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  1. I know it's a bit late after this post was posted, but I thought I would go ahead and recommend a WYSIWYG HTML editor that is reasonably priced, fairly powerful, but still very simple to learn and work with. The one I am talking about is called Namo Web Editor (Or they could have changed the name by now, since they have been bought out once, then passed around a couple of times). It's just about as easy as NetObjects Fusion, but far cheaper (I think it's under a hundred bucks for a copy) and if you download a trial, they will give you a deal to get it for only 59 bucks. The address to check it out is: http://www.namo.com, and you will have to click on the products in the top nav bar to get to it.
  2. Yep, sometimes you just gotta get the "The Grass is Greener" syndrome out of your system. In fact, I've been so happy with TCH, I'm debating getting a reseller account here.
  3. I was originally a member here awhile ago, and then left (And gave some problems to the support staff) to go to where I thought the grass was greener: Surpass Hosting. I thought 10 dollars for 2 gigs was this great deal, and so switched. Well, now I'm back with thequeer.net, and wondering why I ever left. Surpass was...to say the least, a headache. It was impossible to get hold of any tech support, and their servers were extremely slow at times. Plus, I ran into numerous problems getting my account. And now, I say TCH rocks. Not only is the support really cool, but the family of users are also great, just talking from the support on these boards. And while TCH doesn't offer 2 gigs for 10 dollars, their prices are good, and...not only that, their servers are quick. So, thanks to you guys here at TCH for being here, and putting up with me.
  4. My philosophy on Full with Libs, or just the regular install is this: If you aren't comfortable going out and getting the libs you need, then by all means throw the full thing with all the libs on your site. Otherwise, I tend to only install what modules aren't available on the server. The big reason behind this is: Space. If you install every single lib, you eat up more space, for something you may not need. Plus it takes longer to upload...and it's tougher to remember to upgrade the libs if needed, whereas using the ones provided on the server through TCH, they might get updated now and then.
  5. And this is my first time noticing your reply:) If you wanna use that at all, for any of the support tutorials, or what have you, feel free...I put that out for anyone to use (As long as you give credit)
  6. What I'm doing, is building an entire flash site to replace my current HTML site (Since I have just so fallen in love with Flash). But, I do have a question, and I can't find the answer anywhere: Would it be possible to call a PHP page within a Flash movie, and get the PHP to prcoess properly? The reason being, the only thing on my site that's flash, is my weblog, it's fully PHP based, and I wanna intergrate it into the Flash site...but I am worried it might not run the PHP script, or worse yet, just throw the PHP source up onto the page. Any help, and or advice where to find this info, or how to do it, would be appreciated. Oh, and in case it matters, I'm doing this is Flash MX 2004 Pro
  7. Bah, I'm so sorry that I lost that link. The site has gone through a change...and because of that, the page had to change and well...the link got lost. Tell ya what, I will add it as of tonight.
  8. Okay, my url is: www.brianslife.net The Name of the site is: Brian's Life Dot Net The description: A personal site about a typical Brian, complete with forums, and a weblog, so you can laugh at his daily problems. And yes I have backlinked to total choice hosting. Mind you, I will move it to a better spot once I start doing the navigation bars, but it's down there.
  9. I did some searching, and noticed a few people were having problems with installing MovableType into the SecureCGI directory, including 500 errors, and whatnot. Well, I installed it today in the scgi-bin, and using the knowledge I had gotten from a past host that only allowed you to use securecgi, I got it working, and figured I would post how I did it right here. You need to install it as per the directions in the MovableType install manual. And, you will, when the mt-check.cgi section comes around, have to install HTML::Template, but that's pretty straight forward. However, it's the config that you have to change a little. First, make sure you have your static directory for the docs, images, and the stylse.css file, and make sure you point that section of the config file to it, using the path as you would when you type it into the browser. So, for mine, it's like: /resources/movabletype. Now, further down the config, you will come to the umask section. Just uncomment (Remove the #) in front of each of those items, leaving them default. Also, down further you will come to: HTMLPerms. Change that to 0644, and remove the # from the front. That may not be necessary here, however it's an extra security measure. Now, setting up the permissions on the CGIs are another thing you have to watch for. They must be, in order for the scgi to run it, set to 744. So set all the *.cgi's in the main mt directory to 744. And, after all that, you should be good to go. If you have any questions, you can always private message me here...and I can help you out if you need it.
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