by TCH staff not to employ this function for reasons pertaining to a user being able to get into the site without errors or unwarranted fear due to their firewall seeing an "intrusion detection."
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