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  1. I finally got it straightened out. I had a simple mis-type in and when I changed it, it went great. Guess I'm overly tired. Thanks for the help.
  2. The message is that the email server cannot be located.
  3. My computer was stolen on a recent trip so I've been busy changing passwords. Got my new computer (laptop) and decided to use OUTLOOK instead of Outlook Express. When I go to put in the info for my email account, it doesn't work. Please help. For sending and recieving email I use "mail.2helpout.net", for my web site. I've changed the passwords so I know the name and passwords are correct. What am I doing wrong. For the account I put the full email name.
  4. Grumpy (politcal opponents)
  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR! TCH is worth the effort to find. It is the best HOSTING AROUND, bar none. Rock Sign Rock Sign They even help people LEAVE. HA But I'm planning on staying around for awhile.
  6. You might want to CORRECT the info you posted. You tell people it's a "PHOTO POSTING PROGRAM". It's a calendar program. Thought you might want to know the error.
  7. Yep, it's me. I'm a novice but learning. I'll check on that link.
  8. WWW.planscalendar.com is a site that makes available a great calendar program using CSS. Simple to use and not hard to make personal. Worth a look. If you want to see it being used, visit my sons Boy Scout troop website at www.troop312.com/cal/plans.cgi. OF COURSE, hosted through TCH. Where else but the best! Edit TCH-Rob: Just moving to a better forum
  9. Glad to hear about this problem being resolved and worked on to not be a future problem. As one that had mail to AOL people returned saying "it appeared my email was span", I am glad to know what happened. I spent quite a bit of time with AOL myself to see what was going on. They were helpful but said the server had to handle it. YOU OBVIOUSLY DID, and good job. Rock Sign I'm a happy camper again!
  10. AND by not putting in the "exe" file, whereever that came from. This program is great.
  11. Have TRIPLE checked these permissions and that is correct numbers. Plus I looked at the "R-W-X" to confirm with the "plans" configuration. All agree. Did NOT change the configuration on the calendar folder itself. I have uploaded the .exe file that the was given me to upload in "asci" mode. is this correct? Put this file inside the "Calendar" file.
  12. Don, one error in my email to you was that it is a capital C on Calendar, but I get an error message now. www.troop312.com/Calendar/plans.cgi. Happy to provide you with passwords if that will help. But I do want to learn from all this. Already have learned about FTP some and setting permissions. This is good. Also, the FTP program I have is SmartFTP.
  13. How do you "CHANGE PERMISSIONS"? I do feel so ignorant, but I think I'm learning.
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