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  1. MT Blogroll was updated a few days ago and its now using Technorati instead of Pingomatic to get those update times. In my testing almost all my blogs now have the correct update times unlike PingoMatic which often went down and then didn't report back correctly.
  2. Ahh I didn't know about the instance() thing, thanks for the heads up. I can't be bothered with MT versions prior to 3.1 really (most of the code relies on stuff from 3.0+ and if people are still on 3.0x then god help them!)
  3. Actually from what I hear it is a problem with MT, I've tried several methods of the use lib line and only one prevents the error, that one method is what David's instructed you to do which is to use a full path to lib. I'm not sure how we can do that from a plugin POV.
  4. Heh I'm in the same predicament, though not for forums. I'm thinking of going dedicated but not entirely sure... $260 is very expensive and I need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages
  5. I'd suggest posting your question to the Movable Type Support Forums located at http://www.movabletype.org/support/ where you are sure to get answers.
  6. Hmm that may actually fall under a commercial license which is a pain but I would suggest contacting the Six Apart folks to confirm it.
  7. Free Opensource alternatives include WordPress http://www.wordpress.org and although its not open source, pMachine has recently become free http://www.pmachine.com/ However, if you have only three blogs and one author you can upgrade to the fully functional, feature full MT 3.x free!
  8. For notes calendar etc. check out the Sunbird project http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/sunbird.html There's also a project called Lightining that is working on integrating Thunderbird with Sunbird to make it more like Outlook: http://news.com.com/Mozillas+Lightning+to+strike+Outlook/2100-7344_3-5501618.html I personally have no use for a calendar so Thunderbird fits my needs perfectly. I find it to be much faster, slimmer and safer than Outlook or OE. If you are heavily dependant on the notes/tasks etc. you may find it lacking.
  9. Speaking about mod_rewrite I seem to be having a problem with my mod_rewrite. This is for the dynamic templating in MT. I have ><IfModule mod_rewrite.c> <IfModule mod_dir.c> DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm default.htm default.html default.asp /mtview.php </IfModule> RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /mtview.php [L,QSA] </IfModule> that basically says server the mtview.php file is the request isn't for a real directory or file. However this isn't working correctly. If the file physically exists but is erroring out (eg 500 premature end of script errors) mtview.php is being served. This makes troubleshooting problems very difficult because the mtview.php file is being served and I can't trace the error from the browser side nor that error log. Any ideas ?
  10. Wow ok I didn't know you should reply to the ticket with a thank you hence i always just gave thumbs up I"ll keep this in mind though
  11. Hmm a weekly updates seems to me to be too much. Very few scripts are updated weekly unless some serious bugs are found. Perhaps make it fortnightly or monthly. Weekly, I think, is too often. In terms of Movable Type versions about 3.0 you should have a news box on the blog listing page (right after you log in). This is a convinient way to keep up to date with news about MT updates.
  12. What drives me insane with Firefox is the memory leaks. Often when I fire up the task manager, I see Firefox is just hogging the memory. I believe the highest it was ever eating was within the 200 MB region !!
  13. For more information. Those of you on MT 3.14, you should only need to upload Mail.pm, Util.pm and MT.pm To my knowledge these are the three files that have changed from 3.14 to 3.15
  14. I was under the impression that if you didn't have one of those "Latest Referrers" script displaying on your blog that there was no real problem ie it would show in your referrer logs but not on the public end, am I right? This was what I was going by so I took no real interest in preventing it....comment/trackback spam on the other hand
  15. Referrer Spammers try and get onto those recent referrer scripts that many people put on your websites. As long as you don't have one of those on your website anywhere then you should be ok If it really bothers you (and considering you use MT) this tutorial will guide you through preventing referrer spam using MT Blacklist: http://www.juju.org/archives/2005/01/21/derefspam If you do a google search there are several other techniques one can employ.
  16. The Indian Weblog Awards (or IndiBlog Awards) have started to take votes for this year's best Indian Weblog awards, a host of weblogs have been nominated. Go vote for your favourite Indian Weblogs
  17. I've not had any problems with Trillian 3.0 and not even in the alpha/beta cycles I too would be interesting in knowing your problems Bill.
  18. Some parts are out of date. Not anymore its either the full version or the upgrade. Since they're going to use mysql, they'll need to put a # in front of that line to prevent conflicts/problems during mt-load You might also want to link to this entry that explains how to setup the dynamic templating and .htaccess and this entry on how to lock down the MT installation and make it secure with cgiwrap/suexec
  19. I believe there is a bug with the latest version of MT in the email notification for comments. A few people have posted on the MT Support forums and Shelley from 6A has said she'll talk to devs and get more information. I'd suggest you keep your eyes open on www.movabletype.org/support/
  20. I've just taken a look around your installation and there are a few other things you will need to change to get MT really streamlined. PM me and I'll just ease things and help set it up for you!
  21. First of all you're not a failure. MT is pretty hard to setup and you're doing very well. First off, you might want to rename the directory "MT-3.14-full-en_us" to something shorter like "mt" (and make sure you update CGIPath in mt.cfg) Next make sure all the cgi files in that directory have permissions set to 755. This can either be done through an FTP client, look for something called chmod or through cpanel's file manager (click the file name and then change permissions) More information
  22. You replace the database_password After you do that, run mt-check.cgi make sure you've got everything installed that you need, and if it lets you go on run mt-load.cgi, if everything runs successfully (it'll tell you if it does) delete mt-load.cgi and you've got MT setup, go to mt.cgi and login with Melody/Nelson
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