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  1. "Have you actually created the info@abc123.com account in cpanel ? " That account has been created and is a legit email address within the domain and was created in Cpanel 2 years ago. "Forwards to AOL should not be used, as they result in the server being blacklisted, hence they are against our policy." I have no forwards pointing to any AOL account. In default address I tried to point all emails going to @abc123.com to info@abc123.com and it does not work, but it did work for the 5 minutes that I had it pointing to the AOL account.
  2. I actually verifying this with Outlook 2007 using all the default settings. I have her aol account set up as one account going to one PST data folder and her info@abc123.com going to another PST data folder. The catchall when pointing to AOL was working perfectly in Outlook and once directed to info@abc123.com it appears the catchall does not work. I will check the Spam box and spam setting in horde or squirrel now. Thanks, John
  3. No I have no forwarders set up The only thing I did was replace the AOL address with info@abc123.com in "Default Address" Prior to that I had her aol account address in the "Default Address" area and it was the catchall and working fine regardless of what the "*"@abc123.com was. Once I replace the aol account in the "Default Address" area with the legit info@abc123.com (which is the only email account set up for the domain), the catchall stopped working. Thank you, John
  4. I am having a similar problem. I used the Default Address feature and pointed it to my clients aol account and all email directed to XXX@abc123.com went to her AOL email account perfectly. Than she stated she wanted all mistyped email from the domain in this case I'm calling it abc123.com to go to the only email account set up which is info@abc123.com. So what I simply did was replaced her aol address with info@abc123.com and when I went to test it none of the mistyped email addresses went to info@abc123.com. I should be able to set up a catchall that redirects to a legit email account on the same domain right? What could I be doing wrong? Thank You, John
  5. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to pop on here real quick and thank everyone. I've been contemplating the reseller package for quite some time. Honestly it's been about a year. Anyhow, I got it the other night, got a few calls from TCH confirming my order and everything is all up and running. The only hold back was me not being able to return the calls. It has taken me some time to figure out the WHM tonight, but I have a few of the basics set up...I guess. All I know my 1st customers site is Live. I have another small prospective client as well, so I am pretty siked. At least it will teach me alot and give me some experince. Thank You, John
  6. Thank you very much everyone. See that is what I mean. This is one of the reasons why I am choosing to go with TCH. Everyone here is stand up and a cut above the rest. Thank you for your answers. John
  7. Hi I am new web developement and have been doing most of my testings locally. My question is will my current configuration integrate seamlessy when I order TCH service and upload all my files. I know that is such a generalized and vague question. But if anyone can give me a few pointers it would be very helpful. Will I need to make any changes? Basically here is what I did locally: Installed and running: Apache 2.0.48 on my E: with Win2k as my OS PHP 4.3.4 on my E: MySQL 4.0.18 OSCommerce 2.2ms2 It seems that TCH is running: Apache 1.3.29 PHP 4.3.3 MySQL ?.?.? OSCommerce ?.? I'm sure that is not the only setup TCH is running considering I pulled that info off of the TCH Web Hosting Plans page and they have about a bazillion servers and from what I have been seeing, hearing and researching...they do ROCK! That's why TCH will be my Host of choice out of all the hundreds of thousands hosts out there. I just want to make sure I setup my local as close as possible future host TCH so I do not encounter to many unexpected problems. Thanks so much, John
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