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  1. I've been with TCH for 8-10 years as well and I've always received great support whenever I've needed it. My problem with TCH has always been it's lack of forwardness with situations like this. I had no idea of these happenings until sites went down. I've been in the help desk area with tickets for 3 of my domains (accounts) over the past two weeks and I've been asking "hey, by the way does anyone at TCH have an idea why/how my site was compromised" ... etc ... thinking the issue was my own. I've asked repeatedly about weird happenings ... why all of the folders on my sites have changed last modified dates, why malicious scripts have been detected ... never receiving and answer and then I come out to the forum and have to search to find this thread. I understand you don't want to make things like this too public, but when a long-time customer is asking questions all around these issues, you should let them in on the secret.
  2. I'm not sure what TCH's issue is with emailing it's paying customers about very important policy changes, but clearly there is one. I know I was upset at first with this policy as I saw it as losing something I was paying for, but I do understand dropping the email forwarders. Although this statement about subscribing to the forums is given, I would still be curious what percentage of your customers do this and visit. Plus, there are still the issues of not getting email notices even when we do subscribe, and I did go down the previous check list and have done them all. From a support point of view, isn't it easier to alert your users rather than answer these same forum questions and support tickets over and over again? I work in IT for a living and the first thing I would do in this case is send out an email announcement to all of the users. The only thing I can think of to not do this would be that TCH doesn't want to give their users the impression that they are cutting back on their services. Am I looking the right place? I just checked under the Server32 forum and there are no topics listed other than subscribe to this. The email policy is under the "Service Announcements" forum which isn't what the welcome email refers to. Again, I think it's poor customer service to rely on users/customers to subscribe to a forum. </soapbox>
  3. I thought about this a little more the other night and wondered if I was being unreasonable or not. I wondered of a all of TCH's customers, what percentage of them actually register in this forum and then of them how many actually visit it? Posting notices about this issue in the forum is great, but I think you owe it to your customers to let them know this functionality is being taken away via email. Too many people have encoutered the same issues with lost time to not help us out in this way. Yes, eventually most of us came to the forum and found out, but it's just not a good method, especially when we then sometimes have to go back and explain it to our customers.
  4. Yes, I am subscribed to the server forum and I don't get any email updates. I've checked it a few times when I've had issues and it tells me that I'm already subscribed to the forum. I still think some of these very important announcements should be automatically sent out to the users. You shouldn't count on users to be registered in forums to get that kind of information out. There are many not so savvy out there.
  5. This is probably one of my few complaints with TCH, an email would be nice about some of this stuff. Not all of us live in these forums. It's actually a tribute to how reliable your service has been in the couple of years I've been a member that I rarely need to come to the forums. I don't think I've gotten a single email about any changes in policy or server issues. With the email forwarders I did the same spinning of the wheels. We get enough SPAM mail, I wouldn't mind a piece of mail that would actually benefit me!
  6. My default is set to :fail: and I've still had 1300 emails stuck in my main Inbox just since February 1st. They are primarily (like 95%) returns that couldn't be delivered from BoxTrapper. Should I hope that these will be greatly reduced now that I finally had BoxTrapper turned off today?
  7. I was reading about Boxtrapper last night and how it was removed from servers. I have recently tried to find it to go in and disable or change it, but it's not in my cPanel. However, it is still running on Server32. I just sent a test mail and received the Boxtrapper verification email. Can I remove this somewhere? I'm missing emails that are sent from an automated reply, which I sometimes want. Or is this something I need to submit a support ticket for?
  8. Same here. I use these primarily for my Pop Warner coaches for one site. They don't want to / don't know how to / add the POP account to Outlook like I do and don't want to go through Webmail for yet another email account. I wanted to keep their home email address private. Maybe I'll switch to a selection box menu type deal. That should also help with a lot of the spam getting through. I hope.
  9. Unbelievable. My forwarders are now worthless as 90% of mine needed to point at Comcast or AOL. Spammers win again and paying customers get less and less! I understand this whole ordeal. As a paying customer that uses forwarders a lot it's just put me at a loss! </rant>
  10. Same deal here. It seems I'm dropping a forwarder or two per week. I am sending emails to coaching staffs and volunteers that I do a few times per week and now 3 came up that were working last week. I know them as well and can add them back in. It just bothers me that they're dropping. Is it my fault or TCH? Just curious what else is going to disappear?
  11. Thanks. People found a buried PHPBB forum that is no longer used and were loading it up with BS profiles with porno links in it. I'm deleting the whole thing. Thanks for your help. It was right on the money.
  12. I have a youth sport website that I just noticed has 25% of it's hits from people searching "free porno". How do I even go about researching this? I can't find my site by typing that in. I've searched my site and can't find that wording. I'm a little worried that someone may have uploaded something to the site, but I kind of doubt it. Hopefully it's just some a-hole playing games with using my url in their link. Any suggestions?
  13. I have the same issue with server 32. I've been enlisted to the server forums and have never received an email ever. My Awstats for one account on that server ends on 1/19. My other accounts show data. I to know that there has been traffic. I will open a ticket. I don't care about the lost stats, but I'd like to see the stats resume again. Thanks.
  14. Thanks. I only ask because two people that know a lot more than me have mentioned it within seconds of coming to my site.
  15. I've been told by a friend and now a SEO company that I need my www to appear before my domain name. I rarely type it in anymore, so when I setup my accounts I don't add it. The SEO said I could get in trouble with the search engines for duplicate content, even if it's by mistake. cheapwebsolutions.com www.cheapwebsolutions.com cheapwebsolutions.com/index.php www.cheapwebsolutions.com/index.php All point to the same content. I tried to do a redirect in cPanel, but it didn't like / pointing to www.cheapwebsolutions.com !! I'm clueless. Any help? Thanks.
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