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  1. Thanks Alex I'll do that. No they're not bounced. I doubt my password's compromised. The issue is just this 'header spoofing' since I can't filter them. Richard
  2. Happy New Year all! Not sure where to post this question or look for answers. I have a big problem with spam emails (100's a day) which purport to be sent to myself, from my own domain. My mail filters can't deal with it. How do spammers get away with it? Is there no way for the Total Choice server to see, plain as day that the emails have not been sent through the TCH server (as they would be were the domain truthful) and therefore not to receive them? Any help appreciated. Thanks Richard
  3. Thanks Bruce. I believe it's quite common for malicious code to be added in an iframe, as it has been for me. My site has basically been infected. Surely there are tools to deal with this? The solutions I've read about seem very complicated. Should I re-post perhaps, with a different subject line: dealing with an infected site? or removing malicious code from an infected site?
  4. Hi I seem to have a malicious line of code added to a bunch of files, don't know how it got there but I'd like to do a find and replace across a whole directory of my site. Is there something in cPanel that can do this? or something lightweight for a mac that could do it via FTP? Wasn't sure where to post this. Suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  5. thanks both. (salguod - the %-c etc is an archive file mapping). I've solved this. The answer is to think about the problem as you think about the mapping. I.e. if I have an alternate category archive I can link to it from the preferred archive using a relative url. I re-wrote the mapping thus: %-c/imagebrowser/%i . Then I used this href from the normal archive page: imagebrowser/<MTArchiveFile> - this is all I need because I'm at the same directory level and just need to pop into the additional directory for the alternate archive (MTArchiveFile). Solves the immediate issue anyway. Too relative a problem to get into the Six Apart documentation (and their MTforums are sslow). Thanks Richard
  6. How do I write links to an alternative category archive mapping? The MT url and link tags are absolute. As an example - in my publishing settings, I have 2 category archive mappings. One is the default, the other is mapped thus: archives/imagebrowser/%-c/%i how do I code a link to this using MT tags? Stumped, must be simple. Thanks. Richard.
  7. Thanks both I like the badge, thanks Bruce. I see TCH have a string preference for text links though..
  8. Hi Is there a resource to find TCH badges ? I'd like one for my blog. Richard
  9. All resolved. An .htaccess conflict... thanks to TCH! value for money or what?
  10. Thanks Carbonize, that means the TCH guy wasn't seeing it - and yep, the anti hotlinking isn't working, at least not properly. Hmm.
  11. err... sorry boys, could I interrupt and ask if either of you can see the anti-hotlinked image on the following page? http://darwinsbeagle2007.blogspot.com/2006...an-life-34.html It's embedded left of the second paragraph in, starting "The Ediacaran fossils are the oldest definite multicellular fossils.." - a green image on a white background. Can you tell me how many images on that page there are? I count 6 including mine. Carl from TCH says he can't see it. Thanks Richard
  12. I'm wondering whether it might be cached from somewhere else. Google caches pages doesn't it? Personally, I never saw the page to cache it. Richard
  13. Thanks Bruce Actually, this is really strange but the hotlink protection is working on some sites but not others. There are 2 Blogspotters, both hotlinking (one completely eroneously spreading misinformation, mistaking my image for something it's not!) - the protection is working against one (who had a polite email) but not the other, who I just found. Straightforward embedded image with the usual tags. Think I'll open a ticket, maybe TCH can advise... Richard
  14. Great, 4 replies! Thanks for your spontaneous help - hotlinking was the term missing from my vocabulary, obviously. Duly added, problem solved. Thanks again Richard
  15. Happy New Year everyone! I have a continual problem with people, unwittingly mainly, finding images from my site they like, usually through Google - then using the image on their own site, without transferring the resource to their own server. When I can track these down I send them a polite email. However, in my awstats, in the section external links to my site - there's one which comes up the whole time. It's a Turkish forum (akvaryum) which accounts for 50% of links - what the stats mean I think is that they're using some resource from my server, I'm pretty sure. I've got no idea how to trace it! It's in a foreign language and there are 1000's of posts. Any suggestions as to how I can track this down? I've got a higher bandwidth use than I'd expect I think, this is one reason at least for me to do this. Any suggestions welcome. Perhaps you know of a stats package for instance, which might show me the info I need? Many thanks Richard
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