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  1. Because if they did, they'd break a lot more scripts than they already did by upgrading to 4.4. Listen, I can totally understand why you say it would be a better choice to upgrade to PHP 5 and, to some extent, I do agree with you. But you have to understand that TCH has to make some choices and they decided not to piss off their customers any more than they have to - they had to piss off some customers in order to ensure everyone was secure but if they can avoid pissing off even more folks by upgrading to PHP 5, then they will avoid it. If I was the owner of TCH, I probably would have upgraded PHP to version 5 very shortly after it came out. I would probably be out of business in no time, too. What I mean is that if you know about tech stuff, then work on tech stuff. Bill and his staff know about business (and tech stuff, too, of course), so let them work on their area. I know sometimes it irritates me to see this king of mentality of "hey, let's not rush ourselves, let's wait a bit longer to see if this thing is really stable" and then having to wait way longer than I'd like to, just to see the change happen (which, some times, doesn't even happen). But then I remind myself of a couple of things: 1 - I'm not in charge of the business, so it's not up to me to make these decisions; 2 - I'm a tech freak and I like to play with the latest and greatest, even if that means having to cope with a few bugs every now and then - these guys are hosting professionals and they're responsible for thousands of websites, many of which are the sole source of income for small and large companies and because of that, they can't take any chances. So if you want to suggest that TCH starts installing PHP 5 in new servers and gives their customers the choice of PHP 4 or 5, then I'm with you, because it would avoid breaking any already existing scripts, it would attract even more customers and would put the latest version of PHP in our hands with all its advantages. But please, don't insist on something that has been answered dozens of times. As Rob said, it has already been stated as best as it can why TCH still didn't or will not upgrade PHP to version 5. Give it a rest, ok?
  2. That's why I posted the original message It would be an inteligent question enough question if you didn't know the reasons for the upgrade. As I already said in some other threads, I would also upgrade to PHP 5 (because I'm a tech freak) but TCH's decision is totally valid. If they can avoid breaking their clients' scripts, then they avoid it. In this case, they couldn't. It's as simple as that.
  3. Welcome to the forums, Richard! My personal favorite is currently Drupal but I suggest you visit one of the sites Don and Andy mentioned and compare the available CMSs and see which one might fit your needs best.
  4. PHP crashing a browser??? That's a new one to me... Edit: forget the previous message, I don't want to go into any arguments about your rant, carbonize By the way, is the patch you had to release one that will not be needed when PHP 4.4.2 comes out or is it something that will always have to be used from now on?
  5. Glad to see those apps are usefull!
  6. From Slashdot: Sounds pretty cool! Imagine carrying an entire office suite around in a USB pen drive... By the way, their website seems to be down at the moment, probably due to the "slashdot effect".
  7. Thanks, John. There's definitely something wrong, there. I'll be checking it out and I'll post here again when I fixed it.
  8. That's really strange... I thought it was working OK Well, back to debugging, then. Thanks for the help, Thomas!
  9. Just as a wild guess, I'd say it's something about "server management" (srvmng). Not sure what, perhaps the server monitoring tools? But those wouldn't connect to a site, they'd connect to the server... Better wait for some official answer.
  10. Just as a side note, TCH does not provide ionCube loaders, so it is not TCH's responsability to update them. Users of iocCube encoder need to install/update the loader themselves (which isn't more than uploading a file to the directory of the encoded script ).
  11. That's the page about the Drupal module. You should have seen the other one, if visiting with IE... I guess I'll have to do some more testing. Thanks, Thomas! Edit: By the way, could you tell me which version of IE you were using? Are you using anything (plugins, activeX controls, IE bars, etc) that could be changing the user agent string (the way IE identifies itself to the website)? Thanks again!
  12. That's odd... it's working just fine, here... :| Which page do you see, the one about the Drupal module or the one saying my site doesn't work well with IE?
  13. I just uploaded version 1.0 of "Stop IE", which now features a settings page, where you can configure cookie lifetime (how long before the user is once again redirected) and the URL the users are redirected to.
  14. Jim, I recommend you upgrade all your system to Breezy's packages, otherwise you'll be stuck with older versions of the software. Here's a guide on how to upgrade from Hoary Hedgehog to Breezy Badger. It says experimental but that's just because when the guide was written, Breezy Badger hadn't been released yet. Even so, I upgraded my system a couple of weeks before it came out and everything went fine. Besides, Breezy Badger has been out for quite a while, so you can trust the upgrade
  15. That's what I thought. I know how that is - having to use Windows because I have to use it somewhere else. Fortunately, that didn't last long for me
  16. It's nice to see you guys so interested in Linux This makes me think: has any of you considered the option of using it as your main operating system or even made the switch to Linux from another operating system?
  17. The article Bruce mentioned, although a good one (hey, it's from O'Reilly... ), is a bit old. I suggest you use a more modern approach and make use of CSS rollovers. The basic idea is that you set a background image for a link with the 'a' CSS selector and then set another background image for the 'hover' state of the 'a' selector (a:hover). Pretty simple A better approach is to use only one image (meaning that there will be no need for preloading the images like you have to do when using Javascript) and set the a:hover background offset to some amount that will shift the background image.... ok, forget it, just look at the first link I provide below If you search Google for "CSS rollover tutorial" you'll find lots of ways to do it. Here's a few I found interesting: http://www.kirupa.com/web-tech/css_rollovers.htm http://www.alistapart.com/articles/rollovers/ http://www.collylogic.com/scripts/rollover.html
  18. Thanks! I love Irfanview! Although I don't use Windows as my main operating system anymore, I still have Irfanview installed and I always try to convince people to let go of ACDsee
  19. Gimp's interface is a bit different from what is usual in the Windows world (I'm assuming you use Windows) and because of that, Scott Moschella created GIMPshop, which is The Gimp hacked (modified) to look like Photoshop. I forgot to mention this one before but you may want to give it a try.
  20. Well, it's not made specifically for icons but The Gimp can save your images as .ico files plus a huge bunch of other image file formats.
  21. Hey Tim, what a coincidence, I did exactly what you described in my site If you visit http://borfast.com using IE, you will be redirected to http://borfast.com/msie, which warns you about IE's problems and that it may not work well with my site. I used to use Gary White's PHP browser detection class embedded into every page of my site and recently, since I moved my site to Drupal, I made a Drupal module for it. Hope this helps!
  22. I use mod_rewrite on two of my sites without any problem.
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