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  1. I think you want to park your domains. Just put in a help desk ticket giving both domains and which you want parked onto which !
  2. Rather have the security bugs being discovered before the point release, though the number have been frightening me lately !
  3. n/m fingured out how to do it, a permanent redirect like so: >Redirect permanent / http://www.newdomain.com/
  4. I was wondering, I had a blog hosted on a subdomain of my site which I've now moved to a domain of its own, how would I redirect all pages to the same named ones on the new domain ? ie http://mysub.****/index.xml --> http://www.mysub.com/index.xml etc.
  5. Yes please! Btw, I haven't forgotten about this. I had the flu all last week so I didn't get to doing much of anything I wanted to during that time. Once I finish my last minute tax stuff I'll get to it. You don't need a script to do this. Just setup individual crons for each database and put this as the task cpanelusernamename = your login username for cpanel password = your password for the dabase (note, there is NO space between -p and password) dbname = the name of your database Basically this just backups up your db and zips it down ! I recommend you don't put this backup in your public_html folder
  6. Yeah I put in a heldesk ticket and bought a new hosting package It just annoys me that now I have to maintain two installs of MT !
  7. HAHA doing that is going to do you barely any good - even the one in SP2 ! I'd recommend either getting a proper hardware firewall or some software firewall like ZoneAlarm or Norton Personal Firewall etc. Don't trust the Windows Built in one !
  8. arvind


    Ok Thanks Bruce. I hope it doesn't hog resources because I"ve set it to update every hour ! If it does start to hog resources will I get an email asking me to remove it, I really don't want my account deleted
  9. arvind


    I just wanted to know are we allowed to install zFeeder on our domains ? Basically this is a php script that aggregates news feeds within a time period that is specified (defaults to one hour) I just wanted to make sure it is allowed to TCH servers !
  10. Hi, I recently launched another blog that i would like to buy a separate domain and hosting for. The thing is, I'm using MT to do my blogs and I have bought a license. In the MT license it states that the installation of MT is only valid for 1 server. So I was wondering if it would be possible for me to: 1. Buy another domain/hosting at TCH and it be located on Server X 2. Shift my current domain/hosting onto Server X 3. Use one MT install to power both ? I hope I can do this because I don't want to install another instance of MT on another hosting account !
  11. Looks positively gorgeous Mike Good Luck with the new home, hope you and your family propers there !
  12. Another, different, reason is given here
  13. If you're a beginner to this and just want a package of all the most frequently used stuff check out Apache2Triad http://apache2triad.sourceforge.net/ This is a small package that contains Apache, Perl, PHP, mySQL, phpmyadmin and loads of other things ! Much easier to use and configure than separately downloading everything !
  14. Its a database system just like mySQL. Expect it isn't as stable.
  15. BuhBye Charlotte, please do stay in touch
  16. Once upon a time, there was a hosting company who lived in cyberspace with a fancy city but there wasn't any food, so they climbed onto one of their desks (which resembled an old tree); Unfortunately, spazmatic outbursts caused....
  17. Once upon a time, there was a hosting company who lived in cyberspace with a fancy city but there wasn't any food, so they climbed onto one of their desks (which resembled an old tree) unfortunately,
  18. Dear TCH Friend Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
  19. Some new thing is Awstats popped up. Its called Authenticated users, I see my CpanelX user name listed with 1 page and 1 hit but I also see some other user name "nDQmMu" should I be concerned ?
  20. Before you go on a delete spree you may just wish to take a backup of the database !
  21. What are you talking about ? You upload the pic, set your thumbnails sizes then you can either new entry or show me the HTML then as a popup or embedded ! MT does it all for you !
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