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    parenting, prayer, walking, swimming, movies, paint shop pro, 3d rendering, webpage design, graphics design, pets and pet care, home improvement.. baking

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  1. lol thanks guys. I think im done being sick and or injured for awhile. I think I accomplished doing it all at once. *knock on wood* maybe I shouldn't say that right before flu season LOL.
  2. no problem gave me something to do inbetween runs to the laundry room =)
  3. i think we have that furby ... and i think our furby is a whole lot nicer... doesn't attach small kittens LOL
  4. hehe then I better never come here =) I am a natural blonde you know.. Everyone says I should be a stand up comic but Im to lazy to stand that long!
  5. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...een+resolutions more info: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/statisticspage.htm found it it is there!
  6. I saw this and I wish i knew where it was.. I'd take my son lol
  7. oh my cute looks like kitty is in charge there!!! my cat - the video
  8. =) maybe I should have come on and amused you when I was all doped up on vicodin
  9. welcome to the family! Rock Sign
  10. lol OK I CHANGED IT.. CUTE I AM A SPAMMER by the way.. love it when they crawl in places they don't belong! previous cat attached for those who didn't see it
  11. they are all the boss of me. they own the house me and my son just live here LOL
  12. awww he isn't scarey lol you want scarey? see the attached photo lol
  13. ooohh suuure i see how it is =)
  14. I am back after a long hiatus I am back! I created am hosting a new site for a movie my neighbor wrote and is directing. Strange Voltage check it out! Very great opportunity that fell in my lap. Let's see what else is new? My son Robert join the cub scouts last week and is a "tiger" scout. He loves it so far! He started first grade this year and is doing well. I am finally out of my walking cast waahooo! I have a job interview at a local salon next week and am looking forward to going back to work as a manicurist and cosmetologist! Last week was a week and the week before were weeks from hell as my cat got really sick and almost died and spent sometime in the animal hospital. It was horrible.. Didn't want to loose him as he was my sisters who passed away a little over a year ago. Really thats about all that is new besides my avatar I just changed to my cat on here! How's everyone else doin? Rock Sign
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