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I see some places have certs for about $50. Will those work here? They require Apache-ModSSL

Apache-SSL (Ben-SSL, not Stronghold), Apache OpenSSL or Apache on Cobalt. I dont nimd paying you to instal it I just dont want to have to rob Fort Knox to get the SSL.

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Critical Mass,


I just found out that you have to purchase a ssl cert from here for $80 plus a $30 installing fee. I'm just trying to decide if I want to use the free one or purchase one.


A friend recommended a site that i can get a free dedicate ssl cert. Can't use it here.


oh well..... :P

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If its $110 for the cert and install I can live with that. It's less than what I thought I would pay. I dont want the shared as I want the https in front of my name and not https://totalchoice. Whatever I can do to ensure more customers is worth it to me. I did get this from the help page though;


If you have your own SSL certificate, TCH will install and host your certificate for $85 per year.


So I think I will have to get the cert elswhere. No biggie though.

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Hey, Mikey -- just to confirm:


1. If someone has already purchased an SSL certificate, TCH will install it on a TCH server for $35.

2. OR they can order an SSL certificate thru TCH for $85, and there is still a $35 fee to install it, for a total of $110.


In both cases, this is a one time fee.


If this is correct, I will update the TCH Help web site on Sunday to reflect this information. Thanks!


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I don't mean to beleaguer the point but I assume the renewal fee is 85 bones. What kind of SSL does TCH offer? Is there transaction insurance offered? Does it come with a cool graphic that users can click on to get cert info? Is it a homegrown SSL or do you resell from Verisign or someone else - if so who?


thanks again

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Mike, I guess we need a further clarification to make sure that the TCH Help Web site is accurate. Obviously I have never bought an SSL certificate, or else I would know the answers already!


1. Whether someone buys an SSL certificate on their own, or gets on thru TCH for $85, what they are getting is a SSL certificate that is valid for one year. Correct?

2. Then, they will need to renew that certificate each year (renewing it thru whomever they intially obtained the SSL certificate). Correct?

3. If ordering thru TCH, is this renewal automatic? or is an email generated? or something else?

4. Is the price of the annual renewal fee different than the initial price for the SSL certificate?



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Ok, lets see if I can get this straight...


The first year cost for a TCH ssl cert:

$35 installation fee + $85 for SSL cert + $85 for hosting the cert = $205 first year



The yearly expenses for an ssl cert from TCH are:

$85 for cert + $85 for hosting = $170 a year/every year


Is this correct? Thanks.

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No, try this (although do correct me guru's if i am wrong)


If you buy a SSL cert elsewhere and want to use it on TCH Account

$35 + cost of you buying it elsewhere Nada Else!


If you buy a SSL cert from TCH and want to use it on TCH Account

$35 + $85 = $120 Nada Else!


Yearly upkeep after the first year

Cost of renewl of SSL cert. e.g. from TCH $85. Nada Else!


You pay nothing else! (as far as i can see!)



Edited by Jimuni
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:D Great! Thank Jim.


Now that everything is straighten out, I have one other question.


Does the ssl cert from TCH come with a "Trust Logo"? I would prefer to buy my ssl cert from TCH for ease of implementation. Thanks.



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Here is one from an SSL seller: http://www.instantssl.com/products/trustlogo.html

You normally have to purchase these logo, but they're currently have a special for their SSL Pro Cert for $69 year which includes the logo to put on your site.


You can also see a "Verisign" logo ecommerce sites such as: www.bestbuy.com & www.circuitcity.com.

These are located on the bottom of the page.


I think the logo is important because it allows the customer to verify that they are shopping on a secure site by clicking on the logo.


We're almost there on this issue... :D



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I got my SSL Cert from instantssl.com too...it works like a charm...just not at TCH yet...I'm still waiting to have my account activated...


BTW...TCH can't have the trust logo on their shared ssl site because they can't garuntee anything for anyone other than themselves. You have to get the trust logo for yourself...and it isn't cheap...


The logo that instantssl.com is nice...it's primarily for eye-candy and the over-paranoid surfer. But, in today's day and age, it's not absolutly necessary to have a "this site is authentic" type logo.


You should examine your target audience. If you're selling specialty lava lamps, chances are you aren't going to have people, who are convinced the CIA is spying on them, buy a specialty lava lamp. Therefore, a simple privacy policy and statement explaining the transaction the user is about enter in to should sufice.


DISCLAIMER: If you are CIA - do not read this post...stop spying on me...and let me have my specialty lava lamp.

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